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Henrik Schwarz
walk music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 26-03-2007
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What we say

Henrik Schwarz does not need any introduction after the amount of classicstatus remixes and releases he´s been churning out in the last years on Sunday Music, Moodmusic, K7, Innervisions and Ninja Tu
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Henrik Schwarz does not need any introduction after the amount of classicstatus remixes and releases he´s been churning out in the last years on Sunday Music, Moodmusic, K7, Innervisions and Ninja Tune among others. After his highly acclaimed K7 DJ-Kicks mix-CD last year, he is now back from where he started in 2002 with the Supravision EP (mood-016), and boy are we happy and proud to have him onboard again. Walk Music came to life some years ago on one of Henriks amazing liveshows and as with all good things, it was worth the wait! Walk Music is a deep, mesmerizing excursion into his soul-funk-disco roots with a mysterious vocal line chugging into your mind while the driving beat and bass keeps your butt moving - pure funk we say. Some added strings and an exceptionally suprising arrangement make this another classic Henrik Schwarz journey. The Walk Music 2003 version is the original rough live version re-mixed and mastered using old school studio techniques, keeping the rough edges and feel of a live jam. Starting with hypnotic keyboards, leading the way for th vocals and beats to enter the game and further developing into one of his massive twisted grooves, this is the version for the true heads who have experienced him live in a club.

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DJ Comments (14)


Finally Mr Schwarz put this great track on vinyl,after all that years of hunting him for that..
Fantastic record!

Lee Smith

I played this backwards and realised who the vocal sample is - very clever...beautiful music from Schwarz as usual.

D'Julz (Ovum/Pokerflat)

i'll play the new mix of Walk music. great music, as usual with henrik;

Dean mushin / Chicken Lips

Mood051 - Brilliant, brilliant release from a wonderful producer. Full
support on radio and clubs from me..

Mike Monday (Playtime/Freerang

Lovin the 2003 version - really phat n deep. Mmmmmmmmmm...


ich liebe es. tolle nummer von herrn schwarz. ganz tolle mood. schön für die morgenstunden.

Giles Smith

Henrik proves his talent yet again. "Walk Music" has a deftness of touch and drama others can only dream of.

James Flavour


Thomas Koch

epic house music with mysterious vocals, wunderbar!

Tom Clark

great record ! ein hendrik schwarz track der einem wieder mal unter die haut fährt.

Geoffroy Mugwump (Hi-Phen)

finally here, one of the pearls from ze live shows...instantly getting into your head with no intent to leave. very addictive.

Laurent Garnier

this is a complete monster
This will be very big all around the world
Full support everywhere

Raveline (GER)

Nach den tollen Remixen für Coldcut oder Mari Boine liefert Mood Music nun auch mal wieder eine komplett eigene Platte des sympathischen Berliners frei Haus. Diese nennt sich ?Walk Music?, dürfte Besuchern seiner Live-Gigs durchaus schon bekannt sein (zumindest die 2003er Version auf Seite B) und enthält kraft seiner enorm einprägsamen, seltsam rückwärts eingespielten Vocal-Line und den zurückhaltenden, aber doch ständig präsenten Strings alles, was man von einer Henrik Schwarz-Platte erwarten kann und auch darf. Dark, moody, soulful ? und natürlich verdammt tanzbar. Wird in den nächsten Monaten natürlich vollkommen zu Recht rauf- und runtergespielt werden. Und wer jetzt auch noch eine Wertung zu dieser Platte haben möchte, dem kann ich nur die folgende präsentieren: Höchstwertung.

Chris Duckenfield

What pepe braddock should sound like if he wasn't sampling someone having their toenails ripped out with rusty pliers
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