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Tech House


Juli Holz feat. Daso
Stil Vor Talent Records

Maxi Single & EP
SVT 055
Out: 03-01-2011
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What we say

Finally, Juli Holz is back on Stil vor Talent. The whispery and enchanting voice of the blonde singer and producer can now be heard again on two new tracks on Stil vor Talent. While her topics are sti
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Finally, Juli Holz is back on Stil vor Talent. The whispery and enchanting voice of the blonde singer and producer can now be heard again on two new tracks on Stil vor Talent. While her topics are still clearly defined, circling around music, love and life in the big city, her music has become more house-orientated and is even mingling with straight pop music. On the title track of her EP "Winterabend", translating as "winter evening", the charismatically shy Juli Holz sings about the cold feeling after a break-up. The constant overlaying of her own vocals almost creates the feeling of an inner dialogue with herself making Juli a truly digital artist, who creates her music on the fly, changing, alternating the musical patterns on her laptop while singing on top of this great poppy groove that goes under your skin. However introvert her music might be, it's pop music how it should be. On the flip label manager Oliver Koletzki has the pleasure to create his own remix of "Winterabend". He keeps the speed of the original but transforms the track into a much more dancefloor-orientated piece of house music. Big organic beat loops, Juli's voice samples cut up and then his oh-so-typical array of grand pianos and funky guitars make this, once again, simply a crescendo of greatness! Juli has teamed up with her old friend and production partner Daso to create the daunting tech house drift that is "Königskinder". This one keeps pumping all through its almost ten minutes and is a very neatly orchestrated piece of music that throws in some of Juli's highly reverbed vocals that are then cleared up again as well as some drunk trumpets over the pumping tech-house loop. While it's rapidly getting cold outside, we are happy we now have some warm music to hold onto again!

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DJ Comments (66)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

Absolutely Love Oliver's Label... its nice to see such Nice music coming out... a very Tasteful vocal ass well...

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

David Keno

winterabend ist super.
ich mag beide versionen.

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

4 für "winterabend" original

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

Very curious pop project, will definitely play on the radio.

Sierra Sam

great ;)

Mano Le Tough

i like winterabend... nice pop schtuff...

Mr. Statik

A bit too poppy for my taste but I'll definitely give Oliver's rmx a go, should get the girls moving :)

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice one

Mr. G

nice but not for me.......sorry

Martin Eyerer

superb koletzki rmx!

Matthew Hoag

Label of the year 2010 for me, this release just confirm it.


Oliver version for me thanks

Crazy (Flex.at)

Very good production, nice vocals and a good remix

Anthony Collins


Matt Star

königskinder is ok, koletzki remix is also cool but i dont like the vocals on it

Simon Beeston

Diggin the Koletzki remix! Nice

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Very Nice House Release.
A hot Königskinder track and great remix for the other title by Oliver Koletzki.
I will play them for sure.


no my cup of tea...I will try Koletzki Remix...thanks

Patrick Bateman

not feeling this one..

Davide Squillace

downloading for davide ..thks !

Jim Rivers

lovely voice...both housey mixes are great

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

yeah nice one !! support !!!


Really like that bass on Oliver's remix and the original is a lovely track to listen to by the fire

Alex Tepper

Oliver Koletzki Remix is great. Thanks :)


Königskinder is for me, thx!


nice pop sounds!

Marcos In Dub

I like all tunes and her voice... yes!..
Ill play oliver´s mix.



Quality pop! Can use all mixes.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)


Radio - Byte.FM - Ruben Jonas Schnell


Severin Stickel -Kazantip

i like both, will play the koltzki rmx.

Luca Doobie

nice pop appeal! oliver's rmx is perfect for a sweaty party closing set ::))

DJ Sneak

not for me. thanks.

Paulo Olarte

nice groove on oliver koletzki remix ...

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Florian Meindl

nice release!

Brothers Vibe

Trax, vocals work well - nice vibe!


Great Music and a very nice voice! thx :D


great, oliver koletzki remix for me, thanx!

Jay Tripwire

Königskinder is really cool,i wish it had a better mix in and mix out, not the most exciting tract to dj and layer that is my only critique,it could build in and out more.
the song content and vibe is very nice and i will probably do a re edit of this to make it batter for layering.

Taras van de Voorde


Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

super release - feelin' KONIGSKINDER!

Ryan Crosson

lovely voice. Can't wait to try =)

Richie Hawtin

downloading for r hawtin

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)

Königskinder is a beautiful track ...
Support from P1 Reverse

Murat Kilic

Oli delivers as usual

2ManArmy (Dekadent Schallplatten)

winterabend - passend zur kalten jahreszeit ein solch wunderbares stück musik . vielen dank !

Steve Lawler

will download and pass on

Fra Nitsa (Primavera)

nice one

Mathias Mesteno

Not for me..but thnxxx

Oliver Klein

not for me thxx

Bloody Mary

love Daso


I like the Koletzi remix a lot, will try it out in my sets, thanks!


MASSIVE BOMB!!! VERY HUGE! i am in love with the vocals and the whole arrangement!!! PLAYPLAYPLAY

Angel Molina

Oliver Koletzki Remix sounds good

Dirty Doering

pop forever!!!! königskinder is my favorite

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen

schon süss, aber nix für in den Club, oder?

Paul Loraine

I love OK sound, he's got it spot on

Alland Byallo

I like this a lot! Juli has a lovely voice.


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich im neuen Jahr vor / echt gut

Slam Mode

Original " Konigskinder " ...is a killer !!!...


nice but nothing for me.

Milly De Mori

not so into this one

Patrick Zigon

feine feine ep!!
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