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DJ Comments (41)


Both tunes are great! will play them for sure.

Till Von Sein

his schmidtniss once again..
goldwill ..me like!wird sofort gebrannt fuers w end..
pan pot war leider nie so meins,bleibt wohl auch ersma noch so ;)
danke fuers senden

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

Hammer Golwill Rmx. Voller support von mir! Super Release!


Really love the goldwill remix here. proper heads down groove stuff with loads of vibe and atmosphere.

Gavin Herlihy

loving the goldwill remix. killer bassline and like the nice chords near the end. looking forward to playing it out !! :)

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

Very nice indeed.... Great mix from Pan-Pot !!!!

Marco Resmann

the goldwill mix is the one for me.

Tim Xavier

Guts and Glory, going in the playlist!

Men In Trees

Yeah...good package. Goldwill are the winner. Will drop it for sure!! Support!!

Joel Mull

Both mixes are super. The release has a Ying/Yang feeling.
For me the Pan Pot is the Dark Ying.
Goldwill the Light Yang.
Support on both trax. Will play tonight!!
Joel Mull_ Stockholm/the world/Insiderecords.

Tom Clark

safe remixes for the floor !



Konrad Black

Loving the Pan Pot remix!!

Dan Drastic

the goldwill version is a killer. especially the organ sound.

Jeff Samuel

i like the goldwill remix, solid tech-house stuff. thanks!

Markus Kavka

sehr gut, der pan-pot-remix ist schön düster, ohnehin mal wieder traditionell ein top-release auf einem meiner lieblingslabels...

Laurent Garnier

yes yes yes , this swings like hell ---great stuff

Matt Star

Goldwill Dementia Clemens Remix...bombe :)

Anthony Collins

goldwil remix is so good !!

Sebo K

great remix package! full support.

Brothers Vibe

Goldwill Dementia Clemens Rmx is the one for me - will def play!

Matthew Dear

Liking the Clemens mix.

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

goldwill, guys, what a remix! trademark house sound but does not succumb to the retro aesthetics at all. sounds like the nineties but you know you're in 2009. and that is exactly what i'm looking for - forwardthinking house music that does not forget it's roots.


Wicked thanks again guys


goldwill remix is hot

Russ Gabriel

goldwill dementia clemens rmx is it


both remixes are very nice in there own way in their own moment. very nice package.

Robert Dietz

the goldwill remix sounds really nice!

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

Nice remixes I prefer the Goldwill remix with its hypnootic tribal elements I think the Pan Pot remix will be best used for a later, more techier set

2000 And One

freah and funky Goldwill rmx!!!

Monika Kruse

panpot are rocking :) full support on the remix!

Boris Werner

Nice rmx by Goldwill, like the downfilter of the original, deep and still grooves as hell!


Like the Goldwill remix. Nice groove. Still prefer the original to both remixes.


cool, will try it ou both mixes.

Magazine - Posivision

Goldwill Dementia Clemens Rmx has real deep groove!
also pan pot rmx is so deep work.

keep up the great release;-)


pan pot rocks and so does the dementia mix...rock oooon

Kabale Und Liebe

loving the Goldwill remix!


huge Goldwill rmx... works on the floor!! will play

Bloody Mary

pan-pot rmx is good.


love the goodwill rmx!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

love the Pan-Pot Remix!
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