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Deep House

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What we say

The best Kisk’ productions and remixes out in Apparel Music. Giuseppe D'Alessandro - aka Kisk - explored a variety of genres, from trip hop to swing, passing through jungle, West London and Det
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The best Kisk’ productions and remixes out in Apparel Music. Giuseppe D'Alessandro - aka Kisk - explored a variety of genres, from trip hop to swing, passing through jungle, West London and Detroit, to deep house, while never abandoning jazz – the wildest and most impeccable of all - progressively building a digital project. Out of this came the concept of Jazzy, the ability to make jazz and electronic music communicate.  

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DJ Comments (55)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

a nice compilation. great artwork on the cover and killer remixes throughout.

Radio - AMDJS (St.Petersburg)

SCSI-9 remix is still one of my favourite tracks after all these years. LEGENDARY CUT!

Junge Junge

nice mix from LOPAZZ.. Support by JUNGE JUNGE

Luna City Express

cool package!! will try" thanks ;-)


Very nice varied album...thx!

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

All are winners - way too difficult to choose a favourite.

Great release yet again from the superb, Apparel Music

Claudio Coccoluto

a Great , Big wonderful Job! FULL SUPPORT

Paul Hazendonk

Great collection of songs!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

GREAT Package : thx for that.
Superb stuff by all the artists.
Will play & ALL MY SUPPORT !!!

Tale Cooper

great work out here...thx for the big package !!

Radio - Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show

Lovely on a first listen. Thanks.

Crazy (Flex.at)

lots of interesting tracks

Angel Molina

not what I play, although 'Withoutyou' and 'What Da Ya Think 'Bout' sound really nice.
But I have to say that 'Eat Your Groove' is really funny, it reflects perfectly these stupid situations by a stupid girl that every dj have suffered many, many times... It made me smile, and that´s good.

Alexander Filimonov/KissFM Ukraine

Thanks, will support



Rich Pinder

thanks guys


great compilation, jazzy tourism scsi-9 remix is my fav, thanx!

chris f

great album

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Riva Starr

Downloading for Riva Starr, will send feedback if it makes into our selection, thx!


great compilation featuring awesome tracks. already pushed for ages but still in the box. no way to choose a fave here. great stuff. thx.


what a fine package, will airplay

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

a dynamic and diverse release - highlights include Friends, Musing (Kisk remix) and Withyou

Jp Chronic

Great album, will be playing these this summer, thanks

Animal Trainer

great VA-Release with energetic & danceable tracks here...

Animal Trainer

Brian Busto

Andrea Natale & Selvaggio Need... tracks for me. Thank you

Radio - pure fm (Steve Raschke)

full support on pure fm

best steve

Radio - Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM - Sweden]

Great sounds here guys

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

some cool tracks

DJ Toby Deschamps

very nice music. will play

Daniel Mehlhart

Thumbs up

Brothers Vibe

Great release!!! Remixes...ALL good!!

Sophie Nixdorf

Downloaded for Sophie Nixdorf, thanks.


Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist in altroverso


Thank u very much for the music, I m downloading for seb, feedback will come very soon.


thanks for the music!

John Stuart

mmmmmhmmmmm!!! Oh man, this is JUST what I needed to hear. Vibing it! Which track is my fave? ALL.


downloaded for magda, thank for the music!


So much incredible music, seriously!! Tough to pick a winner, but that Kisk & Fog track is still doing it for me! Great album guys.

Werner Niedermeier

This album is full of treasures. Great stuff!


lots of cool tracks here - thanks!

Stacey Pullen

cool will try thanks

Paco Buggin


Magazine - Posivision


Juan Atkins

could work in a set

Patrick Zigon

great collection, always like the sound of kisk!

Marquez Ill

Phus1ony Remix, Withoutyou, DIY2 Remix, What Da Ya Think 'Bout and Move the Body (feat. Kisk) are my favs. Dopest selection! Thank you!

Booka Shade


Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

sehr gut
stelle ich vor

Milly De Mori

funk on, say it again, Made, DIY2!

DJ Aroma

I like kisk , great piece and a long time favourite with an elegant, deep groove

DJ Sneak

all kinds of goods in here.

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

considering for review

Slam Mode

I'm feelin' this...well done.
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