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Deep House

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Those of you who have been lucky enough to witness a fullpower live performance by ZombieZombie will have inevitably noticed Etienne Jaumet’s charisma, sweating and in trance, behind his vintage syn
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Those of you who have been lucky enough to witness a fullpower live performance by ZombieZombie will have inevitably noticed Etienne Jaumet’s charisma, sweating and in trance, behind his vintage synthesizers. Today, we are not here to speak about this band of living dead but Etienne’s solo side project. Initiated by Gilb-R a.k.a. Mr. Versatile, who had the brilliant idea of suggesting to Etienne to make an album in the veint of concrete music’s great composers. Repeat Again After Me was born this way, a kind of cosmic techno hybrid, tinted with a slight deep and jazzy vibe. Thirteen minutes of SH101 arpeggios modulating to the very basic rhythm of an 808, punctuated here and there by a sax, plunging us into a smoky haze. The kind of track which you don’t hear everyday! While listening to this UFO, it’s obvious that Etienne Jaumet doesn’t have the approach of someone who’s accustomed to the dance floor, but the touch of genius, which in spite of the little amount of instruments and notes, make sure the listener is captivated all along. As far as moving the crowds and making them go potty, what could be better than a remix by our German buddies Âme ? The result is stomping! Repeat Again After Me undergoes an acid re-lift in the same vein as their last hit Balandine. The original spirit of the track is left unharmed, but the crescendos as well as the beats are accentuated and beefed up making this diamond into an invincible weapon for the best and the worst DJ.

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DJ Comments (26)

2000 And One (Intacto)

“very original ame remix!!! nice stuff.”

Booka Shade(GPM)

“ "very different, very cool. You french producers really seem to enjoy torturing your saxophone players !!" ”

Claude Von Stroke(Mothership)

“i ve been playing Ame remix in all my stes since august. it's one the best thing they have ever done. charted #1 ”

Ewan Pearson(Misericord/Soma)

“ it's incredible - really very special - the best thing I've heard in weeks! love the sax freak outs and the triple time analogue beats. wow. am going to play this to death and sing its praises to the skies! ”

Giles Smith (DJ Mag UK/ secret)

“Excellent, this track is a beast for sure. ”

Guido Halfmann (Jazzthing Magazine)

“ wonderful, hypnotic stuff. Great to hear someone taking such a different path than so many of the others today. ”

James Holden (BorderCom_Uk)

“ kick ass...original i think i prefer. ”

James Mowbray(MixMag)

“ The original is super cool, and Ame remix is superb and takes it to the dancefloor, I love all the wig-out jazz instrumentation - will definitely play this, perfect for me. ”


“ the original is great and the remix is totally stellar. this will be huge! ”

Josh Wink (Ovum)

“ Track is SICK! Best remix in a long time from anyone! Techy, hypnotic, spaced jazz... DOPE! One of the best remixes(productions) I've heard in a real long time! ”

Karotte (Cocoon)

“der ame rmx rockt sowas von gewaltig den dancefloor. absoluter hit....yes!!!!”

Kiko Navarro (Chez Music)

“ The Ame Remix is Sublime, amazing, great, one of the best they did, crazy! Full support, will play it on all my next sets, i can see all the people crazy dancing to this track. The original is very good, i would say the AME remix is the right floor mix of the original as i hear that all the excellent parts are taken from the original mix. ”

Koze (International Pony)

“tolle music!! ”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

“ I love it ! i have been playing this for the past month ,and it creates mayem everywhere This is stunning. ”

Layo (Olmeto)

“both fantastic”

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Habour)

“will play and chart the Ame remix.”

Mike Shannon (Cynosure)

“ Versatile strikes again... I love this label cause just when you think it's going straight they hit you with another sideways EP. ”

Mr C (The End UK)

“A: I like this (even though it has a sax). Not sure where I'll use it but I'll use it somewhere. B: This is wicked but can't we shoot the sax player? Would love a version without sax. will use, maybe? 7/10 (10/10 without sax) If there's a mix with of this without the sax, can I have a copy please? ... I'd even go against my rule of no digital for a sax free version.”

Neil Aline (Chez Music)

“ HUGE RECORD!!!!!!!!!!!! ”

Nino Giallongo / Dj Misk

“very cool. sincerely i've to say that it's a particular and strange track, definitely fascinating but maybe also a bit hard to understand. ame add a different disco style and we're all ready to appreciate it on the dancefloor!”

Peter Kruder (G-Stone)

“ Thanks for that wicked release. That bassline is the equivalent of the endless stairs paintings by M.C Escher. A masterpiece. ”

Prins Thomas

“ LOVE the etienne jaumet ame remix...getting goosebumps on my arm listening to it while typing this. ”

Rekid(Radio Slave)

“ wow..sounds incredible ”

Rob Mello (Various/UK)

“ Etienne Jaumet (Ame mix) is a wonderful record. ”

Roy Dank (XLR8R)

“ HOLY SHIT! That mix is amazing. Very different for Ame and all the better for it! ”

Willie Graff (Pacha Ibiza)

“ Its soo good.(10/10)Its my favourite thing from Ame since the past year I played It last week at DC10 in Ibiza, wich is a great party, and everyone was freeking out.It really stands out this record.The bassline is so groovy'! The original mix of etienne jaumet is also super nice! Nice n slow! ”
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