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Jens Zimmermann
International Freakshow

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 12-09-2008
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What we say

It’s about time to write some lines again, this time we’re announcing episode 6 of the international freakshow thEatre! We would be glad if you’ll join us welcoming Mr. Jens Zimmermann back onbo
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It’s about time to write some lines again, this time we’re announcing episode 6 of the international freakshow thEatre! We would be glad if you’ll join us welcoming Mr. Jens Zimmermann back onboard! With his experience & knowledge of producing electronic music for more than 20 years now we are very confident that - after his stunning debut on intl. FrEakshow last year (if-3, modmodblubblub / o.n.y.x.) - he surely will drive everybody insane & touch your innerself again with if-6 called “C30″. Jens’ unique sound could be defined as a bubbling, hypnotizing groove monster that fits together with labels like Cadenza or Perlon except for the pure roughness & intensity that make his trax kind of special. By being reduced-to-the-max on the production level his tunes have an almost spiritual character and they are developing an enormous power when they are emerging through the worlds most proper soundsystems. Ever been to Fabric when Ricardo, Richie or another member of the crew was dropping a Zimmermann-tune in there..??? … the people go absolutely nuts on the floor. So it was just a question of time to find Jens Zimmermann on the legendary Fabric Mix Compilation as well. Before playing Jens’ trax you should make sure your P.A. will be tough enough for these dubby pumping creatures pressed on the black plastic we all love…! Besides his debut on “if-3″, Jens Zimmermann’s name should be on the lists of all serious minimal techno lovers in the world as he has created a whole bunch of underground techno hits during the past 4 years & all of ‘em carrying his special kind of Zimmermann’ish trademark-sound if we think of his output on room rec., k2, treibstoff or snork - plus the various remixes he has been responsible for! So if you also love organic microphunk techtrax & you think you’ll be capable of handling these heavy pumpin sounds, you are definitively making no mistake with grabbing a copy of international frEakshow number 6!!!



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DJ Comments (5)

2000 and one (Intacto)

C30 is killer tune to break your set with. the bass drive without any hats and the noisey percusian makes it a tech-e tribal journey. nice job jens!!!

Italoboyz Get Physical - Mothership

nice release...a bit undefinable, a bit obscure, quality

Karotte (CocoonGreat Stuff)

WOW!!! a und c sind der absolute burner. full support letztes weekend von mir. geile nummern.”

Mike Monday (Playtime)

C30 is a monster! I can't wait to play this in a very dark room at high volume. In my top 10 chart.

Raveline (GER)

Über Jens Zimmermann braucht man ja bestimmt keine Worte mehr zu verlieren. Jeder der sich mit dieser Art von Musik auseinandersetzt, dem dürfte er ein Begriff sein. Producer seit über 20 Jahren und in diesem Genre einer der Durchstarter der letzten Zeit. Mit dieser 2x12“ ist er, nach der modmodblubblub EP im vergangenen Jahr, wieder auf International Freakshow zurück und beschert uns gleich vier seiner auf’s Maximum reduzierten Bassmonster, die ihre volle Wirkung wirklich erst bei voller Lautstärke entfalten. Keiner der vier Tracks sticht heraus, da sie sich alle auf gleich hohem Level bewegen. Diese Scheibe wird mit Sicherheit wieder in einigen Playlist zu finden sein.
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