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Deep House



Album CD
Out: 07-06-2010
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Discount 42%
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What we say

Phillip Sollmann has never been to CHICAGO … After the huge success of his selftitled debut in 2007 CHICAGO is the second album of the Berlin-based Producer and DJ who releases his music under hi
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Phillip Sollmann has never been to CHICAGO … After the huge success of his selftitled debut in 2007 CHICAGO is the second album of the Berlin-based Producer and DJ who releases his music under his moniker EFDEMIN with DIAL Records. While setting up his new studio – autumn turned into winter and berlin would soon be covered in snow. The outside world faded away, noises were muffled and Sollmann felt more and more like being in musical psychoanalysis with himself. A perfect starting point for the production of a new album. Revealing his wide range of expressions EFDEMIN starts with a kind of jazz jam-session between himself and his studio environment. Playing the rummachines, a farfisa organ and the drumkit makes “cowbell” an artificial weird tune, yet it remains human. Following are the two deep dance tracks “shoeshine” and “nightrain” which reflect his love for house and deeper techno. They aren’t looking for cheap peaktimes or breakdowns but focus on subtle seduction through sound. ”Oh my god” brings back the obscure jazz of “cowbell” with a piano-loop in the main role, contrasting against noisy bubbles, vocal-flakes and a melody you won’t forget. Next is the soulful “there will be singing” – a tune in the vein of detroit house with a long  introduction followed by an impressive groove with a dark bass-line. “Le grand voyage” is a short but seductive study in dub-techno based on organchords and bass. From now on the heart lies more in the sound than in the melodies and the further the album develops, the more abstract and eccentric it becomes. In “round here” sound totally takes over and the beat takes a back seat. “Wonderland” is a long trip through sound and abstract layers of percussiongrooves – a somewhat psychotic piece of music which goes way beyond being music for clubs. CHICAGO comes to end with the reprise of the hearttouching melodie of “oh my god”, this time without the beat. CHICAGO, EFDEMIN’s second contribution to urban blues, contains ten tracks as a result of Phillip Sollmann’s immersion into his own archives and experiences – may it be as a singer in a band years ago, composing theatre-music or playing as a DJ in clubs all over the globe. They deal with various influences, although always expressing his unique sense for deepness and his love for dance music. There is Jazz, there is house, there is techno and there are his instruments you can hear: Cello, Zither, Drums, Percussion, Organ, Synths, Drummachines and several small things like flutes and pipes appear here and there without ever walking into the trap of virtuosity. Besides Techno itself, there are many important influences in EFDEMIN’s music from different sources and other times - a cosmos of music that has followed him for a long time and influenced his drifting and melancholic approach to producing electronic dance music. Be it the otherworldly music of chicago-based Sun Ra, minimalistic jazz /world-music-studies of don cherry, the enterprising tape music of basil kirchin or the microtonal instruments of Harry Partch to name a few of the influences that layed the groundwork leading up to the production of this album.   Is this a “chicago-house” record? No! But the windy city was the starting point to blow the cosmos with such abstract lovely music developed in a thousand directions. Arts, literature, architecture, jazz, american folkmusic, hip hop - CHICAGO seems to be the source of reference for so many important movements crossing EFDEMIN’s work. Finally CHICAGO is the title for an album rich in flavors and full of directions into contemporary dance music and the end of the world as we know it.   To quote his favourite pop-band Prefab Sprout: “there is no chicago urban blues” (Cruel, Swoon, 1984)

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DJ Comments (191)

Sascha Funke

a future classic!


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Till Von Sein

great album again..

Oleg Poliakov

B R I L L I A N T !!!!!!!!!!!!
congratz dude
i m in love with it !

Daniel Stefanik


Maik Loewen

I'm always a fan of Efdemin and his deep and jazzy productions. Grat Album here! Thanks!!!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

eclectic album.
airplay in altroverso.

Timon Engelhardt

Großartiges Album. Dial halt.

HD Substance

awesome release from this icon ...chicago will contend for album of the year....

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Good Album, with various atmosphere by Efdemin.
Always with him and Dial Records, you close yours eyes & you travel.
Thank you for that, and for musical quality.
Some tracks soon on my Radio Shows.

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

2010 continues delivering great albums, caribou, four tet, the dial compilation and now efdemin with a brillant piece of music.

Basti Wilke

gefällt mir sehr gut, danke


Secrets Of Shoeshine GREAT!


great release as expected!!! thanks!

Mark Henning

great analogue sounds

Axel Bartsch

got to listen to this more closly and not just in the skip promo mode like now.
though i´m sure that i´m gonna like it.
first favs are: night train, angels round here dont sing, nothing is everything and secrets of shoeshine.

Whatpeopleplay's Lars Sieling

very warm sounds! like it a lot, especially night train!


superb album..cheers!

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

From a-Z - a bomb!

Benna Schneider

amazing album!
full support


enjoying this

Gamal Kabar

There will be singing nice

David August

thank you very much!!great work!!


Efdemin has been one of my favourite producers and a huge influence. This album is good! Will buy the record of course. Thanks so much!


Wow... Brilliant! (what else to say?) 5stars!!!


so many different moods and textures, subtle background sounds and fieldrecorded ambience, a one sentence feedback wouldn't do it any justice...
secrets of shoeshine is my favourite on the first listen, but i expect this whole album to grow on me a lot. best dial since the last john roberts for me!
thank you!

Joel Mull

Big fan of Efdemins timeless music.
Night Train & Le Grand Voyage are my favouries.


awesome album! love all tracks

Mutlu (Bar25)

Great work!


This sounds like serious heavyness from start to finish! Cant wait to grab the whole thing and get stuck into it. Secrets Of Shoeshine sounds like the instant pick for club plays. nice one.

TES // Groove Magazine

There's nobody like Efdemin in Germany. So cool...

Daniel Dreier

could be more dance floor tracks but nice!

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

all tracks are interesting
Secrets Of Shoeshine is my fav


Lovely LP, great work, love that last abstract reprise very much!!!

Paulo Olarte

yes, greta job!!!

Markus Schatz

cool productions, like it!!!

Tolga Fidan

wow. true beauty has a definition right now. my neurones have been raped by pleasure.

Benno Blome


Seth Troxler

im so happy to hear dial put out another great lp of timeless deep songs. bravo to efdimin

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Great selection of tracks, much respect!

Patrick Chardronnet

amazing sound


had a quick listen and am in love, i'm going home to romance this, thanks. x

Pascal Feos

sax, smooth and groove.!. good combination!
My favourites so far : Secrets of Shoeshine, Night Train, There Will Be Singing and La Grand Voyage.
greetz Pascal

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

need to give a close listen. efdemin definitely has a tough task living up to his first album!


super arty magic..

Simon Beeston

Cool deep grooves and abstract loops. Secrets of Shoeshine and Night Train for the club. Thanks.

Brett Johnson

This is some seriously good music. Lots of stuff for everyone and each track (as one would hope) displays real character and depth. Will support! Thanks

Electric Indigo

sophisticated, minimalist and very playful. like this album a lot, love the refined jazzy touch it has. will play and chart. also love the revenge of the giant cowbell. a pity that i cannot choose more than one favorite here... nothing is everything is amazing as well, for example!

2000 And One

aaah very nice sounds in here, love it!

Jürgen Kirsch

really wonderful album! will sure use some tracks of it! gracias

Dario Zenker

Amazing Album.What a Trip.Totally love it.

Vincent Lemieux

The sounds like a really cool album. All i need is a cigar, and good whisky and a rocking chair and i'll be good for a nice listening trip for the next hour. Thanks for sending me you promos, always really appreciated. Keep up the good work guys.


Beautifull album ! Full support

Soukie & Windish

eins sehr souliges, ernstes und anspruchsvolles album. muss mann auf jeden fall in schleife hören um es zu verstehen. wird ein begleiter für den sommer werden. danke dafür!


oohh sweet! the second one from efdemin! very very tasty pieces of music! good for floors and living rooms. great to listen through! thx!


sounds really lovely. gonna stick it on the iPod and check it closely on the airplane this weekend. Thanks!

Jacob Husley

the Night train is the best track for me on this release.

Cesar Merveille

Amazing album, i really like all the trax very very very nice !!!

Mikael Stavöstrand

absolutely love this album!! . great great work .. :)


beautifull album.Great sound and great groves..musical respect !

Magazine - Posivision

cool & solid, groovy & tough, deep & smooth,
Awesome album.

I will put thia album review on posivision mag japan.

pls send me press release & HQ Album cover

promo cd send to
Norihiko kawai / posivision magazine
5-14-12-702 Igusa Suginami-Ku
Tokyo 1670021

Thank you.

Norihiko Kawai/Nori

Nikola Baytala

Angels Round Here Don't Sing is incredible!!!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

good sounds, i like it. very minimalistic!!!

Patrick Zigon

great music - love it!

Sophie Nixdorf

all tracks are real masterpieces! really love them. can't work with them in my set but have all my support! great music!

Eddy Richards

thanks.. will have a proper listen later

Radio - Roof FM // Bjoern Schaeffner

"There will be Singing" is such a sweet, sweet tune, worth alone the price for this album. Merci, Phillip!

Ruede Hagelstein

smart album, i choose "secret of shoeshinea" for djing... thanks!

Someone Else

great album.

Konrad Black

Love this album!!! Superb production...more amazing Dial music...

Whatpeopleplay's Bodo

More my sound as the last album - good job

Markus Homm

great album from efdemin. timeless quality music!

Mihai Popoviciu

quality stuff! night train is my favourite!

Emeline Ginestet / RexClub, Paris

efdemin is still one of the best producer . Chicago shows how far this producer can go in the peeness of the electronic music


Excellent album as always from Efdemin. Oh my god is my pick, both of the versions.

Carsten Klemann

well done, Phillip!ganz grosses kino...


president bongo


Great album, Efdemin is always a box full of surprises. High level music, full support.

Sebo K

excellent album!


Secrets Of Shoeshine and There Will Be Singing are my fav on here, solid album, love it. C

DJ: Terry


Hausmann C

super album!

Blog - soundrevolt.com

Sounds very promising, will try to review.

Raul Gayo (BeCool/Soundworks, BCN)

Great L.P. Full Support!


thanx, nice work will try it!

Alland Byallo

I love Night Train, There Will Be Singing, Nothing Is Everything and Wonderland, but the whole album is brilliant. All sides of Efdemin really shine here!

Anthony Collins

whooa what an album , love it

Sandy Sitlani

Great album...hard to pick a favourite, liking all tracks! Thnx.

Patrick Bateman

Very solid and good release from Efdemin! Spot on as always.

Marc Romboy

Great album, my full support on radio and club

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

good album

Patrik Bodmer (M.A.N.D.Y.)

pretty sure that i´ll like this a lot - will download first - listen properly then feedback. thanx for service! best, p

Brothers Vibe

Many great trax - Quality all around!!


one of my fav artists and labels..back with solid productions!!

Chris Duckenfield

Really superb selection here, accomplished and fresh throughout
Full support

Norman Nodge

Proper stuff as well to listen to it from the beginning to the end as to pick out some tracks for the floor. will play "there will be singing for sure".

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

This is surprisingly contained compared to some of Efdemin's remixes...

Red Rack'em

Sounding like a well put together album. Will definitely be playing some of these on the Smugglers Inn radio show and at gigs. Wonderland sounds pretty spacey!

JC Freaks

Wicked album. All styles I like combined. Secrets of Shoeshine is the one for me, now. But surly need a closer listen. Well done! Support

Angel Molina

nice album, the darky' Secrets Of Shoeshine' my fav track on it!


Very nice album. Thanks

Marcus Vector

superb album,
love his mix between old sounds and futur music,

Laurent Garnier

love this release - Will present on the radio as well as will hammer some tracks in clubs --Great stuff

Dirt Crew

massive album!

Guy J

Great album by Efdemin always inspiring , Night train is my fav , Thnx & Good luck .

The Cheapers

i like all tracks!

Justin Field

There will be singing

Paul Loraine

Efdemin is on point with this album, such a good producer big props from me

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

smashingly delicate! wonderful textures, great production!

Pierre Chevallier

another great Album by Efdemin.
This is Chicago!
Philip did a great second album and another great release from Dial
Full Support for 1 / 2 / 5

Santiago Salazar

Great release. Really like Le Grand Voyage, Angels Round Here Don't Sing and Secrets of Shoeshine.

Toni Moreno

Very good album!!! Full support on Ibiza Global Radio.


great .. can't wait to give this a full listen, but sounds nice so far!!!


Wunderbares, kantiges Album!


Lots of nice stuff on this album.

Mickey Zhang



great album again from efdemin. love it!!!

Markus Kavka

wunderbares album! was für ein toller musiker der mann doch ist, mit einem unglaublichen verständnis für tiefe und atmosphäre. eins der besten artist alben seit langem!

Hot Chip

Sounds like there are some brilliant things on here, can't wait to listen further

William Kouam Djoko

great work oncemore!! deep and freaky, love it

DJ Emerson

really amazing lognplayer really love this


beautiful album

Bloody Mary

real music, thx !

MS Elbe


Blog - getthecurse.com

fascinating album

Makcim & Managemend

wow! great album!! love it! makcim


nice album. will work oh my god for sure

Ramon Tapia

oh my god reprise and le grand voyage are wicked !

Magazin - Trax (FR) - Damien Almira

the will be singing is amazing !!! thanks !!!

Franck Roger


Ben Watt

love the elegant sweep of le grand voyage. in the radio show.

Rene Breitbarth

nice one

Matt K

le grand voyage is for me! will play :)

Chris Lattner

very very nice album. really like almost every track. thx


beautiful stuff for at home and at the afterparty..
there will be singing, nighttrain and wonderland would be most playable, but tracks nothing is verything excell in their right also..

Marko Nastic

what to say! great ;like always! love efdemin stuff! def will play in clubs and my radio show! best! check play lists on www.music4bodyandsoul.com

Chris Liebing

downloading for chris! thanks!


big fan of Efdemin! Thanks a lot


was waiting for this one.. will give it a close listen and I am sure will love it.


like it a lot ! thanks !

Mathias Mesteno

This album lives up to all my expectations! 5/5 !!

Franklin De Costa


Maurizio Schmitz

Super Album! I got it before and listen to it frequently:)

Ernesto Ferreyra

very interesting Album, liked many of the songs at a first listen.
Le gran voyage is so good!! Thanks for the music!

Marcel Knopf

what a nice album! there will be singing YEAH!

Daniel Mehlhart

gonna buy the vinyl. great as always, i love the diversity in sound ! thanks for the digital though !


Really beautiful album, my favourites are Night Train, There will be Singing and Wonderland.

Audision - Tobias Schmid

it is getting better with every play!! - great work!!! i like - i love more and more!

Dan Drastic

great album, thanks


good work by mr. Sollmann on Dial. The Revenge Of The Giant Cowbell is absolutely amazing!

Matt Star

very very cool lp...I like nearly all tracks...

Falko Brocksieper

impressive album! will play tonight.

Fra Nitsa (Primavera)

Great record. Support

Dapayk & Padberg

hard to pick a favorite! if i have to: night train, but "nothing is everything" and "oh, my god" are great too!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

1 - The return of minimal house rather. Interesting! Wil play at the afterhour!

2 - Deep and dubby. Will play!

3 - A hint of Berghain-Dettman-Klock-Nodge-flavour here. Like it a lot! Will defintely play!

4 - Weird but interesting!

5 - Almost classic house tune if it weren't for that wobble-tone. Like it a lot! Will play!

6 - Classic Efdemin-track! Will play!

7 - Nice melody! Will play!

8 - Listening track - nothing I would play in a club.

9 - Trippy! Will play after a Villalobos track ;)

10 - Needless to say: nothing for a club.

Over all another great album from Efdemin and another wicked Dial records. But who didn't expect it to be good? Surprised about the title though - it's a lot less Chicago than I thought.

Luke Slater

This great! I love it!

Ellen Allien

very fluffig /// nice nice /// jazzy // emo // minimal / coolio sounds

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

very engaging sounds !


nice music


like all the tracks, great album!


without any words. amazing insperation!

Paul Woolford

Always engaging and contemplative music from Dial. My personal highlight here is the superb 'Secrets Of Shoeshine'. Really lifts off when those cymbals start to throb.I also like the closing 'Oh My God' track. Many thanks.


love it

Brian Cares

Pure awesomeness & super fudge chunk.
This LP will stay for quite some time in my playlist.
Thanks for sending!


Big fan of efdemin. Will play this for sure!

Florian Meindl

secrets of shoeshine is awsome and the rest is really good as well

Gunnar Stiller


Dave Ellesmere

beautiful music ...


Shows the diversity of Efdemin. I like the ambient-ish tracks as much as the dance things. However, to play out it's Nighttrain and Le grand voyage.


Amazing quality & identity are shining through this long player.. Another Dial beauty!


support for sure

Don Ramon

fantastic album, thanx!


good pack of music!!! really loving the deep vibe!!! my favs for the club are "Secrets Of Shoeshine, Nighttrain and Le Grand Voyage". but also the other tracks a re made for great home listening experience...

Sandy Hüner

Deep stuff here, love it gonna burn a cd for the car!
thank you!

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Killer album, loving this

Richie Hawtin

Download for Richie Hawtin


super album from efdemin, high quality stuff as usual on Dial!! thx


Solid album release featuring diverse grooves and ideas. Will rock living rooms and clubs ! Secrets Of Shoeshine is soooo dirty !!!


full support

Jay Bliss

Really good album ... as most of Efdemin's productions. Thanks!

Jesse Rose

Download for Jesse Rose.


one word: excellent!

Valentino Kanzyani

Nice tracks, and cool album release..

will use some of them..




great stuff, like it a lot!! thanks!

Slam Mode

Minimal metamorphed into deep rich left tech...very pleasing.

Will Saul

Stunning album from first listens but I need to download and absorb fully. Love the artwork.

Dj Ison

Excellent album ! Night Train and wonderland for me ...

Radio - 98eins.de (Marcus S.-Müller)

will be reviewed. nice artist album



Zak Frost

cool album, every track is interesting

Davide Squillace

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