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Mental Illness
False Industries

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 12-10-2012
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What we say

The 8th release on False Industries is our first ever all Israeli artists release. After some releases with more ambientelectronica vibe, Hakimonu brings us back to our original area, minimal techno.
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The 8th release on False Industries is our first ever all Israeli artists release. After some releases with more ambientelectronica vibe, Hakimonu brings us back to our original area, minimal techno. Trust us when we say, this release is far more than just a formula or a framework done well. Humble Israeli producer Hakimonu has a talent for gracing our ears with a very special blend of refined electronica. Aside from a sunny biography that is written about him, there's not much information to be found online about Hakimonu. Whoever he is, the Israeli artist has been taking a uniquely lush, laid-back approach to house music for only a few years while already producing more than a dozen EPs, primarily on the digital Hakimonu imprint. At the very end of 2011 he released: Cadences & Framework Techno Sketches - EVER, an exceedingly pleasant collection of material pulled mostly from prior releases. Assaf’s music is aiming to cure. Assaf creates his music and artworks to try and cure illness one can see and feel in collective mental psych of now days. For False Industries, Assaf created a special EP. The release moves from minimal techno, that brings to mind older and more minimal works of Luciano and Ricardo Villalobos and more delicate ambient works that brings to mind The Sight Below. The release starts with “On Surface”, where piano textures and beats are created by heavy digital process. “Could Happen” uses minimal beats, and electric piano, to create a moody minimal techno tune. “Good through blue” is lovely, very moody with beats that brings to mind Alva noto or Komet, yet Hakimonu use of melodies adds his special flavour. “Visage” keeps the same line, which is remote, yet very emotional, and the finishing tune “Last”, got some great melodies and textures. To spice it up we added some remixes from prime Israeli musicians and producers. The Models remix of “On Surface”(Harel Schreiber and Itamar Weiner) both masters of the analog domain, and long time collaborators, starts with a killer 808 beats and destructive acid line. That brings to mind chicago old school house. Max Schreiber's remix of “on surface” is dark, with certain amount of tension created by drones covered with killer overdrive. It killed us. Label boss Yair Etziony, takes “last” main melody and takes send it to another domain. Using many analog delays and filters he creates a slow techno-dub with massive textures that fly near the listeners ears. Think GAS or Maurizio's M series but slower. A lot of love and effort were put into this EP, and those energies are coming back to listener, when heard.

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DJ Comments (64)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

not for me

Secret Cinema

wonderful sounds...5/5 Secret Cinema

Jonny Cruz

model remix is interesting

Summer (Brendon Collins)

Lovely music :)

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

cool release

Audision - Tobias Schmid

feels a bit like "Systemisch" by Oval 20 years later - but very nice release!


very nice!


love the intro track

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

considering for review

Franklin De Costa

good through blue is my fav here.

Nikola Gala

nice one! thanks.


absolutely lovely!!! thanks very much!

Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin



Dj Ison

Wonderful EP!


thanks :)

Radio - Ibiza Global Radio (Jose)

sorry, not for me

Alland Byallo

Brilliant. Crispy, crunchy, spacey, trippy, heady... Can't wait to make some visual art with this as my soundtrack.

Luca Doobie

great futuristic ambient moods, i'll try to put one into my my next radioshow, thanks ;) L

Someone Else



Great package !!! Thanks

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Sorry, Not for me.

Todd Burns


Ronald Christoph

Like to give 5 stars but cannot... "Last" and the "Yair Etziony RMX" soooo goood!, "Could Happen" is very good, also "On Surface" and "Visage".... But I dont feel the other trx/rwrx/rmx .. but 4 stars :)


multi-leveled audiophile goodness.

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

very nice.

Brothers Vibe


Angel Molina

As always, very into False Industries stuff.
Nice electronica / clicks tracks, although the schizoid 'Max Schreiber's Rework' and the synth 'The Models Remix' are my fave ones, fantastic ones!

V.Rotz (T.W.I.C.E)

Last but not least !! Yair Etziony Remix..standout here for me !!

Patrick Zigon

absolutely love it!


this is good!


will download.
thank you for good music!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Interesting stuff. Don't know what to make of it just yet.

Joris Voorn

Love Could Happen!


Simply beautiful! Lovely music to get completely lost in. Thanks!


Incredibly good! I hardly find records as focussed as this.

Mr. Steles

WOW, love it!

Arnaud Le Texier

Cool music! really interesting atmospheres.


Dark in the best of ways!

Axel Bartsch

some interesting sounds and vibes in here

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist in altroverso radio

Berk Offset

very moody experiments, great!

Acid Pauli

it could happen that your surface turns blue when listening to this. Mine did, but I liked the color

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

kann ich nichts damit anfangen

Matthias Leisegang

not for me

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

fragile yet immersive textures - fave is the intricate number COULD HAPPEN

Marko Nastic

will check. tnx


last original for me, thanx!

Radio - Radio Fritz (Bruno Dietel)

downloading for BLN.FM/Radio Fritz.

Maik Loewen

Great album! Thanks!!!

Claudio Coccoluto

really interesting sound

DJ Sneak

not for me


Oh my god! Love it!

Matthew Dekay

I really like "Last" on this EP thanks!

Alexander Maier

sorry, nth for me

Daniel Steinberg

could happen is it for me!

Dudley Strangeways

Some interesting sounds and textures to these tracks will give a try.. Thanks for the music

Electric Indigo

support for this interesting release! love yair etziony's remix of last - could happen and on surface are sweet as well!

Jeremy P.Caulfield

Hi . Thank you very much for your music ! It is now being downloaded .  I will listen to it and hopefully play it and / or chart it. If you need feedback directly and immediately you can reach me at. promo1@jpcaulfield.com . I will be more than happy to quickly offer feedback and support ! 


Jeremy Caulfield 

Guy J

Hakimonu's original are great , thnx

Milly De Mori

nice atmospheric sounds. cool


wow, wicked mixture of varied moods and grooves, an unmistakable minimal electro tech style of fine arts...just great...thx.

George P.

sweet release

Radio - theclubbing.com (BEL) - Laurent Hulstaert

not for me, sorry
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