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Thinkers EP

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 29-07-2013
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What we say

Hello everybody, It´s that time again: Writing a release text for my own record. As much as it´s fun to read a personal text, it´s a pain for the artist himself (or at least for me) to write
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Hello everybody, It´s that time again: Writing a release text for my own record. As much as it´s fun to read a personal text, it´s a pain for the artist himself (or at least for me) to write or say something about my music. Don't get me wrong, i like these personal texts. They support the release in a nice way, but having to talk about my music or style always seems awkward and it happens too much in interviews anyway. So one thing is for sure: i am not going to explain my music, my "style", tag it with some kind of genre or give an idea or explanation with words, what kind of music it is or how it sounds. If you want to get an idea, simply listen to the Tracks. Now. Since i won't be talking about music, I thought I´d give you a brief idea of what was going on in my brain and what I was thinking, reading and researching lately about the world, the human thought, physical, nonphysical and metaphysical things. This record, the "Thinkers EP" was heavily inspired by these thoughts and research. I stumbled upon an essay about metaphysics, which caught my interest so i started researching. Metaphysics looks at the things behind ("meta") the physical appearance and its relationship to the non-physical appearance. It asks questions about existence, objects and beings and their properties, about time and space, cause and effect as well as possibility. During the time i was working on this music i especially read about Plato and his approach to metaphysics. He, as Socrates student started to implemented and respect the physical world in philosophy, other then Socrates who said everything physical is irrelevant and only a shadow of an ideal, "the perfect" (non-physical). The story of philosophy and metaphysics seemed to me like an emancipation away from the "perfect being" and over centuries it seemed to evolve into the "real", more incarnated and away from "belief" or religion. Just as Plato started respecting the imperfect, many years later John Locke went further and tried to leave "God" completely out of the game and founded the Empiricism, which was a foundation for many things, even political systems. Since i am not a philosopher i won't get further into detail. I simply wanted to express my interest in these non-direct-musical things, from which i get a lot inspiration for writing music. I am happy that this record is on the way and that i could release this music on Vakant again after my last Vakant EP two years ago. I hope you enjoy listening or playing the tracks and thank you for your support! Cheers, David

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DJ Comments (14)

Seth Troxler

david is a true genius excellent ep!

Jeremy P Caulfield

Best Dewalta Ever ! nuff said


Fucking hell... Locke is insane!! Love it!

Raresh Rush

solid tracks ! thanks and wow :)

Mike Shannon

two big tunes! already playing the hell out of these!

Ryan Crosson & Greg Paulus

always quality David. thanks!!!

Nico Purman

Love both tracks! Plato bassline is sick!!like Jaco Pastorious on acid.10 stars


great tracks i love it

Cesare vs Disorder


Monika Kruse

nice work of DeWalta! deep , sexy, trippy. support

Axel Boman

great trippy beautys! plato especially is sublime :)


nice ep !

Tolga Fidan

perfect as usual

Sebo K

plato is great ! full support from me!
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