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White Elephant

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 08-12-2007
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What we say

Over the past year – thanks to releases from artists like Jay Haze, Raz O’Hara and Einzelkind - Kindisch has proved itself to be a prime outlet for leftfield electronic music that satisfies the mi
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Over the past year – thanks to releases from artists like Jay Haze, Raz O’Hara and Einzelkind - Kindisch has proved itself to be a prime outlet for leftfield electronic music that satisfies the mind and body alike. The latest artist to join the Kindisch fold is H.O.S.H., aka Hamburg native Holger Behn, who brings us a stylish two-tracker entitled ‘White Elephant’. Holger has always been concerned with making dance music that stretches the very notion of what dance music can be, demonstrating a restless commitment to individuality and innovation in tandem with an understanding for the ‘floor. A-side ‘White Elephant’ takes the most unusual sound – that of a trumpeting elephant – and subtly manipulates it, building up an intricate scaffolding of 4x4 beats in support. A smooth, shimmying bassline keeps things moving while Holger layers the elephant sounds to create gorgeous, powerful chords that sound like a real brass section. Despite its quirkiness, the effect is incredibly subtle, and the aggregation of skippy percussion hits and synth counterpoints give this track a lightness of touch which an elephant could only dream of! B-side ‘Don Alfredo’ is a collaboration with Adriano and charts the kind of deep house waters that we all like to take a dip in…A taut, minimal kick and snare set the pace while the prominent hi-hats reference classic 1990s dance; H.O.S.H. takes a rich, one-note analogue synth sound and interlocks the simple percussive elements to fashion a cruising, heads-down groove around it. The dramatic, half-speed breakdown three minutes in and eerie surrounding effects will have a heart-stopping effect on home and club listener alike. This is a 12” of sophisticated house and techno for the more discerning music-lover; H.O.S.H. has created two tracks of tremendous atmosphere and that all too rate quality - dignity. Kindisch continue to set out their stall as purveyors of the finest club sounds around.

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DJ Comments (17)

Anja Schneider(Mobilee Berlin)

lovely ep ! yep super nice detroit flavour and who played the trompets ? :) Support

Dub Ibiza Mag

Wow, wow, wow…… I am really proud to have had them already in our magazine, as the guys from DIY records are on their way to eternity. Another fantastic killertrack by H.O.S.H, to be released soon on Get Physical’s sublabel Kindisch. The first moment i heard it i knew this is one for my eternal case. So hypnotic, so overwhelmingly groovy, so timeless and perfectly structured, always surprising, positive and always on the edge. This is housemusic, baby.”

Giosue Impellizzeri

Holger Behn, from Hamburg, has realized a good couple of sophisticated house and techno of the 3rd millennium. "Don Alfredo" is more deep with references of classics of the 90's but my favourite is the title-track where 4/4 rapresent the perfect platform for smooth basslines and architectural chords. A track for dance ... and dream in the same moment.

James Huxley

Just been playing this on my speakers in the office and already loving it. This is gonna be doing some damage on Sunday. Deep, chunky, glitching stomping music. Bring it on.

Jimpster (Freerange)

Don Alfedo is awesome. Lovely deep rolling house grooves that will work the floor nicely. Definitely going straight in the box this one! Quality!

Karotte (Cocoon)

auf dem weißen elephant darf nicht nur geritten sondern auch getanzt werden. gute housenummer aus hamburg. mag ich.

Kollektiv Turmstrasse

Nice release once again from H.O.S.H. Perfect groovin stuff that will work at any time on the dancefloor. We really enjoying this release and sometimes we see the Elephant...


cool stuff .. cool label ! full support

Mario Rogowski

White Elephant ist genial, werde den Track in der Electronic Session supporten!!

Mikkas Skulstad - Djuma Sounds

Love it! Will play for sure! Put it in our Djuma chart as well!

Nolan Kane

Wow, this by far stands out as the best track you have released on your label in my opinion. Right up my street!

Oliver Koletzki

traumhafte melodieführung. sinnlicher track mit perfektem namen. november charts platz 2

Rapha @ on-club

two nice tracks again- with one favourite for me : White Elephant the "elephant"-hooter rules :-) great intro and then it starts with really dance floor working beats. i m looking forward to play this track next weeks. also don alfredo is a nice production, but a little bit mellow for me- but i could it imagine, on a after hour, with nice and lovley people- then it will create a great atmosphere

Raveline (GER)

Von Holger Behn ist man ja schon so einige gute Musik gewohnt. Und auch jetzt enttäuscht der Hamburger Diynamic-Resident in keinster Weise. Vielmehr schafft er mit dem Weißen Elefanten eine echt traumhafte Hymne auf dem Get Physical Sublabel, die mit ihren Synths und Fanfaren ganz sicher ihre Kreise ziehen wird und wahre Songqualitäten aufweißt. Auf der B-Seite findet sich dann noch ein chordgespicktes Housestück namens Don Alfredo, welches keinsefalls vergessen werden darf. Und übrigens der, der da auf dem Cover den weißen Elefanten reitet, ist wirklich der H.O.S.H. – aber in jungen Jahren.

rekleiner (geddes/ tsuba)

is certainly on fire at the moment! lots of movement and emotion as always. another great release!

Tom Taylor @ Electric Press

both tracks are great!! white elephant has got some great noises in there ;-) full support!

trickski ( sonar kollektiv )

Oh my H.O.S.H.!!!! the white elephant is really "blowing us se march!" I really like it! Respect and please send me a vinyl when it is out! I wanna play it out soon!
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