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Tech House


Through Years
Nordik Net Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 06-07-2010
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What we say

The crew continues to grow increasingly; Thus, after forcefully pointed out on the electronic stage thanks to the interesting stuff of Sanchez, Chembass , Vernon , Dixie and Co. , We are delighted an
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The crew continues to grow increasingly; Thus, after forcefully pointed out on the electronic stage thanks to the interesting stuff of Sanchez, Chembass , Vernon , Dixie and Co. , We are delighted and proud to present the first E.P.solo of the newcomer Djebali . Graduated first from the infamous SAE Institute of Paris, Djebali’s sound turns into deep & groovy house always trying to keep the sunshine on the dance floor. Discovered by Jay Haze and confirmed on Monique Musique and especially on Freak’n Chic. Listening this catalogue , you can better understand how the young French talent knows the history and origins of electronic dance music , expressing sounds typical of his style where you can enjoy situations underground / garage of a typical 90 years in detroit and Chicago. However , regarding this first Djebali issue on Nordik , you can’t express well by words the magik atmosphere mixed into this interesting E.P. , and for this reason i recommend you to listen fully and judge .

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DJ Comments (111)


club circles is interesting, but the others sound like everything else out there at the moment..

Mutlu (Bar25)

"Pool Side" is great!

Nick Chacona

Really liking this! esp Club Circles! Fantastic electronic deep house.. Four stars for that tune!!

Mathias Mesteno

Another qality release from NN..Thnxx

Tolga Fidan

super well produced stuff from djebali again.


Pool Side is the one for me. nice & groovy to get some emotions in a warm up set. Thanks for this!


club circles is the one for me!!


oh yeah! cool cover design, cool projects.. 5*

Tom Demac

private drink's cool, may play...thanks

Someone Else

1 and 4 are nice

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Nice Release & Great Stuff by Djebali.
All tracks are goods.
I will play them for sure on my Radio Shows & Parties.

Livio & Roby

Club Circles for us, Thank you!

Ryan Crosson

good grooves, nothing too flashy or over the top. Not so sure about the vocal in "boston memories" but will definitely be playing some tracks off here. thanks for sending. this label has a good consistency about it


Nice groove on Pool side. will get some plays.

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Ivan Smagghe

very solid house EP. the new generation... we're safe then...

Martin Eyerer

nkr is on the way being one of my fav labels. Really fresh!


d/l for further inspection.

Sierra Sam

good job Med !!!

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Nice release, my favorite is Boston Memories, will play!!

Alland Byallo

Pretty cool. Club Circles is fun.


club circles!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

1 - Funky minimal house. Will play.
2 - Not really my thing.
3 - Clicky minimal. Not really my thing.
4 - I like this one best.

Anthony Collins

super duper ep !!!

Guy J

not for me , thnx good luck

Sebastian Wilck

good lp all arround! pool side is really nice. will play for sure. thanks!

Patrick Bateman

not as exciting as the previous many nordik releases...

Franck Roger



super EP! will play definitly

Paulo Olarte

i like "pool side" and "club circles"

DJ Sneak

great deep house vibes.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

top style
airplay in altroverso

JC Freaks

Boston Memories and Pool Side. Great!


pool side & club circles are great, thanx

Paul Loraine

Very nice, i'm going to be playing Club Circles out loads... x

Dirty Doering

club circles is my favorite!!


pool side is great for my sets!

Andy Cato

groovy beats

Gunnar Stiller

Pool Side !!!!

Falko Brocksieper

simple & groove is the way we want it.. great release!

Xenia Beliayeva

Nice summer package!

Simon Beeston

Great music. Full support. Pool side and Club Circles my favs.




Really like Boston Memories, glorious bassline

Radio - Sensio (Renegade Soundwave,NYC)

club cicles is really bubbly. Will play.

Murat Kilic

Very Nice EP! All tracks are quality


Boston Memories rocks!!

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

private drink kommt in die warmup liste

Richie Hawtin

Download for Richie Hawtin

Chris Lattner

this time not for me....sorry

Justin Field

Pool Side
Original Mix


boston memories is the one for me!


Boston Memories is great!! Great artist great label.

Oliver Klein

very good ep. Poo Side my fav!


nice release, club circles is a boomer! :)

Micha Klang

good, solid and modern sound. i like it. thanks!

Dyed Soundorom

Good release!
Well done Djebali!

Mikael Stavöstrand

very good, will play for sure .. 4/5

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

huge fan of djebali! loving the electronic funk of boston memories.

Eddy Richards


Magazine - Tsugi Mag

like it

Severin Stickel -Kazantip

thats cool

Patrick Zigon

great ep - love all tracks!

Jacob Husley

good stuff, will play boston memories

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

Boston Memories sounds real dope!

Magazine - Posivision

Really smooth groove, feel great!
Pool Side is awesome!

Valentino Kanzyani

I like club circles will try it out.. Thanks.. Val

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

subtle beauty!!

Matt K

nice EP - love the first track!

Mickey Zhang


Nic Fanciulli


The Cheapers

will play pool side

Andre Buljat

i will play this for sure!!!


Club Circles for me !!

Brothers Vibe

All good...

Magazin - Trax (FR) - Damien Almira

hey nice ep pool side & club circles are my fav !!

Franklin De Costa

djebali on nordik...great combination.

Mihai Popoviciu

nice twisted grooves.


nice stuff! will check the "club cicles" in the club situation. thx for promo guys! keep it up!


Cool release. Like Djebali's work :-)
Will play and support it.
Pool Side is the track i prefer.

DJ Deep

club circle and pool side are nice

Jeremy P.Caulfield

super hot .. best label these days ..

Todd Sines

Pool Side will be played poolside soon!

Nikola Baytala


Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

It's that french deep swing that makes you move! Great ep. Full support in clubs and on radio show.

Angel Molina

not my cup of tea, thanks anyway.

Christiano Cosignani (Kama Kama)

great work my friend !!! Pool Side is cool !


Pool side is groovie, i love it

DJ: Terry

really nice ep from djebali !!will play them for sure

Maik Loewen

Club Circles is my pick here! Thanks :)

Claude VonStroke

Downloading for Claude VonStroke, feedback coming later. thanks


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

klingt richtig gut, schaffe ich erst anfang August mit Vorstellung

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Really solid release

Jesse Rose

Download for Jesse Rose.


nice but nothing for me.

Ramon Tapia

club circles for me !

Slam Mode

"Club Circles"...deep!


Club Circles for me...

Radio - 98eins.de (Marcus S.-Müller)

privat drink has a warm mood. club circles draws attention as well.

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen

treibt zum Teil ganz gut...


Another great Nordik release!

DJ Phly

one private drink for me, please!!

Nic Liu

Great refreshing release with quirky interesting sounds will play Boston Memories = )

Stacey Pullen

Club Circles
Original Mix
is my fav

Electric Indigo

sweet! lovely, fluffy release with great little sounds and bass lines :-)

Dave Turov

Club Circles is my pick, great summer vibe

2000 And One

Download for 2000 and One. Thanks!

Marc Schneider


Marko Nastic

nice one! will play this for sure in my radio show!

Todd Bodine

"Private Drink" is the one for me. I love Djebali´s tracks!
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