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Chicago / Detroit

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Whoa. A new James Duncan release on his own Le Systeme Records label. 3 tracks here of raw, under produced, diverse dance floor sounds . In other words: the usual. Mixing gritty minimal Detroit Hou
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Whoa. A new James Duncan release on his own Le Systeme Records label. 3 tracks here of raw, under produced, diverse dance floor sounds . In other words: the usual. Mixing gritty minimal Detroit House, soulful edits and NYC and Chicago House sounds onto one E.P. is the norm for Le Systeme releases, so what better way to follow up James’ 2005 EP on Le Systeme Records entitled “Night Tracks”. James has been busy as usual these past few years. Playing with Glenn Branca (99 Records/Acute), recording and touring with Aaktica (Darla Records, USA) as well as playing Trumpet on a new track by NY Nu Disco heads DRRTYHAZE (Tirk, Gomma) called “Make My Body Hot” on their upcoming “New York City Jacks” ep on Redux Records.  He also appeared playing trumpet on Morgan Geist’s wonderful CD “Double Night Time”, again on Environ Records from late 2008. Other upcoming projects include another trumpet spot on new tracks by Ulyssess (Bear Funk, Neurotic Drum Band, NYC) and more solo 12” releases. James’ past work includes solo releases and remixes on his own Le Systeme Records, Real Soon Records out of London, Traxx Records run by the legendary Dancetracks in NYC and Chair Recordings from Toronto.  His releases have been charted and supported by the likes of Benji B, Pal Joey, Morgan Geist, Larry Heard, The Unabombers, Motor City Drum Ensemble and many more. As a musician, he has appeared on recordings by Metro Area, Morgan Geist, The Rapture, Kelley Polar and DJ Romain, just to name a few. Both of James’ Le Systeme Records releases “Times Like These” (2003) and “Night Tracks” (2005) have been Records of the Week at Piccadilly and “Night Tracks” was Record of the Week at Sounds of the Universe in London. The first track from James’ “Times Like These” EP on Le Systeme Records was also featured in a hotly tipped Resident Advisor Podcast by Motor City Drum Ensemble in late 2008.  

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DJ Comments (33)


Chris Carrier

full support, great work


great release...love it!


Blog - Randomcircuits.com

I've been waiting for James to start up Le Systeme Records again & by listening to this its been more than worth the wait. Classic influenced Detroit house music of the highest order. Full review to come.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Good House release. My FAV is B2, very good house track : love it.


I've been missing some James Duncan music for to long ! He's back and that makes my day ! Excellent, will play A1 & B2 for sure !!!

Laurent Garnier

reminds me of the old days .......lovely slow deepness

Oleg Poliakov

Soulful as is like ! thx


really love this EP! beautiful, abstract and raw stuff that grooves hard!

Anthony Collins

amazing ep
really in too this

JC Freaks

Nice tracks. Fit well ina warm up set. Thanks


finally mr duncan is back!

Radio - The Outer Limits // Radio Adelaide Australia

Always been a fan of James Duncan. Can't wait to play these out on air next week.

Franck Roger

b1 is dope, great technical cuts samples
b2 is the baddest bitch blazy samples , funny shits
will support this hardwork truncate stuffsssssss


this is the kinda stuff I like, okay probably won't ever make a peak set, but I like it anyway!

Kris Wadsworth

this shit is beyond dope. first time i ever heard of this cat/this label. excellent loopy house. im really into this a lot. 110% support. only thing is that its a digi label. i play vinyl only, so...my loss. : (


good stuff! gonna play.

Kai Alce

B 2 ol skool pieces for an ol skool feel, I like

Magazin - Proud // Till Kolter

Hell yeah. That's is some nice piece of music! Big support. Should be released on vinyl, too!

Dan Drastic

love it

Blog - Inputselector.fr

slowly but surely!

Russ Gabriel

the A1 and B2 are cool.

Robert Dietz

very nice stuff!

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Really like the slo-mo disco vibe of the first two tracks...

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

Nice concept..... well produced

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

deep and slow house as good as it gets. b2 is the one for me.

Magazine - Posivision

I like A1+ B2!

best for lounge bar!

Franklin De Costa

nice little gem. especially cut up disco at 100 bpm. great.

Slam Mode

Dirty, murky, deep and underground delicious!...have some.

Brothers Vibe

Yeah man, all good!

Ray Okpara


Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

B2 is the one for me!

Hausmann C

this one goes straight in to your system! perfect tunes for deephouse and disco nerds!
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