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Chronicles, Pt. 1
Goldmin Music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 16-03-2015
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Chronophone gets back on Goldmin Music with "Chronicles" part.1, a serie of eps meant to spread the man's eclecticism through wide selections of exclusive material.. No need to keep them a s
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Chronophone gets back on Goldmin Music with "Chronicles" part.1, a serie of eps meant to spread the man's eclecticism through wide selections of exclusive material.. No need to keep them a secret anymore! Stephane Joulin alias Chronophone is not what we can call a "newcomer" as our man has been carefully working year after year to create his own sound, he actually started his new "Chronophone" project back in 2010 in order to bring more deepness in his music. As influenced by the futuristic and timeless touch of Detroit as the epic and more modern, call it post-iphone sound of today's European scene, he quickly got the attention of not so unknown guys.. End of 2012, Derrick May played his unreleased track "Eiffel in love" in his "Behind the dance" Mix Cd. This unique uplifting track seems to be quite unanimous as later, the one and only François K (Body & Soul) mentionned this track as one of the 10 greatest electronic music pieces ever produced! - his words: "Mesmerizing trumpet work, this is forward-thinking techno the way it should be - dripping with electronic soul and totally spaced-out. Makes it easy to turn the dance floor into the 'cosmic unknown.'" However this instant classic neo-balearic jam has never been officially released so far.. That's why it's a great honour for us to finally put it out both on vinyl and digital. Chronicles is not only about Eiffel in love though! Part.1 also includes 3 more tracks that in our humble opinion are almost as equally impressive! To us, "Calla Santa Juanita" sounds like a beautiful lazy afternoon by the riverside, it's good to be able to just let it go sometimes.. This eerie and beautiful slowly-building track catches your soul with a brilliant and very subtle melody floating over organic and unusual sounds. Hey! You can even hear some birds singing in the background! Then, "Can you hear me" kind of elevates the ep to the next level.. It was lush and delightful and you just crossed a border that brought you somewhere else. More abstract, stripped down yet damn elegant! This one is a truly flesh-flaying piece of deep techno that doesn't take long to turn you upside down.. This rare kind of tunes that can bring your set and the crowd to another dimension Finally, "Hurt" ends the trip properly with a superb yet slightly menacing cavernous atmosphere fetching electrifying.. well "Moroderesque" synths winding their way into a labyrinth of drums. 1 hour after you listened to this for the first time, your heart is beating faster than before and you still hear the synths wriggling into your brains hmm? For those of you who didn't know Chronophone's stuff, this must be the perfect introduction to his music. Not bridled at all, hardly classifiable into any genres yet easily recognizable among thousands of other producers. His music feels like a lifelong research to solve a critical mystery, his own mystery and of course this kind of artists are always the most deeply touching ones. + Part.2 is coming soon!

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