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Deep House


Johan Kaseta / DJ Assam / Liem
Back Quality

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 16-11-2015
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What we say

We are back in the game, struggling to find some cool promo text words for this EP. The rough facts are that his been dropped in a lot of the big places to shrieks and puzzled looks, a lot of dancin
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We are back in the game, struggling to find some cool promo text words for this EP. The rough facts are that his been dropped in a lot of the big places to shrieks and puzzled looks, a lot of dancing and good time having. This is mostly due to the A2, Back Quality, a track forever beyond your grasp — if you are asking yourself what the hell is going on in this track, we can’t really help you. A bomb settling somewhere between early morning weirdness and deep / freaky warm up game changer. It’s complimented by a storming Times Are Ruff remix — drums, drumz, DRUMS! The Dutch guys turned the whole thing into a beautiful techno tool — #justdjthings . The A1, let’s not forget, is a Johan Kaseta aka Gravity Hannes aka DJ Tapee Tapey Tape flip of an older DJ Assam aka Nizza Overload aka DJ Alley Loop tune. A track just below the water, suddenly breaking out, splashing everywhere, just to dive back into the dark, all-encompassing sea. Last up, then, is Kord Dreyer, a triple wombo combo of Johan Kaseta, DJ Assam and Liem aka Lars Lavendel aka Fatso Frolunda, a straight forward groove affair — were it not for those unsettling, beautiful chords, the sudden change of mood during the break and the fact that it was coproduced by a bird on the windowsill. Lehult beby.



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DJ Comments (57)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

Rowdy Hope is cool.

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

cool ep

Manuel Fischer

really nice release, thanks for sending.

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

Excellent EP throughout !

Alland Byallo

love this! thought i'd jump on the TAR remix the most as I'm a big fan, but feelin' the Kaseta remix and Kord Dreyer cuts the most on this one. Dope approach to house music. thanks!

Radio - Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show

Kord Dreyer for me. Thanks.

Jp Chronic

Rowdy Hope & Back Quality original for me, love this, thanks


Dig back quality original and remix, also the kord dryer is a very nice and smooth addition to this package. Liking this. Thanks!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

nice sounds - especially like the deep atmospheres, intricately shifting rhythms and heavy kicks of Back Quality (Original Mix)

George P.

kord dreyer for me, thx really nice one

Riva Starr

Downloading for Riva Starr, will send feedback if it makes into our selection, thx!

Rich Pinder

not for me this time thank you

Angel Molina

not for me, but thanks.

Animal Trainer

Hopeless remix is my fav pick!

Acid Pauli


De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

considering for review

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist and support in altroverso

Werner Niedermeier

cool tunes!


will try

Carlos Valdes (Studio Soulrock)

Dope Release!

Junge Junge

Great E.P.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Super stuff here.
Will play & Full Support !

Shlomi Aber

thanks gays.

chris f

back quality


amazing pack, times are ruff remix is great

Claudio Coccoluto

good music indeed!

Alexander Filimonov/KissFM Ukraine

Interesting release. Thanks!

Someone Else

Kord Dreyer

Sinan Mercenk

Kord Dreyer

Noah Pred

Digging track 4, thanks.

Patrick Zigon

awesome ep!

Manou De Jean

great stuff

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen

sehr schönes Release...

Kleinschmager Audio

very nice! das richtige zum aufwärmen für die kommenden kalten tage, thx for download!

Slam Mode

Feelin' this...well done.

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Joris Voorn

Love back Quality!


Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!

Daniel Mehlhart

Monster Remix

Marquez Ill

Times Are Ruff Remix one step ahead of Johan Kaseta's Hopeless Remix. Dope EP overall. Merci!

Radio - Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes)

Not bad at all....

Hans Thalau

super release !! cool package. thanks you :)

Berk Offset

Just the "Times Are Ruff Remix" for me, but this one is huge!

Martin Landsky

nice, rowdy hope is my fav...

DJ Toby Deschamps

very nice

Sophie Nixdorf

Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks.

DJ Sneak

not for me

Brothers Vibe

ALL good!


Thank u very much for the music, I m downloading for seb, feedback will come very soon.

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)

very original music. great sound. soft and mellow but still dancefloor ready.

Summer (Brendon Collins)

Very good, thanks.

Tale Cooper

sweet ep...will play...thx

Antoine Baiser

Nice Release - Rowdy Hope is my fav but Kord Dreyer is also an super track. Thnx


cool vibes, thanks

Mickey Zhang


Sayan Sobuth

Liem Remix for me here - thanks for the music!


this is proper!!
thanks guys
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