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Garage / UK Funky


That Mystic EP
Night Slugs / EPM

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 26-07-2010
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What we say

The latest EP on the Night Slugs label comes from shamanic US producer Kingdom, and is literally epic in span. Its title track "That Mystic" was built almost two years ago while some others
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The latest EP on the Night Slugs label comes from shamanic US producer Kingdom, and is literally epic in span. Its title track "That Mystic" was built almost two years ago while some others were finished as recently as a few weeks before the release date. The EP also contains his most advanced, engrossing material to date. Kingdom rose to public acclaim with his debut single "Mind Reader" (released on Fool's Gold in early 2010). A collaboration with big-voiced NYC diva Shyvonne, "Mind Reader" captured the raw energy, fwd thrust and sweet-vs-sour aesthetic of UK Bassline, and combined it with the trancey bigroom bang of Dutch Bubblin' music to form a true crossover smash. But even before "Mind Reader", Kingdom has been deeply involved in the Night Slugs fold, having had his European debut at their second ever club night. It was his mixtapes that first alerted Night Slugs' attention. Mixing up garage, crunk, US club, house and R&B, Kingdom was instantly on a wavelength. Uniquely, R&B (the production but especially the vocals) stood out as his most prominent influence. Back to the "That Mystic" EP. Kingdom delivers five tracks that reference many of the aforementioned genres, but also posses a completely individual, other-worldly gleam. It's the sound of digital chimes, operating system environments, skipping CDs, midi ringtones - the tracks are haunted by the digital realm. The EP moves from the Bubblin'/Club of the title track, to the percussive, broken banger "Bust Broke", through to the medieval halfstepper "Fogs", the all-out grimey "Pang" and is closed by the sublime refracted R&B of "Seven Chirp". The tracks are as abstract and challenging as they are honed and club-ready. Essential contemporary club music!

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DJ Comments (22)

Drop The Lime

ove the whole thing.. ‘That Mystic’ is a jumper though, will definitely drop that in my sets!


absolutely love it. From a dj angle i would play ‘Bust Broke’ the most but I’m gonna play ‘Fogs’ on the radio


Kingdom is back with a deeper, darker EP for those late night frightening sets! Heavy rotation.


I've been subconsciously searching for a song like 'Fogs' for a while


Really like the Kingdom release! I think he does R&B samples really well

Cosmin TRG

Seven Chirp’ is my favourite bit on the EP!


Pang’ is the best one for me


this is heavy, ‘That Mystic’ is the one for me


Good stuff! Kingdom manages tough and intricate all in one. Plus, there aren't enough acoustic guitar licks about these days and ‘Seven Chirp’ is a big step towards correcting the problem.

Dre Skull

the percussion alone is better than 99% of promos i get. Kingdom's raising the bar with this whole release. Brooklyn coming on strong!


expansive, spacious, 'mystical' and mysterious. I love it!


loving your label at the moment!

Magazine - Tom Lea/Fact Magazine UK

Love this. Packs all the mystical rave energy of Kingdom's past stuff but he's added so much to his game for this - so many great, subtle little touches. The breakdown in 'Bust Broke' is one of my favourite musical moments of the year.

AC Slater

love Kingdom's new direction! really solid EP.

R1 Ryders

nice, ‘Bust Broke’ is the one for me

Altered Natives

LIKE IT!! ‘Bust Broke’ & ‘Pang’

DJ Rizzla

thick, literally the sonic equivalent of a ruined fortress tucked into a bayou where there remains a strong magic presence... the best

Star Eyes

That Mystic’ is SOO Good. I opened with it on friday in SF and it is fire. ESSENTIAL.

Scratcha Dva

the EP is sounding big! I will be murdering ‘Pang’ mostly

Double dutch

So many good tunes - all seriously amazing. Highlights for me would have to be 'Seven Chirp' and 'Fogs'. Been playing 'That Mystic' for over a year but it still sounds fresh as ever. Sure the rest of the EP will stand the test of time as well.

DJ MA1 (Rinse FM)

Im feelin ‘Seven Chirp’. Will spin that on Saturday!


Fogs’ is definitely my favourite on this release
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