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Deep House


DJ Koze
Rue Burnout
Pampa Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 31-05-2010
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What we say

DJ Koze doesn't aim for technical perfection for its own sake, but rather to serve the purpose of giving birth to great music. On his debut 'Rue Burnout EP' from his own Pampa label, he plays with fin
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DJ Koze doesn't aim for technical perfection for its own sake, but rather to serve the purpose of giving birth to great music. On his debut 'Rue Burnout EP' from his own Pampa label, he plays with finesse and sophistication, and implicitly understands the importance of subtlety, leading from dreamy and restrained parts to a noisy frenzy at the end. 'Blume der Nacht' starts with a looped piano solo from Arabian dodecaphony, interwoven with bangs of violine bows, piercing high-pitched strings, almost shrieking glissandi, deep angel chants and obsessive sharp rhythms. The 37 year old constantly horny wunderkind producer has made a habit of creatively foiling expectations, and works also under the pseudonyms Adolf Noise, Swahimi and recently Madima Lokkah to redefine the boundaries of electronic music. This daring concept works perfectly in the title track 'Rue Burnout' - it is very rare that you find house music this excitingly light-fooded and precisely transparent. The musician cuts the pigtail off the term 'Kackmusik' for good, and demonstrates how sounds are capable of creating the most delicate musical interplay. Amen.

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DJ Comments (41)

Ben Watt

"Blunted and beautiful."


"Mon amour!!"

Motor City Drum Ensemble

"Koze the man.. no words needed."



Steve Bug

""Blume der Nacht ist GROßARTig! Da ist ja trotz samples musik drin! Das es sowas noch gibt.... thanks herr kozalla!"

Luca Bacchetti

"The man is back! AWESOME! My top tracks at the moment!"

Ellen Allien

"Blume der Nacht the one for me and Burnout will play after the break..hehehe."

Paul Woolford

"Deliciously bent out of shape, I love what Koze has done here. Especially the detuned piano in Rue Burnout.. this lends it such a wigged-out vibe in that breakdown. Here's an over-used word in the correct place: ORIGINAL. Koze, I salute you."


"Blume der Nacht is nice, thanks."

Seth Troxler

"DJ Koze is one of my favorite producers and here again he shows why he so talanted in making song that have emotion and feeling. Bombs."

Anja Schneider

"Will play them!!!"


"Always out there - respect!"

Ryan Crosson

"Rue Burnout is the one for me. Nice one Stefan."

Miss Kittin

"Blume der Nacht is beautiful..."


Danny Howells

"Wow, Blume der Nacht is superb!"


"Does i have to say one more time he's the master."

Alex Picone

"Blume der Nacht...super Koze!!!"


"What can I say, this just awesome and inspirating!"

Ewan Pearson

"One of the most supremely talented DJs and producers we have. His stuff regularly makes my jaw drop - this is no exception."

Michel Cleis

"Just great!! Love Kose!!"

Chateau Flight

"Fucking good music!! Full heavy support from Versatile."


"Finally! A multi-faceted-layered EP, thanx god for DJ Koze. ;)."

Oleg Poliakov

"One of the best producer since many years, i love this EP! Will chart and play and .... and ... Fantactic EP!"


"Both tracks are great. Everything else would be disappointed.:)"


"Rue Burnout is pretty cool."

Mihalis Safras

"Classic Koze! Loving the intro!"


"Both tracks are brilliant!"

Michel de hey

"Koze is the shit! Always twisted but never fails to keep your attention!"

Lee Curtiss

"Absolutely beautiful release from DJ Koze. Full support!"

Mathias Kaden

"This EP opens my heart!!!!! Sounds very unique and great....thankssss!"

Sebo K

- "Koze never dissapoints. Excellent stuff! Full support."


"Blume der Nacht is great!!!"

DJ Wild

"Really cool EP! DJ koze always sexy music will play for sure."

Ivan Smagghe

"He is one of the true genius around.."

Soul Clap

"As always Koze is a master. Rue Burnout is perfect for floaty summer afternoons. Big plays for sure!"

Par Grindvik

I have to admit that i was actually pretty nervous pressing play. Overwhelmed! Koze never fails to surprise me. This is just so different but at the same time so real and direct. I'm looking forward to re-discover those songs surrounded with people that won't know what to expect. Love them both, thanks!


Honestly, I am so grateful for labels like Pampa and producers / A&Rs like Koze, that dont go straight for the strictly functional, well selling boredom! thank you so much! This is awsome!


Always amazing from DJ Koze. Beautiful, weird and great production!!

Norman Nodge

Off the beaten track and breaking rules. The man knows that people follow him and he uses this circumstance in a very positive way. Really enjoy both tracks.

Luca Bacchetti

The man is back! AWESOME! My top tracks at the moment!
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