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Detroit Techno


Surface To Surface - Remix Part 1

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 19-03-2010
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What we say

After last years´s debut album, Hamburg’s Deep-Techno Duo Audision returns with their remix part one. They have asked their friends to work on their tracks. You can look forward to about 15 remixe
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After last years´s debut album, Hamburg’s Deep-Techno Duo Audision returns with their remix part one. They have asked their friends to work on their tracks. You can look forward to about 15 remixes. “Surface To Surface” was more or less dedicated to the ambient moments. The challenge for the remixers was now to bring the tracks on the floor. Remix Part 1 comes with straight 4 to the floor mixes. Robag Wruhme, half of the famous DJ-Duo Wighnomy Brothers, opens the EP. He deliveres a heavy bass monster, which wobbles your stomach and throws you across the club. He became well known for remixes for Depeche Mode, Slam or Gui Boratto. Roman Flügel is part of the Germans most rockin' Techno Duo Alter Ego. His remix starts deep but will blow up your mind and lets you go totally mad. Last but not least we have the 3 newcomers from the Smallville family. The Smallpeople are Julius Steinhoff, Dione and Harmouda. Next to their releases on Smallvillle and Laid, they show once more their great love to Deep-House. Artwork was done by Hamburgs designer Stefan Marx. This fantastic first package will be followed by remixes of Alex Smoke, Ada & Tobias Thomas, Arne Weinberg, Tinman and John Roberts … Keep an eye on them!

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DJ Comments (44)

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

4 differents remixes & 4 very good tracks.
I love them all.
I'll play & chart them.

Ramon Tapia

Robag's mix is big .. full support ! ACE !

Julius Steinhoff




John Tejada

robag's mix is very very cool. the whole package is nice. roman's mix is also very cool. thanks!

Magazine - Posivision

Robag Wruhme Remix is awesome, cool click!!
Roman Flügel Remix is perfect 10, amazing!!!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

Great pack of mixes


really deep release !

Paulo Olarte

nice package here, i like all tracks.
well done :)

Sebo K

excellent package! hard to chose a favourite ..

Sascha Funke

super package! i think i´ll play all;)

Someone Else

nice ep. robag's is my fave.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

i like it.
airplay in altroverso.

Martin Landsky

the roman flügel mix and the robag wruhme mis are both excellent...

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen


Sampayo - GS,Zukunft,Cabaret -Zurich

100 Punkte für Gabor!


Nice EP. Smallpeople paradise mix is my fav. Full support for this one.

Maurizio Schmitz

Robag & Roman Mixes are really good! The Paradise Remix also nice....

3 Channels


voitek catzndogz

Radio - Steve Ward, KissFM, AU

LOVE the robag remix

DJ Koze

i like all! roman and gabor are a good couple :)

De:Bug - Thaddeus Herrmann

the smallpeople mixes are amazing!


i like the smallpeople paradis mix.

Todd Bodine

The Robag Wruhme Remix is the one for me. Nice one!

Will Putney (Worship Recordings)

super deep and atmospheric... hard to pick my favorite, all solid in their own way.


yeah! fat! augsburg! play!

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

smallpeople deep und roman flügel probier ich aus

Radio - 1Live - Klaus Fiehe

Brillant tracks - every single one!!!

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make available for review.


will check...

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Ellen Allien

ahhh my fav is wruhme remix...great will play it

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Robag's remix for me, excellent. Thanks.


really nice bassline in the wruhme remix as usual and I'm getting into the Roman Flügel remix as well, nice.

Rene Breitbarth

robag wruhme mix my favourite

Jennifer Cardini

love roman's !

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

great mixes - Robag' s is my fave!

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

good bunch of artists on the mix & lovely art work from stefan marx. looking forward to this.

Rayo – (Arma17 Kazantip)

robag made f*king huge deep remix! Full Support!

Todd Burns



super robag wruhme mix


Delicious remixes here, Smallpeople Paradise mix is the one for me ! Thx

Chris Liebing

Great release!


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