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Slow Dancing In A Burning Room

Album CD
Out: 02-04-2012
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What we say

Now is the time for Aitor Etxebarria, better known as El_Txef_A to expose his innermost feelings, as he’s already begun to on releases from labels like Hypercolour, Suol and Wazi Wazi. This time, he
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Now is the time for Aitor Etxebarria, better known as El_Txef_A to expose his innermost feelings, as he’s already begun to on releases from labels like Hypercolour, Suol and Wazi Wazi. This time, he is undoubtedly on his best of form. Aitor, born and raised in the Basque Country, is in that group of artists sparingly measuring their output, always searching for the new, aiming for high quality instead of constant, monotonous releases. After years of dedicated work, El_Txef_A announces his debut album "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room". El_Txef_A stands for a specific and complex sound signature. His primary concern to develop a sound that people can identify with as well as just simply enjoy freely. Continuing in the Bilbao tradition, he is building a base of pure sampled sounds with studio sessions, live musicians and vocals to complement his production. Collaborations with vocalist Bisconti and Hannot supplies added depth to tracks like “Rise and Fall", and previous single "Lovely Minds" or "Save The World". A true milestone in this young Basque artist’s career, we are proud to present the fruits of his labours, "Slow Dancing In A Burning Room".  

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DJ Comments (30)

Adam Port

WOW!!!! First impression is: "Love the album!!!!!" Looking forward to hear it from the beginning till the end! Great style. THX. a


One of the best full lenght albums in years - lovely music from lovely people.


I have already been playing some of the songs here and it´sreally hard to pick just one track from such a great work..big Up for Aitor / El_Txef_A !!


: )

Benna Schneider

nice sounds but would make more sense to me as a set


5/5 Excellent Release! Like a lot!

Cosmic Cowboys

Amazing!!! THANKS!!!


Sounds good, but impossible to pick a fave on first listen.

Gruber & Nürnberg

I've been so looking forward to this Album! I love the music from Aitor and this album is for me totally consistent... such a soulful, warm and lovely album! heavy rotation in the next time for sure... thanks a lot!!! best Chris

Magit Cacoon

Amazing album! Great things ahead for El_Texef_A's I'm sure!

Mutlu (Bar25)

El_Txef_A is boss.

Fiakun Team

Difficult to say which one is our fav. We would like to give our Thanks To Fiakun Head El_Txef_A for selecting Fiakun label to publish his debut album, and not just any album; To all the nice feedbacks that we are collecting; and To all the people who is supporting the Album and also our Label. All the best from Gernika to Aitor with PEACE & LOVE. Thanks, Fiakun

Martin Landsky

nice nice album.....


nice one... !!!


Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Already got this through Tailored Communications. Reviewed for De:Bug magazine.


love it.


yes kwel LP thanks !


simply awesome album :) so much wonderful music in here! thx!

Paulo Olarte

Love Potion (Skit) ...

DJ Sneak

not for me


nice change

Claude VonStroke

DL For VonStroke

Patrick Zigon

Great album - this is how an album should be! love it!

Mano Le Tough

some nice stuff here. big ups!

Alexander Maier

superb album. totally into listening the whole thru, for the floor i prefer "rise and fall" and also hammering lovely minds for a long time!

Tim Green

awesome!! will support for sure!!!

Davide Squillace

Support !!

Watergate's Maria

what can I say? It was love on the first sight! best album 2012 so far!

Soukie & Windish

good songs, good tools, good work


solid longplayer featuring some very nice arrangements...will try Broken Bridges and Feeling idiot for the club...thx !

Ryan Crosson

I feel I would like a lot of this LP if there weren't so many pitched down vocals. Musically it's quite solid. thanks
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