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Detroit Techno


A Sagittariun
Transparent Mind
Elastic Dreams

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 18-03-2013
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What we say

A Sagittariun returns on Elastic Dreams. Transparent Mind EP features remixes from Marco Bernardi (Clone) and Aubrey (Ferox/Skudge).
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A Sagittariun returns on Elastic Dreams. Transparent Mind EP features remixes from Marco Bernardi (Clone) and Aubrey (Ferox/Skudge).

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DJ Comments (26)


very nice, feeling the Aubrey and Marco Bernardi mixes, will play


The Aubrey Remix rocks my house, charted too


Great release!

Craig Richards

Superb stuff!


timeless, melodic, quality, this is exactly the sort of stuff I like

Ben Sims

all about the Aubrey Remix for me, tough, rolling and classy

Marcel Heese (Tresor)

Really cool package with lovely music, liking ʻEye Against Eyeʼ and
Aubrey Remix the most


Aubrey Remix for me, great drive!

Ben Westbeech

this is fuckin dope, next level!

Laurent Garnier

oh yes, absolutely love this

Neville Watson

Loving the Original Mix of ʻEye Against Eyeʼ and Aubrey Remix but
everything is strong here

Troy Pierce

Bernardi remix is nice

Jamie Russell (Hypercolour)

Amazing, love this…ʻEye Against Eyeʼ is brilliant, sounds
vintage, playing it on the Rinse FM show

Franklin De Costa

ʻEye Against Eyeʼ is really good, proper 90s vibes, really like the rest of the
EP too

Luke Solomon

Marcoʼs Remix is killer, love it

Norm Talley

Funky Arhcer for me, nice!

Matt Walsh

absolutely mental Bernardi remix!


Canʼt get enough of this guy, so dope! Aubrey Remix, fanboy dreams!
Will play, support, wear out the vinyl


Great release, dope remixes, well done


Loving the Original Mixes, especially Eye Against Eye, itʼs been on
constant rotation and will defo play out

Damon (Disco Bloodbath)

Really digging ʻFunky Archerʼ


Aubrey Remix for me

Red Rack'em

Eye Against Eye Original, and Marcoʼs Remix are for me, will definitely play

Oliver Deutschmann

Amazing EP, love it

Nick Hoeppner

I love the Bernardi Elevated Mishape, also the Aubrey mix


Just KILLER vibes here, hard to choose a favourite
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