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Bruno Pronsato
Lovers Do

Album CD
Out: 06-06-2011
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What we say

Berlin, Prenzlauerberg. Its 2009 and Bruno Pronsato sits in his lovely flat, wondering about his music ideas he could realise in an album.Hamburg, Altona. Its 2011 and I am sitting in this office list
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Berlin, Prenzlauerberg. Its 2009 and Bruno Pronsato sits in his lovely flat, wondering about his music ideas he could realise in an album.Hamburg, Altona. Its 2011 and I am sitting in this office listening to this finished product, totally enchanted and lost in this tunes. Tenderly openend by a soft trumpet ongoing, until the filed beat percussion sets ins. A great basstheme, syncopated pianochords warmed up by warm synths. here's a lot sounds to discover in this assembly of micro organism. 'Anybody-But-You' invites you to move to avantgardesque xylophone intervals. Ninca Leece acommondate Bruno with her skills. A bustle of sounds you hear above this hypnotic ostinato, and Nincas pitched in voice is extremely significant. "An Anne Around The Neck" lives as the shortest song simply by the rhythmic piano sounds, rattles, handclaping, shy drums and mysterious rustles. Also 'An Indication Of The Cause (1)' consists of detailed elaborations. Bruno manages it always to build a rhythm where a weird sounds occurs suddenly and it still sounds great, even better. Its like halluzinations, recognizing the sounds of your environment with a bigh intensity, that you hear a big soundconstruction of weird rustles and clangs but harmonized. Its feels right although its bizarre, as in the sixth track, where Bruno invited the Berlin Super-Human Choir, that contains of the voices from friends and contemporaries like Vera, Margaret Dygas, Marc Schneider, Marco Rafanelli, Alex Petit and Pheek. Also the title of the next track 'Winter Music For Summer' is bizarre, gloomy continous, repetetive synths boost this track and while the bass melodie enlighten it. In the end 'An Indication Of The Cause (2)' impresses with a jazzy percussion set. A vast album, that could take place in the highranking this year. The brilliant man behind this music, Bruno Pronsato himself owns the label 'thesongssays'. His music always holds abstract, intelligent gestures to build up suspense. He is responsible for nearly twenty releases while he runs several projects like Half Hawai beside. (julia)

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DJ Comments (115)

Matthew Styles

great album!!

Anthony Collins

this is just brilliant
bruno's music is just on an other level ....

Mihalis Safras

great one from bruno! full on!

Kraushaar & Gradmann

SUPER!!! thanks for sending, we had a great release party on friday;-)

Dj Ison

Beautiful work ! Typical Pronsato style dreamy and groovy !


Absolutely fantastic, it reminds me of a blend of Luciano, meets Sten . This is the perfect soundtrack for the summertime....

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

great music ,great productions !
lovin da music here.Ineed time tolisten to it full//:-)

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

brilliant electronic music far beyond the average!!!


one of the albums of the year! absolutely love it!!!


just amazing, all his top quality, distinct sound. thanks for sending!

Zak Frost

some nice stuff!


Bruno is the BOMMBBBB!!

Ralf Kollmann

Bruno Wunderbar!

Roberto Q. Ingram

Big Up For A great Job on this Album CD. Love all the music here.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)


Luca Doobie

hi "bruno" was nice to meet you last time in milan! excellent album, reflects your classy personal style of music, and brings club evolutions further to the future, grande! :) L

Simon Beeston

A beautifully crafted album of intimate details. Bravo.

Maurizio Schmitz

Great Album!


Full support for Bruno

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin


Matt Star

I just love Bruno Pronsatos stuff, very nice cd album

Benna Schneider

nice mnml album from mr pronsato!
will feed my ipod with it for my weekend at the italian seaside :-)
after this i will love it i guess

Tom Clark

nice album ! full support !

Mirko Loko

amazing work!

James Braun

looking forward to listen


An album full of the great Pronsato-Style. Especially i like "Lovers Don't", "Anybody-But-You" and "Winter Music For Summer". Thx very much for this great music ;)


Great stuff love Bruno! thanks a lot!


Great stuff love Bruno! thanks a lot!

Mutlu (Bar25)

The unmistakable claps, the sleazy sexiness in every beat - Bruno at his best.


very nice release! really like Winter Music For Summer! thanks!


lovers don't / lovers do ! thanks!


all trax are very nice. thnxx & support :)

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Really nice release, I know i'll be listening to this all summer..... Thanks for sending!

Milly De Mori

lovers dont and feel right are my favorite. eclectic and sophisticated, really cool tunes. support via my radio show MILLYBAR on M2O (italy)

Tom Demac

wicked stuff from mr pronsato! fully fuckin original as always!

Mr. G


Dance Disorder

good album, thanks


As always, fresh and inspirering ideas from pronsato. Really cool productions!

Maik Loewen

Beautiful album! A lot of great music to discover! Thanks!!!

Sebastian Herre

this album is outstanding! probably the best i heard from Pronsato yet...

Mano Le Tough

Beautiful music, I am a big fan of Pronsato! Bravo!!!


full points. !


Great ep..feel right is really cool! thx ,)

Sergio Munoz

Great Album from Bruno!!! Love his material!!! Darkness!!! Trio-Out is killer


What to say ... i'm just so happy to recieve this album from Bruno, which is just sublime modern groove music !!! I take it as a piece of art, it's something you need to listen during a long period to get it, so for now, thx so much, full support from myself, and i'll give to Bruno later my update feelings . Congratz !! Cheers

Makcim & Managemend

oh thanks a lot for this! love his work! makcim

Scharre/ Kompakt, Club Moral

nice release !!!

Chris Duckenfield

A great producer, who I'm always keen to check out
This sounds great, will grab and investigate at high volume


Luca Bacchetti

Bruno is the man! He always brings quality on the dancefloor! A real soundtrack!

Patrick Zigon

awesome productions - love it!!

Alex Celler

beautiful album with an original sound and tripy productions, in the box! thanks for sending


Classic!! Love the Sound & Atmosphere!

Robbie Akbal

Very Interesting album.. Loving the percussion and drums on this one! oh yes nice stuff... Gooood!

Enning (R.A.N.D. Muzik)

Hypnotic tripping house Album ! Highly Recommended

Paulo Olarte



awesome album . thanks

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Top album!!! Love them all!! For me Bruno Pronsato is an amazing producer and he is also doing a great job with the label, i love it!! Thanks for this, i will play and chart!


this is magic music! wonderful soundscapes, super recordings and amazing mixing. sometimes feels like a trio or quartet in the jazzclub, on the street or in the morning at the club. loose but firm and well packed-punchy pieces of music.impressive and best of the best from pronsato!

for me, already one of the albums of 2011 for sure!
thanks a lot for the promo!

Nicolas Duvoisin

like all tracks! great album ...

Dan Drastic

Great album. thanks

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

A really good album by Bruno Pronsato : always great stuff.
Will play.


always nice mr bruno!

Andre Kronert


Magazine - Posivision

amazed at the high-quality finished!

Justin Field

Soft suave bonito , gracias

Andy Bach

good work, thank you!

Someone Else

this album is wonderful.


Downloaded for Magda.

Vincent Lemieux

Bruno Pronsato is pussy but he makes great music. Hope all is good on your side. Keep up the good work.

Angel Molina

nice jazzy touch on the tracks, 'An Indication Of The Cause' my fave track of the album.

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

nice album, to listen and re-listen

Mihai Popoviciu

super twisted album!

Electric Indigo

fantastic album! just love bruno's sounds and grooves!!!


Amazing album from Bruno!!!


subtle grooves, clever arrangements and a bunch of wicked ideas...Pronsato.....nuff said

Mr. Statik

Lovely intricate work from Bruno as always, highly sophisticated!
two thumbs up!

Hot Chip

really excited to have a lot of new music from Bruno Pronsato and this sounds fantastic on first listen, really nice blend of different things going on and some that will definitely work well in a club


this is great!! thanks a lot and best


what should I write here after listening this album..
normaly I scroll fast and all that, but the music doesn't allow me to do so...
i'm totally hypnotized by this album!

actually star should be 4.5!

Franklin De Costa

congrats for that amazing album.

Steve Lawler

downloading for steve

Axel Bartsch

very nice album! if stoner tech isn´t existing already then this is the blueprint. amazing grooves, effects and soundscapes.

Toby Dreher

Nice Album !

Seth Troxler

a beautiful piece of work from real life lovers. this is art, music and life.

Tolga Fidan

this is so great. just made my day

Brothers Vibe

I dig his stuff...great release!

Taras van de Voorde

Need time to listen on more comfortable way! Thnxx

Alland Byallo

Album of the year. Nothing short of a masterpiece.


great cd loving it !

Ryan Crosson

Love. Congratulations Hot Rod!

Ung & Bastos

bruno always representz.


Bravo Brunelli!!
Fabietto's favourites are Winter Music for Summer and Lovers Do!
Will play for my sexyest set on the BeatchA!!

DJ: Terry



Robert Dietz

album of the year... no doubt!

Clint Stewart

As always, something incredible from Bruno! No way I can pick a favorite here. 10/10!!!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Daniel Dreier

like ti! thanks a lot!

Nico Purman

A Masterpiece!!love it

Sven Jozwiak

great one ..will play it !! ty

Sebastian Wilck

great album! especially i like Lovers Dont, Anybody-But-You and An Anne Around The Neck. thanks


great album...lots of really nice tracks on here..thanks!


so nice !


reviewed this for style mag online. amazing album. great job!

2ManArmy (Dekadent Schallplatten)

wow, brilliant slow motion album rocket. for us one of the best this year so far. keep up the good work !

Benno Blome

love it! can't really tell my favourite track though, as they are all really great!

Tim Green

incredible!! liking all this on so many levels. Cant wait to stick this on my ipod and listen all the way through! to play out on the dancefloor I am loving an indication of the cause! great work Bruno :)

Valentino Kanzyani

Very well produced, very interesting ...

One of the best producers around for sure..

All the best,


FILQ / Shanti Records

thank you

Paul Loraine

You need to understand music to appreciate this. No.1 for me thanks Bruno

Mandy Jordan

for now i really enjoy to listen this super nice album.....great work. thank you so much!


good stuff...

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)

great tunes from bruno p. love every single track!!! respect and full support!!!


Downloaded for M.A.N.D.Y.


downloading for Audiofly thank you:) great Album!!!!

Sandy Sitlani

amazing album! all tracks are great here, can't pick a favourite really! thx
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