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Deep House

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Living and breathing House that's James Flavourʼs modus operandi. Here he teams up with his long time buddy Sasse aka Freestyle Man and Michelle Owen for this banging house EP. "Whoʼs in th
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Living and breathing House that's James Flavourʼs modus operandi. Here he teams up with his long time buddy Sasse aka Freestyle Man and Michelle Owen for this banging house EP. "Whoʼs in the House" is a dirty piece of music. Throwing old school samples and deep keys in the mix. Keeping the pace at mid-tempo the groove just keeps going on and on, creating a perfect soundtrack for those special nights. Whoʼs in da fucking House?? “Graduated” is slowly evolving with a dubbed spaced out house feel and perfectly pitched down vocal samples, very powerful and driving! Followed by “Whatʼs in a name” , James made this track together with Michelle Owen out of Australia who lives in Berlin now.The theme stays the same, deep bass confiscating the groove and great chords making the track as comfortable at home as well as in a hazy club at 5 am. We top these great tracks with two mixes from Yosa who is making big waves with releases on Supplement Facts and our own Dirt Crew Recordings. His track Margaret from our 5th anniversary compilation got licensed for Ewan Pearsonʼs stunning new mix CD on Kompakt. He will also do a full Ep later this year on Dirt Crew. Remix team number two needs no further introduction. Luna City Express are Berliners that know how to rock a cool House track. With their last album on Moon Harbour, one of the most popular labels around, they showed us how a diverse House album should sound like. An absolutely blistering collection of future House!

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DJ Comments (68)

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

Excellent package.
tx a lot


nice vibe..love theeasiness of whats in a name & who's in the house takes me back..
good stuff!

Alland Byallo

Great EP! Luna City remix for me, but the whole slab is PRIME deepness. Will chart.

Eddy Richards

all tracks are playable Graduated is my pick

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

Hit! Original + Yosa Dub gefallen

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

Hit! Original + Yosa Dub gefallen

DJ Sneak

good underground vibes

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Excellent Release : Pure House Music !!!
All tracks & remix are good.
I thing it's real pleasure to play them.
Soon on my radio show, and in my bag for parties.

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Will make available for review.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

old school rocks!
airplay in altroverso.


Graduated ! My Fave by Flave !! Great EP !!

Maik Loewen

Great release but the Luna City Express mix is a bomb! Full support!

Laurent Garnier

love the original "who's in the house"
willplay a lot


FUNKYFRESH THING ! love the housey grooves. play !

Marco Resmann

I'll be in the house. Let's dance! :)


very nice chaps!..has just the right amount of ummmmph...:)


Luna City Express Remix & Who's in the House original are straight up my street !!

Magazine - Posivision

Sounds Tough!

Chris Carrier

Who's in the house original for me

the bass line is fat great track

Martin Landsky

nice release, i like all tracks my favourite is the luna city remix though...

Franck Roger

luna city version is rockin so far.. will play this one !

Boris Werner

Who's in the House plus rmx rockss!!

The Cheapers

i like the original from who´s in the house and the LCE rmx!

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

Ziemlich Ideelose Mukke!

Simon Beeston

Cool! Really like all tracks. Playing for sure. Esp Original and Luna City mix.

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

1 - Stampfer! Schönes Tool!

2 - Detroit! Ich mag die Strings!

3 - Nicht ganz meine Tasse Tee.

4 - Wieder schön toolig!

5 - Gefällt mir fast besser als das Original. Nicht ganz so rau. Dafür ein bißchen elegante Deepness.

Radio - Erik De Graaf (xt3.nl)

Nice kick in track 1!

Gruber & Nürnberg

My favourite is the Luna City Express Remix - awesome Remix!!! I also like the track What's in a name...Full Support!!! best Chris...


full support!

Magazine - DJ Broadcast

Quality as allways from Dirt Crew. Nice oldskool house feel. Will play tracks 1 and 2

Fabrice Lig

really like Luna City Express remix, original tracks are good too.


nice ep!

Secret Cinema

Who's in the house! yep!

Radio - Sensio (Renegade Soundwave,NYC)

You got me sold! Download.

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

this release is dope!


i love the original and the lce remix is also nice.

Davide Squillace

Full support on this guys!

Gregor Tresher

Wow, sounds G-R-E-A-T!!!!!! Original mix of who´s in the house my fav. Will play out everywhere! Good Luna City Express Mix too!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Whole ep is ok for me!! Very playable tracks! It'll be presented in the show. Support from DocePulgadas RadioShow.

Jens Bond

nice e.p.!!!thanks.....

Matthias Tanzmann

Luna City Express rocks it for me!

DJ Deep

What's in a name is the one for me!!!

Electric Indigo

i like what's in a name and the luna city express remix best.

Radio - 1Live - Klaus Fiehe

a bit boring to me...except Graduated, good synths, strong bassline.....play it.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

wonderful release throughout! enjoyed listening to these for sure - GRADUATED is my pick!!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow


Who's in the house rocks!

Patrick Bateman

no ttoo much into this one..

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

letzter Montag im März stelle ich vor

Jeff Samuel

like the classic vibe on "what's in a name"

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

Luna City Expressssss!! awesome summer vibe

Slam Mode

Straight up house joints! ...

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

A little bit too safe for my personal taste...


Full Support!!! All tracks and mixes are great!!

DJ: Terry

cool and sexy deep house

Brothers Vibe

Who's in the House works for me!!

Dave Ellesmere

loving whos in the house original ....on rotation !

Todd Bodine

"Who's in the House" is the one for me here! Great tune with a nice old-school attitude. I will play.

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

i'm in the house with original and luna city express rmx


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Marc Schneider

tip top!

DJ Phly

what a huge package! all of them bullseye!

Bloody Mary

who´s in the house original is for me, playlist !

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

love both remixes of who's in the house! great release

Rene Breitbarth

like the yosa dub

Margaret Dygas

nice grooves :) thank you


Who's in the house is very nice indeed!!!!


James Flavour at its best.. nice ep.
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