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Deep House

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What we say

When these two original dial'ers get together, chemistry unfolds and magic mystery takes its turn. One track by each makes it a wonderful double A of sparkling, deep brilliance to continue with the la
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When these two original dial'ers get together, chemistry unfolds and magic mystery takes its turn. One track by each makes it a wonderful double A of sparkling, deep brilliance to continue with the label's usual top quality. Dial Allnighter! (Daniel)



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DJ Comments (166)


out standing once again from the dial camp.

Radio - Muelgrimradio (Markus Scholz)

Classic Deep Shit. Perfect For Our Radio Rotation At Muelgrime Radio!


f*cking quality. Slight preference for The Swan

Matthew Adams

David & Peter hardly ever disappoint and this release just underlines that. Again 2 tracks that shouldn't be missing in a connaisseur recordbag!



Mikael Stavöstrand

this is great .. thanks :)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

Chateau Jalousie is outstanding.

Vincent Lemieux

High qualty as always. Will be waiting for the vnyl. Thanks again for the pormo.

Gebrüder Teichmann

Carsten Jost & Lawrence together on a great Dial record. That reminds me of back in the days! I give 10 stars!

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

Fine Jazz track from Jost. Heartfelt house affair from Lawrence. Double 12!!!

Anthony Collins

both tracks are splendid especially the swan

Robbie Akbal

The Swan for me! Wikid stuff as usual from Mr Lawrance!

Enning (R.A.N.D. Muzik)

Subtle & stripped down technoid bleepin' electronica w/ crackling grooves

Mano Le Tough

beautiful. lovely stuff as usual from dial. thank you!


Chateau Jalousie for me, thanks


More top quality music from my favorite label right now. loving both tracks here and will include in my next charts and podcast. nice one!


i love it

beats in space US - Tim Sweeney

sounds really nice. will support on the radio show



Benna Schneider

wunderschön - vinyl steht schon im schrank!


sehr schön...!

Sergey a.m. (Propaganda Moscow)


Troy Pierce

good stuff.

Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo, Istanbul)

Very nice music. Serious!

Mihalis Safras

A label that cant fail! Loving the smoothness and the deepness on Swan!

Samuel Valenti (Ghostly)

The masters return!


Great release again!
Vinyl-copy is already in my record bag..

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Beautiful!! Will play and chart, thank you guys!!

Mutlu (Bar25)

Both tracks are really great, my fav comes from Carsten.


great stuff love lawrence. full support!


Nice one!!!! Both tracks are really good but Lawrence is my fave!!! Will play this one!! Thanxxx


downloaded for M.A.N.D.Y.
thank u!


Love Love Love

Audision - Tobias Schmid

both have the special dial feeling...LOVE them will play them!!!


full support


great! thx!

Timon Engelhardt

"the swan" is beautiful!

Alex Dallas

Both tracks are superb. No surprise, Dial is a sure shot! Love it and thank you!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Another superb release.
2 beautiful & hypnotic tracks.
I will play them for sure.

Milly De Mori

i like chateau jalousie

Mueller & Mitch

download for dj jetset


Nice tracks...chateau is my fav


thanks for that! i like the track by lawrence


awesome release. pure deepness.

Dj Ison

It is really great to hear a Carsten Jost track again... Chateau Jalousie is amazing

Radio - Radio France (Olivier Pellerin)

Great laid back atmosphere, with beautiful chords and keyboards colours.

Mr. Statik

nice deep cuts here from the lovely gentlemen, perfect for the early/late hours, will play for sure!

Edgar Dirksen (Cocoon)

Both are so brilliant and deep. Hello Hamburg!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Todd Burns

Thanks! Downloading.

Steve Lawler


Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice one !!!!

Axel Bartsch

chateau jalousie is a masterpiece!

Paulo Olarte

great tracks!!!

Luca Bacchetti

Great tunes!


Carsten Jost track is pure niceness!

Catz 'n Dogz


DJ Koze

super Music !!Danke

Mr. G

beatiful music ....feelin' this.........special

Mark Henning

chateau jalousie is great.

Sven Tasnadi

Lawrence for me:) great deep Track,

Mihai Popoviciu

lovely stuff!


chateau jalousie for me, thanx!


Both are nice will play !!!!!

Nadja Lind


Markus Kavka

wunderschöne EP mit zwei ganz herausragenden, hochmusikalischen, stimmungsvollen tracks. schön, auch mal wieder was von carsten jost zu hören.

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

Love the Rhodes in "Chateau Jalousie"... dark and sensual. And the Lawrence track is luscious.


Love both tracks!!!
The Carsten Jost is my favourite, thank you for making my day, lsietning to crappy pormoo's - this is a rare present.



Ray Okpara

THE SWAN... ;)

Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece)

Chateau Jalousie is fabulous!! Also Lawrence's moody Swan i great too.

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

I love the tension on Chateau Jalousie... nice release!

Benno Blome

both tracks are great, and specially chateau jalousie is fantastic!!! love it!

Andy Bach

very good electronic music, my fav:
Chateau Jalousie

Franck Roger

sorry not into this one this time

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)

Chateau Jalousie a Taste of Stephan Bodzin. Dark, Minimal & Progressive.
The Swan... What a groovy, Nice sonority !

Great !

Gruber & Nürnberg

Amazing lke always... "Chateau Jalousie" is unique and filled with emotions! Awesome tune...Full Support! thanks and best... Chris

Arnaud Le Texier

Deep atmosphere really love both tracks!!!

Sebo K

high quality release as always from dial !

Simon Beeston

Chateau Jalousie is a pretty little ditty. Lovely!

Matthew Styles

Good Stuff! Thanks


Lush and thick. Great tracks.



Nicolas Duvoisin

nice stuff will play for sure!



Chris Wood

The Swan ! I Like !

Todd Bodine

Both tracks are amazing!!! Brilliant music.

Angel Molina

nice intimate / introspective tracks, very welcome to listen, thanks.

Florian Meindl

soundtracks for autum

Toby Dreher

nice EP !!


strong as always. i think Carsten 'just' edges it for me here but both will be getting plays

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom


George Levi

its ok, but not for me, thanx

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)

a little bit spacy for me but very nice!!!!

Jay Bliss

Loving "Chateau Jalousie". Thank you!

Clint Stewart

5/5 al always from Dial! Both cuts are ace and will be playing both of them heavily.

Radio - Byte.FM (Jumoke Olusanmi, Silent Fireworks)

will be featured in next silentireworks-show.
thank you.

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Chateau Jalousie is great. Thanks

Lars Behrenroth


Jesse Rose

downloading for jesse rose

Da Funk

both tracks for me with lawence a tad ahead. full support!

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

loving both full support!



Alland Byallo

Stunning music. Emotional, hypnotic, musically rich. I most definitely like this. Dial never quits.


two very nice tunes, love the airiness of the lawrence tune, thanks a lot!

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

once more, the real shit.


downloading for Audiofly thank you :)


downloading for Audiofly thank you :)

Fiakun Team

Nice soft EP!!!!!! Lawrence tune the fav! Thanks, Fiakun

Lars Funk


Radio - Nighflight Fritz/RBB - Nadine Kreuzahler

The Dial crew keeps the house warm and deep. nice.

Micha Klang

nice! thanks!


great, spacey record!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

lovin' the rolling grooves of The Swan !

Patrick Bateman

as wxpected from Dial, another top quality release. Both tracks are smooth.

Electric Indigo

beautiful tunes! many thanks :)

Alexander Maier

oh my god. this got my crying while listening the promo. pure love for me. full support for both tracks. thank you guys for this emotional music!


Carsten Jost is deep as usual, will present dis in my moody sets, most of em are like that anyways...

lawrence has a good subtle groove

thanks boys

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make this available to LWE staff for potential review.

Magazine - FAZE (Rafael Da Cruz)


Gunnar Stiller

just great!!! chateau jalousie is my fav...

Claude VonStroke

DL for VonStroke


Chateau Jalousie is amazing!!

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

Nice one.Support.

Marko Nastic

nice one, like always!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)


Nic Liu

Really enjoying the deep driving nature of Chateau and atmospherics of The Swan


Downloaded for Sasha. Thanks

Reade Truth

great deep sounds this label always brings quality

Mandy Jordan

lovely tracks! thank you..

Matt Star

quality dial stuff (as always)


Killa Split!!!Outstanding!Thanks!

Magazine - Posivision

Cool & sweet!

MS Elbe

just amazing!


deep lawrence

Jan Krueger

Lawrence!!! Thanks so much!

Alex Flitsch

wonderful music! right up my strasse! can't really decide which side i prefer more...

Jim Rivers

great drums on the swan

Sergio Munoz

Lawrence track for me

Patrick Zigon

great ep!


herrlich deep, DANKE!

Oliver Klein

not for me


chateau jalousie is amazing full support for this release !

Ryan Crosson

quality as expected from Dial

Maik Loewen

Great EP! Love the Lawrence track a lot but Carsten Jost is also great! Thanks!


love both tracks !

Joris Voorn

Wow, beautiful! Dial never fails!


phat 2-tracker in best Dial tradition...will play both...thx !!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

nett / mal schauen

Kleinschmager Audio

the swan is Great !!! thx


nice warm sounds! I will play! thanks!

Joel Mull

Big fan of Both these cats.
Emotions and journeys.
Lovely release full support.

Cesar Merveille

really like those thanks

Tim Green

The Swan is incredible! Great to just get totally lost in. I will most definitely be supporting this! thanks again for sending great music always :)


"chateau jalousie" is beautyful and perfect for winter romanticism!

Secret Cinema

The Swan is realy nice!! 4/5 Secret Cinema

Herbert Boese

very nice deep stuff as usual from the label.. this time i prefer the lawrence track a litte. nice moody atmosphere and still kicking drums. perfect for early orvery late hours on the dancefloor. will support

Magazine - Proud.de (Ben)


Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Perfect (very) late night music... almost 4 stars.

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Another deep mourning house record from the Dial-posse. You cannot have seriously have anything to say something bad about this record.

Werner Niedermeier

Chateau Jalousie is cool

Stacey Pullen

not for me

Emeline Ginestet / RexClub, Paris

both track are really beautiful . thank you

Emeline Ginestet / RexClub, Paris

both track are really beautiful . thank you

Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

great, deep stuff
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