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Tech House


Die Vögel
Pampa Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 20-07-2011
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What we say

Pampa’s own philosophy harbors courage for experimental vibes. The whole catalogue distances itself from dull 4/4 time and brings (for techno) really extravagant instruments like oboes and trumpe
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Pampa’s own philosophy harbors courage for experimental vibes. The whole catalogue distances itself from dull 4/4 time and brings (for techno) really extravagant instruments like oboes and trumpets into the play. Label owner DJ Koze and Marcus Fink (Get Physical) focus on unconstrained music, sometimes a bit wrong-headed and always adorable. DJ Koze himself released a charming EP with an enchanting piano loop (Blume der Nacht), Ada recently quickens with her cute electronica album and Robag Whrumes microelectronic album with attention to detail. Having debuted nearly two years ago,Die Vögel now take over again. Its the new summerhit by Pampa Records. Perfect in time (in the northern hemisphere). Their first release ‘Blaue Moschee’ was played by Sven Väth, extraordinary vibes that get the dancers freakin out or just imitating those instruments because they burn themselves easily into the dancers ear. This time Mense Reents and Jakobus Siegel aka Die Vögel formed a whisked groove in ‘Fratzengulasch’, highlighted by low pitched tuba and string elements. The main character is played by the voice. A womens auditions really seriously a surrealistic text (i.e. ‘I thought up you should be a bird, we build a horse for us from bones and stones.’). A statement, which clarifies, that there are no borders for Pampa. ‘Maikäferbenzin’ is more straight and technoid, also with a microelectronic rhythm. Enchanting perfectly on the dancefloor! (julia)

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DJ Comments (19)


brilliant...can't wait to play it out.

Tobi Neumann

Wow, großes Tennis!!!

DJ Hell

Monster release, summer smash!!


Love Fratzengulasch!!! Will play for a long time!

Cosmic DJ

They did it again: incredibly outstanding pieces of music! Brilliant. 12/10 points. I hereby apply for the position "biggest Voegel-fan and -supporter ever

Thomas Schumacher

Fratzengulasch! Darauf ein Flens!

Paul Woolford

Some serious harmonics going on with 'Maikaferbenzin' - the break at 5.18 is sublime, although I'm not sure I'd find the right moment to play this out. You can always rely upon Pampa to provide fresh produce, which is increasingly important these days


Dankeschön, bitteschön! Donnerblitz


Huch da flattert eine neue Pampa rein...herrlich...herzlichen dank für die musik

Funk D'Void

Great groove on Maikäferbenzin. Will play it!

Lee Burridge

Massive yes to it's weird and unique vibe. Caberet Carnivale atmosphere is perfect

Peter Kruder

Killer!!!! Great Great Great! Love every second of this release. Will play this religiously

X-Press 2

Nice. A bit weird. Reminds me of Matthew Herbert's housier stuff

Axel Boman

Genious! Excellent! Fratzengulasch shakes my soul! Will play to my grandchildren

Silicone Soul

Maikäferbenzin is brilliance - the sheer abstractness esp. with the instrumentation is quite wonderful 10/10 & thx for the great music

Ewan Pearson

Wow - love the canon vocal on Fratzengulasch. Brilliant. Can't wait to play this tonight at the Electric PIckle

Seth Troxler

Big fan of Fratzengulasch, WOWOWWWOWOWWW!!!

Roman Flügel

Fratzengulasch is sooo cool. Heard it when I was playing with Robag Wruhme recently. The place went ballistic... Full support


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