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Deep House


Mark E
Slave 1
Running Back

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 05-05-2008
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What we say

Mark E’s story starts with his parents giving him a reel-to-reel for Christmas, as he was eight years old. Working with his beloved razor blade (which he had to steal from his father’s shaver) and
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Mark E’s story starts with his parents giving him a reel-to-reel for Christmas, as he was eight years old. Working with his beloved razor blade (which he had to steal from his father’s shaver) and a bit of glue, little Mark immediately started to edit all the tunes, his older brother religiously collected on recordings from legendary WBLS, New York…After turning the edit front and a certain member of a well-known R&B family upside down, the Birmingham chap now returns to Running Back for another EP of original productions. And what a return it is! Staying in his lovely kind of irresistible grooves between low slung bass and rattling snares, Mark delivers three tracks of pure dance floor bliss. First off, we have “Slave 1″ with its burning slow motion build up and a hook-line that will not leave your head for at least a week. The flip of the medal, sees “Pulse Friction” giving off a warm synthesizer shower for what seems like an hour. Finally, the incredibly bouncy “Human” tightens the thumbscrew and should even make the ruffy and tuffy minded happy. Our dear friends Dixon from shocking Innervisions and Gilb’r from rocking Versatile are already in love with it, so please do not even try to resist. E is for ecstasy!

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DJ Comments (10)

Alex From Tokyo (Innervisions)

“The 3 Mark E tracks are so funkin' phunky and good! I am stocked. I am already playing them. Big up! ”

C Rock (Stir 15)

“B1 in my set! Very nice release. A-side is great, too! Bussie bussie an den Gerd! C++”

Debug (GER)

“Mark E ist erwiesenermaßen jemand, der den Wust der Einflüsse und Klänge in seinem Kopf zu eigenständiger und überraschender Musik ordnen kann und damit ist er bei Running Back genau richtig. Auf seiner zweiten EP für das Label holt er konsequent weit aus. Er interpretiert beim Titeltrack „Lost Again“ von Yello als reduzierten, hypnotisch stampfenden Darkroomsubwoofertest und „Pulse Friction“ ist ein einziger Arpeggio-Strudel mit dunklen Weiten, der sich komplett kitschfrei mit DJ Pierre und Cajmere zum Soundaustausch verabredet hat. „Slave 1“ ist ein Midtempo-Knäuel mit zahlreichen Schlaufen aus Dub, Boogie und Deep House, das zuerst einem Zustand gepflegter Breite entgegen zu schliddern scheint, dann doch in ein fiebriges Crescendo umschwingt, um schlussendlich in seine Einzelteile zu verfusseln. Große Klasse, das alles. finn ”

Dixon (Innervisions)

“Top Ten No 8!”

DJ Gio MC-505

“The pickup of my turntable love the tracks on b side: "Pulse Friction" for the hypnotism and "Human" for the 80s reminds of groove. Good!”

Groove Mag (GER)

“Cdb Wenn Mark E nicht gerade mit Edits von beispielsweise übersehenen Janet-Jackson-Stücken Begehrlichkeiten bei den Disco-Bärten weckt oder diese mit einem weiteren überragenden Mixset beglückt, zaubert er entkernte und gleichsam verträumte House-Stücke für Running Back. „Slave 1“ bietet drei zeitlose Nahtstellen zwischen Cosmic Disco und Deep House, wobei insbesondere der Titeltrack für basslastige und erlösende Momente auf dem Dancefloor sorgen dürfte. Top Maxi”

Laurent Garnier (F-Com)

“very slow n very nice a special record for special moments. ”

Resident Advisor NET

“Coming off the massive edit of Janet Jackson’s ‘R&B Junkie', Birmingham producer Mark E returns to original productions on this, his second 12-inch for Gerd Janson's Running Back label. Sort of. Listening to these tracks, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they too were re-edits. E's production style is sample-heavy and focuses on the hypnotic qualities therein. 'Slave 1', for instance, relies on a quickly repeating vocal sample to undergird the proceedings, while a plodding bassline allows room for a voice to repeat the phrase 'It was worth your while'. It's only apparent after five of its eight minutes that what she's saying true because, by that time, you've given up wondering if there will be radical changes to the track and simply settled into the undeniable groove. The same can't be said for 'Pulse Friction'. Like a '70s Jean Michel Jarre cast-off, the pulsating synth line is beautiful to listen to, but its dancefloor potential is virtually nil. I'll listen to 'Pulse Friction' at home plenty of times, I'm sure, but it’s 'Human' that I hope to hear out soon. It picks up the pace somewhat, but follows much the same pattern as ‘Slave 1’. It sounds perhaps even more like an edit, switching off as it does between two different themes throughout the piece. Over time, though, the two begin to merge. One takes a vocal stab from the other – the other takes a kick drum right back. It's a subtle trick, but a remarkably effective one that helps raise this above the murk of most nu-disco. Overall, another excellent 12-inch from Running Back.”

Reynold (Trenton)

“Great release... A1 is totally dope!!!! Will play...”

Sebo K (Mobilee)

“great release. full support!”
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