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Deep House


Axel Boman
Holy Love
Pampa Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 30-08-2010
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What we say

Pampa Records seems to get, as expected to the be a label for the special moments. Following Die Vögel, Jackmate and label owner DJ Koze himself, now the debut of Axel Bomann establishes the label’
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Pampa Records seems to get, as expected to the be a label for the special moments. Following Die Vögel, Jackmate and label owner DJ Koze himself, now the debut of Axel Bomann establishes the label’s philosophy of house music. “Holy Love” the cooperation with singer J Jonason is straight moving between soulful "neo boogie" (Jazzanova) and deep house. While the vocal hook “I woke up with your name on my lips” on the second track “Purple Drank” will simply make you crazy. Finally it all ends in into the deep of the deep “Not so much”. Fantastic EP.   (written by Hendrik)    

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DJ Comments (37)

Prins Thomas

Loving all the stuff on Pampa so far, this is no exception

Nicolas Jaar

Just as I hear Soul Clap play it, I get this from you! I LOVE Purple Drank - vocals are amazing, progression and groove is great - also really smart bassline. The other two have a nice "light" quality to them but they don't touch my heart like Purple Drank does. Thank you very much for sending

Peter Kruder

Holy Love is amazing. Fantastic vibe. Loooove this and will play this for sure. Purple Lips is the deep shizznit. Love and play it too. Not so much is sweet as well. Supadupa release on the splendid Pampa!”

Steve Bug

“I just woke up with your name on my lips und plötzlich war ich zurück in der pampa! Nut maybe that's only because i am still purple drunk! Not as drunk as yesterday, when we were doing holy love! But this ep is still sounds nice to me! Purple Drank ist aber definitiv am weitesten vorne für mich! danke für den tollen abend

Silicone Soul

Pampa are looking like one of the escapes to the future in the darkness of today's mediocracy - 3 wonderfully spirited tracks!

Ashley Beedle

A great EP. Holy Love is an absolute killer. I can see myself playing this for a long time to come. Big support.

Lee Curtiss

Fantastic EP, full support, all the tracks are top notch

Best gayhouse record in ages. Thanks Marcus!

Funk D'Void

Jesus, what an EP!

Anthony Collins

Holy Love is bomb

Paul Woolford

Purple Drank is perfect for the late night/early morning afterhours vibes..

Sebo K

Loving this release! Especially Purple Drank. Full support

Luke Solomon

Absolutely brilliant single!

Ewan Pearson

Holy Love and Purple Drank both stone cold killers. Brilliant


Just miss our remix !! But great.


Thanks for this. I love it full support !!!!! All tracks are super strong hard to pick a favorite. If you ever want a remix or anything please hit me up


Thanks a lot for that. I like all three tunes. They are playful and surprising. The neo boogie "Holy Love" might be the one to play out for me. All the best and good luck with this release

Christian Prommer

Dope tunes. Purple Drank is the one. Great vibe. Deeeeep


Superb! XL is on fire! I have been loving the work of the nicest and most inspired upcoming producer for quite some time. Even though I had two of these tracks for quite some time now, they still sound as fresh to me as they did on day one. I love XL for not wandering the beaten path again and still coming up with this amazing sound! 1000 TRACK


Brilliant EP all round. Will be playing all three of these at different times. Loving Pampa

Soul Clap

Wow! This is just amazing. Definitely one of the best labels right now. Such a diverse and awesome ep. Cant wait to play Holy Love!!

Seth Troxler

Purple Drank is the bomb!


The next great strike on Koze’s new label!

Sascha Funke

Purple Drank is one of the tracks of the year!


Mr Boman is on fire! This is what we can call an epic ep! Love it overall!

Chateau Flight

Will def play ‘Purple Drank’! Thanks

Motor City Drum Ensemble

Incredible release! In my bag for a long time!!


Another wonderful Pampa release.

Tobi Neumann

Drank sounds deep & dirty to me.. like it!

Matthew Dear

Holy Love...Yes!!

Laurent Garnier

Love this EP! Full support from me.

Catz 'n Dogz

FANTASTIC! Big fan of Pampa rec!

Rainer Trueby

A very pleasant EP.

Mathias Kaden

Great music!!!!!

Nice, funky vibes .. good stuff.

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

Holy Love..coool one

Kev O

Absolutely stunning EP all-around, Purple Drank is a major groover, loving the vocal bits.. I woke with your name on my lips .. oh how sexy!!!
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