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Tech House

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Here comes the volume 2 !!! Fifteen numbers later The Island of Lost Children various artists project finaly strikes back. The first track of the A side is Soulshine produced by Berlin based Greek ar
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Here comes the volume 2 !!! Fifteen numbers later The Island of Lost Children various artists project finaly strikes back. The first track of the A side is Soulshine produced by Berlin based Greek artist Kostas Tassopoulos aka Ekkohaus. He deliveres a house rollercoster which keep starting and stoping. The groove is massive and the melodical gimmick ultra bewitching. Serious attitude sourrounded by a slight of freakness.. All we love, right ! That one will be played a lot. Not be Televised is the second track of the side. That one is produced by Paris most excited new comer : Yakine. Dubby athmosphere with solid rythm which keep on running for 6 minutes and 15 seconds. You will soon here some more music from the man on Circus Company. Keep your eyes/ears open… The full B side is for the talented Herb LF and his track Thirtyfive. Maybe youʼve heard some of his music on Farside records. Herb LF is also part of the project called Westpark Unit alongside Ingo Sänger. This track is the prefect exemple of what should be a powerfull track of House music. A sip of funk, strong bassline and a few slice of vocals spread like parmigiano reggiano. A table !!!

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DJ Comments (28)

Loco Dice

full support for Ekkohaus "Soulshine" and Yakine "be not televised"


nice ep!


ekkohaus rocks! super nice! this is nu house

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice one

Ryan Crosson

Really enjoy the Yakine, Ekkohaus ace aswell...

Franck Roger

really like that release will push it a lot peace !!!

John Tejada

soulshine is a nice combo of classic 90s detroit sounds i really enjoy. good stuff.


favourite track is Yakine,will play for sure

Laurent Garnier

Ekkohaus track is great with this Lovelyyyy instant Funk sample
Will play this

Dave Jenkins (IDJ / Ibiza-Voice.com)

Yet another fine number from Circus Company - more please :)

Heiko Hoffmann (Groove / Radio Fritz Nightflight)



"soulshine" brings picures of sunny days in my mind, though its snowing outside =) but it´s the herb lf track that really convinces me here! haven´t had a record from him since the 90´s, but the waiting has been worth it!

Magazine - Posivision

Soul shine has deep real groove!!

Be not televised : pls will put a face on:)

Thirtyfive : cool deep track,be best for midnight floor.

DJ Deep

Nice and deep 12"

2000 And One

great release. soulshine is a super sexy groover and be not televised has the right stabby feel.full on!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

a delicious collection of warm trippy tech house tunes to comfort us on these long, dark cold winter nights - thirtyfive by herb LF was my fave!

Matthias Tanzmann

ekkohaus and herb lf do it for me. solid release.

Jesse Rose



Ekkohouse is nice.

Sascha Funke

i like it
ekkohaus is my favourite

Adam Marshall

like the Yakine track...


nice one..


delicious fine beats

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

took me a minute to get into these, but i'm really feeling this release now. yeah, it's "deep" house, but it's got a lot of its own character as well. i love the swirly vocal treatments of the yakine track, and "soulshine" is just fantastic... those flashing keys send shivers up my spine. tip top stuff.

Hot Chip

Nice tracks


Yeah i'm late but better then nothing no ?? I really love it !!!


Really good ep. I'm sorry that this one fell through the gaps of my emails. Really really like the Ekkohaus track, then the dub-ness of Yakine. Herb LF is a good lil' afterhours joint. Look forward to playing out.

Oleg Poliakov

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