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Deep House


Alex Sosa
The Way to Nowhere
Alma Soul Music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 09-09-2013
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What we say

Debut Album of one of the best spanish house producers now. Feedback: Adam! (Morning Factory) - Excelente. Un trabajo genial Alex. Anderson noise - downloading thanks Andre Torquato (Nomumbah) - Nic
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Debut Album of one of the best spanish house producers now. Feedback: Adam! (Morning Factory) - Excelente. Un trabajo genial Alex. Anderson noise - downloading thanks Andre Torquato (Nomumbah) - Nice !!! Animal Picnic - tremendo alex.... pedazo de lp.. !! full support desde la isla !!pincharemos la gran mayoria de los temas !! un abrazo familia Bee - Many thanks for this, really nice EP, will support on the show!! Love Time & Back To Heaven for me. mark farina - Flying Without You is ultra deep, nice tickle on the underside. Has an old school feel. Bruno From Ibiza - Alex is one of the ALMA soul familly, probably the most producive artist, great tracks Bruno Le Funk - Beautiful, "Fliying Without You" it my favorite... Good work from Alex Sosa! BNB. 5 - Muy muy bueno!!!! Me encanta. Dani Rivera - Really nice music !!! .. La Sombra and Great Weekend ...i think my favourites . Danny Chatelain - downloading for nick & danny chatelain, thn'x David Aragon - deep house con sabor añejo, suena muy bien David Durango - only in darkness and flying without you are my fav! great tracks Constantin Dimov (Tunnel FM) - 'Back To Heaven', 'Flying Without You', 'La Sombra', 'Only In Darkness' and then 'Electroniko' are my picks from this superb album. With just a couple of exceptions the entire album is simply dope! Great job by Alex! Will be supported! David Herrero - nice:) Le Vinyl - nice tracks to alex ;) support Nick Holder - Niceness, Very old school sounding Ekkohaus - Back to heaven and Low time are nice, thanx... Elias Tzikas - Great tune package by Alex, Back To Heaven is a really great interpretation, Low Time and Only In Darkness, my picks, will definitely play. Alvaro Lamet - low time, flying without u & Phas-end for me!! thks for nice music :DD Sendos Fuera - Congratulations. Fantastic LP. To my chart directly Fil sonik - Nice package Low time is nice and deep well done.. Giom - Lovely tracks here Markantonio - downloading for Markantonio thanks for the music!!! Luna City Express - great album! will play some some of these tracks!!! thanks;-) (norman) Tim Baker - nice John P. (West Radio) - great tracks! will play on west radio! thanks Ismael Rivas - Great compilation , full support to my dear friend Alex Sosa ¬°¬°¬°¬° congratulations Alma Soul Music (Javier Varez) - Lo mas bonito que ha parido madre Javi Bora - Low Time is very nice. Will play Jonathan Tena - Solid cream, thanks!! Jorge Savoretti - great deep trax! Kellerkind - great pack, thanks for sending Ku Haresma - Estoy alucinando chicos,por algo eres mi favorito de Alma Soul Music, Great Tracks, Great LP, Full Suport!!!!!!!! I Love Alma Music Marco Carola - download For marco carola Marco EFFE - Low Time is really cool! Thanks! Ibiza Global Radio (Miguel Garji) - Support in deepfusion radio. Gracias Motorcitysoul - this is one great album - tracks are intense, elegant in the selection of sounds and well produced. like this from beginning to the end, nevertheless, the first three tracks stand out, especially "flying without you". nacho almagro - Buen trabajo Alex Sosa. Satoshi Fumi- no doubt,quality music! ricardo echevaria - Nice release guys!! For me the bests are Flying without you, la sombra and in special Phas-end. Thanks Ricardo Echevarria (Telesketch) Sandro Bianchi - very nice album! different vibes, all good! Sergio C Magan (Beatburguer.es) - Fantastic Release! This L.P catches the essence of real house. I love the dirty sound of Flying Without You Shlomi Biton (Radio Jerusalem) - Good LP! quality tracks here 'Flying Without You' is my favorite... support. Submantra - Full support 4 Alex by Submantra! Marcelo Mendez (Tunnel FM) - Killer LP, lots of great tunes here i will be supporting... Thanks for the good music!

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