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Deep House


The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 01-11-2010
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    Original Mix
    Deep House
    122 BPM
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    The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru
    Original Mix
    Deep House
    122 BPM
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What we say

Since dial was established in 2000 there always has been the musical influence of Isolée. From his first 12inches and his debut album "Rest" on Playhouse, Rajko Müller was one main source of inspira
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Since dial was established in 2000 there always has been the musical influence of Isolée. From his first 12inches and his debut album "Rest" on Playhouse, Rajko Müller was one main source of inspiration of all early dial artists- Pantha Du Prince, Efdemin, Lawrence, Carsten Jost. More than that he became a lovely neighbour living close to the riverside of Hamburg, a good friend whose pasta sauce would take a whole day to cook, and still a musician who would spend an extra long time to create his extraordinary pieces, drifting from version to version. "The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru" is one of those 12inches dial records has been waiting patiently and now Isolée is back from another journey into sound and space. Again a psychacoustic esperience takes over the contemporary dancefloor. Even the loopiest track of Isolée will not feature a single second of pure repetition, room and structure are permanently changing until the pleasure becomes you. Another friend and inspiration, Nick Mauss, created the cover artwork of dial53 and if there is one link between the art of Mauss, Isolée's musical work and dial records in general, it is simply the "Never As Always".

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DJ Comments (200)

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

can't wait for the album



Severin Stickel -Kazantip


Anthony Collins

fantastic ep !!!!!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Nice release.
Always great stuff with Isolee.
I really love his stuff.
I will play them for sure.


not 4 me


Take a trip on the Yushin Maru - Stop Whaling!

Mass Prod

isolee means always crazy good quality to me, very nice debut on one of my fav labels, dial, full support, mass prod (bosconi-circoloco)

Ralf Kollmann

Fantastic Release!!


Can't fail. this release is pure magic!


Törn Burns! BIGTRACK & FAV!


great to hear something different! love both tracks.

David K

piece of art, can't choose my favorite, whouaaa!!!

Mueller & Mitch

will get the vinyl

Matthew Styles

Dial & Isolee! Great Combo, like this a lot!

Emil (Tartelet Records)

number two for me

Jennifer Cardini

"i love it ..."

Tim Green

incredible!! love both tracks loads. Törn is my favourite id say. will play out for sure! thanks

Franck Roger

nice one will play the second rack for sure


isolee is okay !!!

Vincent Lemieux

Fantastic release by Isolée. Like in the good old days. Already waiting for the vinyl. Really appreciated you guys send me the promos. Love the label. Thanks again.

Sascha Funke

high qulaity music


Nice to see that Rajko's back on track ! The EP is dope. Will play both tracks.

Geoffroy Dewandeler

great new works from isolee !


Amazing release! Both tracks are super!

Franklin De Costa

isolee! two great tracks. they will get a lot plays from me. full support.

WordandSound's Christian

Deep, deep , stuff ! Autumn is here :)


I LOOOOOVE Isolee. "Fantastic Researches..." is really fantastic!

JC Freaks

Great as usual!

Sierra Sam

I love Dial , every single track they ever put out is so amazing .
Thank you soooo much for sending me your music , a huge influence , always in my ipod .


really like
The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru
super nice trip..


finaly! isolee again...
Törn is turning me up!

Konrad Black

Dial is killing it for me...love all the recent stuff and this is no exception. Isolee is as amazing as ever


I've always been a fan of Isolee's output and this release hits the mark once again. Deep deep house for the heads. My fav track is "Torn", wicked deep house vibes that I'll be playing a lot.

Radio - Roof FM // Bjoern Schaeffner

This is Rajko's best work since "We are Monster": "Törn" has been on auto-repeat for weeks - though admittedly only as low-res Internet snippets. Can't wait to lay my hands on this one!

Todd Bodine

Great ep!!! Love both tracks.

Taras van de Voorde

Love Torn!

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Excellent, thanks for sending.

beats in space US - Tim Sweeney

Need to listen to this one a bit more, but always a fan of Isolee's work!


great vibes love both tracks In the bag :D

superp ! groovy essential dub techno cuts

Paulo Olarte

great release!


great to see a new ep from Isolée after being killed by the Roberts LP, as usual top high class stuff on Dial, defintly a label where i love to release some serious stuff one day...
thanks !!!

John Tejada

very very nice classic isolee sound. thanks!

Pierre Chevallier



makes perfect sense.

Todd Burns




Mano Le Tough

I love isolee and dial! and this record is amazing!! thanks so much! xo


very nice!!! nicest Dial yet i say.love it!

Dario Zenker

amazing record.love it.


one of my favorite tracks this month!

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin


Pelle Buys

full points!


Törn is nice, tx !


Really cool ambient, 5* for me.

Gruber & Nürnberg

My favourite is "Yushin Maru"!!! Full Support...


raiko excellent once again! great love for sounds and details. full support!

Audision - Tobias Schmid

top spiel ich schon auf pladde - aber hab sie am woe verschenkt - somit freu ich mich auf die mp3 :)


lovely new isolee record! will definitly play törn

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

About fucking time we get some new Isolee! So goddamn good. I like the new, stripped-down, streamlined sound a lot. Gorgeous.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

airplay in altroverso radio


solid ep . wil play them out !

Taimur Agha (Blkmarket Membership,NY)

Pure deepness by Isolee. love it

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

nice bassline!!! great job

Benna Schneider

strong music from isolee as expected

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Amazing record!! Isolee is one of my all time favorite producers and Dial did it again :) ! Will play and chart, thanks!!


Both tracks are really nice :) Will play them both out.

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

lush isolee wonderfulness!!

Robbie Akbal

Awesome stuff by master Isolee..Love the EP ..very trippy for afterhours vibe...


OUTSTANDING !!! just amazing ! Love it !!! thanks

Kabuto & koji

Loving both!!!!! thanks!!

James Braun


Nicolas Duvoisin

The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru is really nice will play!

Ryan Crosson

Nice to see a new Isolee record =)

Marko Nastic

go rajko go!

Chris Wood

I love Isolee ! Nice as always !!


great atmosphere in both tracks

Alland Byallo

Beautiful! What else would anybody expect from Isolee and Dial? Genius.

Will Saul

Isolee is one of the true masters...these tracks only confirm this more!


Isolée always good!

Tolga Fidan


Sven Tasnadi

sehr schön und eigensinnig...isolee gefällt mir eigentlich immer.
super platte!!! gruss,Sven

Milly De Mori

nice sounds and sophsticated grooves overall. Torn is my pick. I'll also give it airtime in my FM radio show MILLYBAR on M2O (Italy)

Zak Frost

LOVE isolee!

Andy Cato

deep and very nice

Hausmann C

massive release! tolle isoleé platte, super sound! danke , die muss direkt in die plattentasche!

Boris Werner

Torn is cool!


Törn is excellent, love the bassline and detuned chords.


törn is nice. good stuff again from mr. isolee.

Animal Trainer


Tim Xavier

Hot stuff!


nicey nice

Brothers Vibe

Fantastic for sure!!

FILQ / Shanti Records

Torn is my favorite, thank you.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

i like the dubby grooves of Torn!

Justin Field

Nice return

Angel Molina



Love it !!! thanks a lot for those.... Isolee made it again...

Someone Else

not sure yet.

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

i like it!! isle still high producer...love the vibe

Maurizio Schmitz

I love!!!!

Spencer Parker

torn is v cool
thx : )

Jürgen Kirsch

yeah! downloaded.


i liiiiike!!


i liiiiike!!

Sebastian Wilck

törn ist super. merci

DJ Sneak

well it is very isolee, ill be testing these soon

MS Elbe

love it....


Torn is the one for me

Dave Ellesmere

i like the sound of tom

Dave Ellesmere

i like the sound of tom


Wundervolle Platte mit traurigem Titel


grossartig, wie immer der isolee...ist in meiner kiste :-)

Chris Lattner

yeah!!! törn is a killer! really love it. music i missed last years...thx

Alex Flitsch

könig der kruden sweetness! love it!

Simon Beeston

Love Isolee and love Dial! Lovely stuff!!

Chris Carrier

i'll play for sure thanks

Törn = The best bassline this year. Hell yeah!

Sven Jozwiak

Yeah !! törn is great ...have to play ..ty


love it

Gavin Herlihy

another exceptional release from Isolee. Both tracks are in my box for the weekend. thanks



Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make this available to LWE staff for potential review.

Sandy Sitlani

Awesome release. Really liking both tracks!

Rene Breitbarth

isolee ace as usual

Patrick Bateman

oh yeah, super great release from Isolee! I love it! Chart for November!


Been following since Brazil.com One of my favorite producers

Monty Luke

first track is pretty goooooood.

Magazine - Posivision

impressed work, Perfect10.

The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru is really cool!

Mickey Zhang



One of my favourite artists alltime!! awsome tracks with a great flow!! will play!!

Electric Indigo

grande! so refined and törn is so funky! beautiful and very special release - many thanks!

Peter Pixzel

Torn is my pick - Amazing stuff! FULL SUPPORT!

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

3+ erstmal für "fantastic"


typical Dial quality, best Isolee in a while too


like this!!

HD Substance

awesome....will play both

Florian Meindl

toern is my favorite, outstanding production!

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

good to listen as always

Daniel Stefanik

one of my favorites artists!!!!!!!!!

Sergio Munoz

Torn is great!!! love isolee sound!!! thanks

Mikael Stavöstrand

Super release .. love love it .. !!

Patrick Zigon

LOVE this ep - 5 stars for suuure!!

Mike Monday

Always stunning

Davide Squillace

Isolee has always been on of my top 10 artists of all times.

Davide Squillace

Isolee has always been on of my top 10 artists of all times.

Giuseppe Cennamo

i really like Torn, perfect Isolee style! thanks


Amazing, love Isolee!!

Mutlu (Bar25)

I love both track. Awesome drive on "Törn".

Dirty Doering

the fantastic is my favoirite one.


isolee is the man..love his stuff...and that's no different...thanks

Kraushaar & Gradmann

nice trx, thanks for sending...

Mathias Mesteno

Amazing work!!


not my cup of tea


fantastic tunes, thank you Isolee!!! not possible to pick a favourite, putting a random heart

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

will def. play


Isolee always has a magic touch, an undeniably unique signature sound. Feeling these very much, thanks for a great promo!


yeah.. very nice, thanks.

Jeremy P.Caulfield

Always a treat to get something from Isolee .. Classic and special ..

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Margaret Dygas

warm, nice sounds :) thanks

Pascal Feos

Törn is the one!


Isolee back on dial great release full support!

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

great to see something new from isolee. will check this one closely soon.

Dan Drastic

what a surprise! its wonderful ;)

Martin Landsky

both tracks are nice, researches is great.....


Again an super release from one of the best labels around, and Isolee does it again!!!! "The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru" is number one of my October chart....LOVE IT!!!

Jan Krueger

Isolee forever!


simply beautiful . thank you .


both trax are 100% isolee quality!

Maurice Aymard

The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Mare has incredible feeling, love the melancholic in it. Isolee always getting a special mood in his music.
Will Chart also.

Secret Cinema

Spaced out to the max! Yushin Maru for me!

Marcel Janovsky

schön gemacht, aber nicht so mein ding ...

Luke Solomon

Just Brilliant

Maik Loewen

Awesome release! Thanks :)

Andre Buljat

isolee amazing as always!

Red Rack'em

I love Isolee. This is quite a dreary sounding release but I guess there is a global recession.

Joris Voorn

Great new Isolee!

Sebo K

great release! especially törn for me!


it's my törn ;) great release, thanx!

Crazy (Flex.at)

Isolee stands for high quality with a touch of expriment, thats what we see also now...

Kenton Slash Demon

great release, thanks!

TES // Groove Magazine

review to follow!


with Isolee you can do no wrong...perfect tunes !

Tom Demac

one of my favourite producers on one of the best labels! Good darts! Lovely analogue textures as always..!

Mitja Prinz

isolee yeah!

Kleinschmager Audio

wieder eine bis ins detail gelunge isolee! thx

William Kouam Djoko

Tom is the one for me, great sounds and liquid feel on here.. love w


Stuff for Afterhours...;) thx

Co.mini - GS/Hive Club -Zurich

Like Törn

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

What a great return to form by Isolee! Torn is a superb tune, will definitely give radioplays and club support.

Ernesto Ferreyra

Yees!!! so good to get some new fresh Isolee !
Both tunes are sick! congrats Raiko!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

mal schauen

Mathias Schaffhäuser

TÖRN is really a very nice turn! .... ;-) .... will play. THE FANTASTIC... is also pretty trippy, i like this kind of weirdness.




Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Sounds a bit sketchy and/or blurry to me. But that's what I always loved with Isolée's stuff. Double thumbs up!

Jennifer Cardini

love it

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin
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