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Deep House


Chicago - The Remixes Pt. 1

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 07-03-2011
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What we say

With surely one of the most exciting releases ever DIAL presents the heavenly dreamteam Dj KOZE, PORTABLE and EFDEMIN himself remixing CHICAGO. And when three brightest shining stars collide- the ex
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With surely one of the most exciting releases ever DIAL presents the heavenly dreamteam Dj KOZE, PORTABLE and EFDEMIN himself remixing CHICAGO. And when three brightest shining stars collide- the explosion is louder and more colourful than the most magnificent fireworks. Stefan Kozalla aka Dj KOZE has always been a part of the DIAL family somehow so it was just a matter of time to ask the Pampa label owner for a remix. The beloved CHICAGO album was the right work to involve the most incredible soldier against boredom. Knowing Alan Abrahams aka PORTABLE from his first Süd Electronic parties from London, Phillip Sollmann (EFDEMIN) and Alan always kept exhanging music and friendship. Now they share this beautiful and outstanding first part of the CICAGO REMIXES. Watch out: CICAGO REMIXES (2) ft. Fred P is coming out in early summer.

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DJ Comments (251)

Dirt Crew

nice! dj koze is stunning. superb feelings all over,,,,


Fantastic remix package, all ready purchased this on vinyl!!!!

Mueller & Mitch

efdemin ist.... höhö. great!

Mueller & Mitch

efdemin ist.... höhö. great!

Dave Heugel

great remixes from one of the albums from last year...

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

I just love Nighttrain.... in the US Nighttrain is a Brand of Cheap wine the Hobos Drink... There is nothing Cheap about this terrific track... Class Class Class..

Anja Schneider

great package. will play them all ! Thxxx


superb..all stellar!


another stunning remix from Koze! super freaky and so damn good.

Nick Curly

really like this package....good work!


Great EP.. Dj Koze for president!

Todd Bodine

Next great ep on Dail!!! Love all tracks. Thanks Todd.

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

Portrable is my favorite!!!! the vinyl sound is really great!!!

Nils Ohrmann


Benna Schneider

already waited for this one :-)
vinyl already orderred as well!

Anthony Collins

every track is killer

Dario Zenker

hahaha! what a vocal in the dj koze rmx! love all mixes.amazing!


fucking amazing. these are the two remixers i would pick ideally too! what a great package!

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Love it!!!
Will play it over and over both remixes, thanks!!

Tolga Fidan

soooo good!

Mr. Statik

I know it's early but this could be the release of the year for me, superb cuts, full support and #1 chart....

Mutlu (Bar25)

What a brilliant package. All mixes are ace!


Amazing DJ Koze remix, one of his best recently in my opinion! And the Portable remix as well as the Dub are beautiful as well.


great package! thx!!!

Edgar Dirksen (Cocoon)

All-in-all a superb remix package !

Ryan Elliot

Excellent remix package. You can't go wrong with Portable and Koze on remix duty. Bought the vinyl yesterday at Hardwax.

Thanks for the files!


Chris Duckenfield

Great package - Portable mix sounding fresh

Joel Mull

Efdemin and Koze two of my favorite Producers!
Koze´s mix is Wow!!
Thank you for the music.
full support

Faze - Tassilo Dicke


Electric Indigo

excellent koze remix and efdemin dub!

Basti Wilke

good work guys !


there isn't any better producer than dj koze in germany or?! big support to his remix! he's everytime so crazy but so faaaaat! i love his music


Dj koze remix for me, support!

Patrik Bodmer (M.A.N.D.Y.)

will download, then listen. looks like a great package!
thx for service, patrick


Nothing to say all rmx amazing and dj koze's rmx of there will be singing bomb !!!



Dave Turov

Great remixes to accompany great original tracks. Koze can do no wrong!

Adam Port

Bomb Pack!!!! The weekend can come! Yesss!


Top Stuff from Dial..as always..wil play more Dj Koze mix probably.. :D


David Keno

great dj koze remix

Mr. G

koze got the juice here for me feelin' this



Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Nice Release with an excellent remix by Dj Koze : Great Stuff !!!
Other tracks are good too.
Will play.


Super package! already bought the vinyl!

Catz 'n Dogz

fantastic ! we will chart and play, thanks guys!!

Simon Beeston

Cool shit as always from Dial. Portable remix for me here. Great stuff.


loved the album and koze again with a big remix. thank you !!!

Oliver Klein

hahahah wie geil!!! ist er homosexuell??? kann ich ihn ja fragen wenn er am 26.02 bei mir im club spielt.

tolles release. Ich finde Koze's mix sehr gut. Aber der Portable remix ist mein Favorit!

Marcel Janovsky

Cosi Mix = i like! Can i have a WAV from that? thanks a lot, Marcel


Koze Remix is heterosexuell!

Nic Fanciulli


Someone Else

nice stuff.

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

Killer release !! Full Support !!

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

yeah ! great pack ! hard to pick a fav...mmmmmmaybe koze's for me ...
all good vibe ! full support

Markus Schatz

very cool!

Patrick Chardronnet

kotze killer deep killer vocals!!!

efdemin dub.....wonderful ..spaceechoooo wonderful track!!

Craig Richards

excellent.... all three mixes are great..


love love love efdemin..this is no exception to the rule!!

Seth Troxler

out cold!!! amazing work

Radio - Byte.FM (Jumoke Olusanmi, Silent Fireworks)

Great, it´s gonna be featured in Silent Fireworks @ ByteFM!


great release!

Steve Bug

already bought the ep - koze remix is great - ooops he did it again! ; )


Great Koze Remix! love the atmosphere of this track!

Mandy Jordan

Koze Remix is great. thx


this is wicked. keep up the high quality and many thanks. :)

Ryan Crosson

gonna play all of them. Appreciate you sending. Thanks!

Konrad Black

Great remix package...thanks!

Nadja Lind

Nighttrain is a cool track. beautiful flow

Markus Kavka

der koze-remix ist ein meisterwerk, ist schon jetzt einer meiner tracks des jahres. werde ich sehr oft spielen. danke für die tolle musik,

Jeremy P.Caulfield

A classic !!

Marco Resmann

high quality techno by koze. efdemin's dub is even very nice.

Matt Star

wow, very nice remix package, Dj Koze rmx is my favourite here

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

Koze's dark hypnotic trip is my favourite. Will support on radio show

JC Freaks

Koze remix, Killer!!!


Realling feeling the Dj koze remix

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

Portable Remix!

Luke Solomon

really interesting record...will live with it for a while Lx

Mano Le Tough

koze and dial with another killer... brilliant. The Efdemin Dub of "Nighttrain" is also lovely...Thanks!

Axel Bartsch

chapeau! had a big laugh of course and did not expect that kind of humor here. koze´s rmx and the dub version are great.

Nick Chacona

Really nice range of Mixes. Will def give them a go! I picked the portable mix as a fave but really like all of them equally!

Alex Celler

fantastic release, loving all 3 traxx but speciall DJ Koze remix..in the box


DJ Koze remix is amazing and Efedmin's Dub is a really interesting tool.

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Cool remixes

Marko Nastic

great! will play it tonight!

Emeline Ginestet / RexClub, Paris

great great remixes even if the originals were wonderful


WIcked one,love the Koze remixes
I have just bought the vinyl two days ago
funny to get the promo just after
anyway thatnks a for the music
great package

Taras van de Voorde



Thanx. Great mixes.

Daniel Dreier

koze remix is cool! thanks!


dj koze is the män

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Another great release, I love Dial. Koze rmx for me.

Paulo Olarte

this is dope... G R A N D E...

Milly De Mori

dj koze remix is cool, i like the treatment support! radio and dj sets. thanks

Santiago Salazar

Great dub on Nighttrain. Perfect to open up a set with.

Angel Molina

again a top release from mr. Efdemin. The 3 tracks are hot, full support.

The Cheapers

will play it!!! thx!


solid e.p awesome deep dark mi by dj koze

Robert Dietz

koze remix is delightful. like a late night crouqe monsieur infront of pacha...


... excellent koze favorite!

Enning (R.A.N.D. Muzik)

Excellent remixes for an excellent house album ! thx


Holy shit!!! Koze did it again and the dub version of nighttrain is a nice tool!... thx very much

Marcos In Dub

love all, thanks!

Adam Beyer

Koze mix is wicked!

Radio - Roof FM // Bjoern Schaeffner

Mr. Sollmann undergoes a very fine remix treatment. Great Koze remix, good Portable remix, fantastic Efdemin dub.

Samuel Valenti (Ghostly)

Awesome package, Portable is the jam, Koze as always.

Vincent Lemieux

Great remixes. Love them all. thanks again for the promo.


Loving all the remixes. Will play out.

Eddy Richards

koze mix

John Tejada

great ep. love the koze remix a lot! thank you.

Benno Blome

geiler koze mix

Jürgen Kirsch

very cool! especially koze remix, thanks!

Taimur Agha (Blkmarket Membership,NY)

Big fan of Portable. superb remix and also the Koze is wicked as always.


Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

luscious. love the koze mix and the dub.


Suuuupa maxi!! vinyl pleeeaase!;)

Marcus Vector

the koze and portable mixes are masterpieces
loooove it

Troy Pierce

koze and dub mix are my favorites.

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

dj koze remix is suitably inspired.


wow just great. all of them...kozes rmx is so good.

Xenia Beliayeva

Koze Remix ist wunderschön!

Micha Klang

koze´s remix is really cool. thanks

Radio - Byte.FM - Ruben Jonas Schnell

schöne musik




great package. koze track is brilliant as usual.

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

nice, deep koze rx


love the dub

Patrick Zigon

ooooh yesss - LOVE it!!!! awesome remixes!

Sebastian Wilck

5 sterne für den nighttrain dub mix! great one!

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

koze´s remix is as tasty as my beef from my cow in georgia.


I like the Koze remix but don't like the text in the break, taht's the reason why I wouldn't play it in the end.
Maybe Ill download it and edit it :-)

Blog - soundrevolt.com

Smooth work by Koze


very nice!

Guy J

Loving it , full support , thnx good luck

Daniel Stefanik

klar der koze isses... aber der efdemin dub ist auch richtig klasse!!!


Brilliantly dark and deeply alive!


Superb EP ! dj koze remix its amazing !

Nicolas Duvoisin

really nice remx from koze

Mike Monday

Koze mix is massive

Radio - The Outer Limits // Radio Adelaide Australia

Portable's Remix is the one for me!

Mihai Popoviciu

excellent release!


this is why i love this label!


Niice love them !!!!!!!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)



yes.. koze and portable remix big time.. !!


Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Ralf Kollmann


Magazine - Posivision

Sounds great, DJ Koze rmx is killa!

Gruber & Nürnberg

lovely Remixes...Full Support!! my favs are the DJ Koze RMX and the Efdemin Dub!!! thanks... best Chris

Brothers Vibe

ALL good - Tks!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Sergio Munoz

Dj koze remix for me!!! thanks


super nice release

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle cih heute noch vor

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Roman Flügel

The "KMan" works best for me.
Insgesamt aber toll!

Groove - Thilo Schneider


Animal Trainer

original und koze remix = brillant !!!! danke


Wicked stuff, love all remixes. Thanks!

Heiko Hoffmann (Groove / Radio Fritz Nightflight)

sounds good

Brian Cares

Koze does it again!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

good mixes

Kraushaar & Gradmann

nice ones thanks for sending!

Bloody Mary

great ep!!!

Chris Lattner

killer!!!! i will play and chart it!

WordandSound's Christoph

Great Release - like the Portable Remix!

Sven Tasnadi

efdemin dub great!!!!

Alex Dallas

What can I say - this a stunning release. All the good boys on a 12". Love it!

Sophie Nixdorf

great! full support!

MS Elbe

love it. portable rmx as fav. thx

Michael Rütten

like all of them !!!

Robbie Akbal

Very Good Dj Koze rmx for those big nights!

Magazine - FWD.DJ - Sam

Nice remix package. portable release is my fav

Dapayk & Padberg

love the remixes!


nighttrain portable remix for me, thanx!

Luca Doobie

extracted from one of my fave album recently, very good choice for remixes, koze i like the most :)

Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin

Sandy Hüner

Cool chicago flavoured tracks!

Andy Cato

loved the album
remixes are great !

Jay Bliss

Loving the whole release. Thank you!

Herbert Boese

tolle mixe, kann mich kaum zwischen koze's slowem techno und portable's groove entscheiden... also beide spielen! danke.

Thomas Schumacher


Fra Nitsa (Primavera)

Koze's remix is ace

Paul Loraine

Portable can in my eye's do no wrong!

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

The Koze rmx is quite genius, but I'll play the Portable one I think...

Patrick Bateman

Fantastic remix from Koze! Chart for March and in my podcast.

TES // Groove Magazine

review to follow

whatta killer!

Timon Engelhardt

the koze remix is fantastic.

Gunnar Stiller

wow, huge koze rmx!!!! but portable not less...

Crazy (Flex.at)

high quality tunes beside the mainstream

Magazin - clashmusic.com // Dave Marcia

Like the Koze remix

Livio & Roby



Love the Koze remix and the Efdemin dub. Full support.

Carlo Lio

koze rmx for me! dope

Martin Eyerer

nighttrain dub ist auch echt cool...tolles release.

Martin Eyerer

nighttrain dub ist auch echt cool...tolles release.


koze did it once again! what a damn nice remix! the efdemin dub works great for me as well. will try and see with alan portables version....

great remix record!


nice remix by koze. the dub is nice as well

Nic Liu

nice koze remix

DJ Sneak


Alan Fitzpatrick

lush ep, perfect vibes!

Steve Lawler

will download and pass on

Dan Drastic

koze remix for me. but an overall great remix ep

beats in space US - Tim Sweeney

DJ Koze!! Love it.

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

DJ KOZE is my heros ;)


portable smashes it

Maurizio Schmitz

DJ Koze, he is the Harald Schmidt of Techno:) Fun & Quality!
Efdemins Dub i like as well for opening the night....


Great package!

Alex Flitsch

Another excellent Koze rmx!

Valentino Kanzyani

nice pack will check it out soon..

Thanks for sending..

All the best


Ernesto Ferreyra

Stunning remixes for a fantastic album.
Keep them coming !


Sebo K

i love it ! especially the koze remix. will play and chart.

Radio - 1Live - Klaus Fiehe

Exciting Koze Rmx - play it

Rene Breitbarth


Zak Frost

koze mix is cool

Franck Roger

portable for me thxxx

Dirty Doering

koze my favorite!!!

Marc Romboy

Great Koze remix, innovative and freshhhhhhhhhhh!

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make this available to LWE staff for potential review.

Patrick Lindsey

very nice release!!

Clint Stewart

BOOM! Koze remix everytime! HEAVY ROTATION.

Alland Byallo

All pure genius. What else can one say?

Jens Bond

5 stars for koze!

Tobey (Shitkatapult | Killekill)

3 fantastic remixes for fantastic tracks

Mathias Mesteno

oh yes..the DUB!!! Thnxxxxxxxxxx


lovely dj koze remix. thanks!


all 3 are great. koze mix will definitely get some play


dj koze rmx is a bomb. love it!!!

Claude VonStroke

downloading for claude vonstroke.

Sandy Sitlani

Great remixes, DJ Koze remix is my pick here! thx

Maik Loewen

Great release as always from Efdemin and Dial! Full support! Thanks!!!

Franklin De Costa

awesome koze mix....


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.


big one....just excellent ! thx

Boris Werner

wicked dj koze rmx, freaky as alwayzzzz

Matthias Meyer

großartig! vielen lieben dank

Matthew Hoag

Portable the one for me, like it.

Stefan Sieber

koze's one is a bomb.


superb . thanks

Justin Field

loving night train


excellent !

Andre Kronert

wow..what a wonderful release. love all the tunes. each one will get his special place in my sets. keep up the great work!!

Pierre Chevallier

super Platte
super Remixe
super Label

Tom Demac

nuff said! top $$ as always!

Giuseppe Cennamo

the remix of Koze is super! support!


Ohh Kozalaa!! Yes!!

Dead Seal

Koze remix obviously. :)


koze remix mal wieder TOP :)




Very nice EP! All mixes got their thing...

DJ: Terry


Pascal Feos

koze rmx ist fett!

Asem Shama

koze remix is super, werd ich spielen
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