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After the first remix EP (Slash05) we are ready for the next package of brilliant reinterpretations of the badass moving Miami Bass Machine (Slash04) from Mister Ahmet Sisman. This time Daze Maxim, D
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After the first remix EP (Slash05) we are ready for the next package of brilliant reinterpretations of the badass moving Miami Bass Machine (Slash04) from Mister Ahmet Sisman. This time Daze Maxim, Digitaline and label co-owner Pherox have the honor to give their own shape and understanding of crossover-modern dance music. The first track on the A-Side begins with a smasher from Tim Querengaesser aka Pherox combining both tracks on the EP with a lot of hi-tech soul and funk. The Re-Edit of Pherox's Miami Move Machine is smooth, sexy and purely intense … what else could it be anyway?!? It's a magnet for the female beauties out there, 100% proved!!! His majesty Gregory and Laurent alias Digitaline (Cadenza, Cityfox) are presenting us exactly what they are known for. The A2-Side of the fabulous Move Remix is a super precise produced dancefloor bomb loaded with melodic highlights in a very sophisticated way. An incomparable combination of functionality and individual clubsound skills make this remix truly adorable. We love it, and you will do it too! The whole B-Side belongs to the master of never ending grooves and shapes in form of Daze Maxim (Hello? Repeat, Musique Risquee). Daze's approach is very simple but unique, creating a mood and vision of timeless dance music which has definitely his own characteristic trademark, and we are digging for it from the first moment! Music for the heat of the night with no compromises. So no need to wait, let the dance ceremony begin!!!

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DJ Comments (21)


"pherox is the one."

Mathias Kaden

"super remixe......all!!!!!"

André Galluzzi

"full support!"

Dorian Paic

"Nice EP. I like the Pherox edit and the Daze Maxim Remix."


"very nice!"

Konrad Black

"Bomb remixes too!"

Kabale Und Liebe

"nice package. digitaline and daze maxim are my fav mixes."

Robert Dietz

"very nice release, pherox edit and maxim remix are the shit!"


"daze maxim remix."


"Daze Maxim & Pherox remixes are Ace but I will play them all; Thanks."


"Really good package......Daze Maxim and Digitaline are brilliant as always......the Pherox re-edit though has that cross/genre thing that always excites me.....Thanx...Ekko...."

Alland Byallo

"Amazing remixer lineup! This is one of the best remix EP's I've received in a long time. SWEET SOUNDS!"

Stephan Bodzin

"very fat fat bombs!!! full support."

Todd Burns

"A great original gets a great remix package. Each interpretation a little bit different from the last, with Pherox's getting my vote, just."

Mr. Statik

"Really digging the Digitaline and Daze's versions, especially the rolling groove of the latter one, will play out for sure!"

Alejandro Vivanco

"i really like all the remixes...sooper cool release ;) full support!"

Dario Zenker

"Cool Record.Daze Maxim Rmx for me. Thanks."

Anthony Collins

"fuck yeah every remix is tight here."


"great package."

Patrick Bateman

"one of my fave artists on one of my fave labels... The version I like best is the Daze Maxim mix and then Pherox in 2nd. Good work!"

Alex Flatner

"Very nice Remixes...really liking all of them, will probably play all...my fave at this package is from Pherox, very sexy and deep !! The Digitaline Remix is as well very funky, too...Will support this a lot !!"
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