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Mark Henning
Sick Note EP
Cynosure Recordings

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 17-12-2007
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What we say

London’s Mark Henning has risen up as one of the international underground’s true players. Recording for a volley of acclaimed European labels by night and slaving at a corporate database job by d
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London’s Mark Henning has risen up as one of the international underground’s true players. Recording for a volley of acclaimed European labels by night and slaving at a corporate database job by day. But recently freed from his position as one of London’s finest corporate whores, Mark Henning makes a bold move and takes off the 9 to 5 shackles to join the legions of starving artists world wide. Leaving the Corporate world behind with the Sick note ep. Sick note is a clear example of what Mr.Henning has done to make his reputation what it is. Delivering razor sharp drum programming, twisted effects, slick chord bass progressions and interwoven rolling basslines . A timeless deep techno original. On the flip Mark shows you the darker side of house with Vriggle. Dropping a dark FM style bassline engulfed in a world of digital effects and processing. Backed with a powerhouse groove and a synth stab reminiscent of of the early Detroit sound. Full of Marks signature breaks and clever moves this track has just the right amount of give and take. Most definitely Mark’s “Sickest” EP to date and certainly a welcome edition to the Cynosure catalog.

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DJ Comments (11)

Akufen(Musique Risquee)

Mark Henning is no ordinary producer. He's one those making a difference out there. His wise blend of deep groove and brilliant programming always hits the right spot and his new Sicknote ep on Cynosure isn't failing one second in its attempt to make the paralytics dance. Another miracle!! Alleluia.

arnaud le texier (safari)

I like your ep on Cynosure, it's really groovy baby with 'Mark's' touch !!! My favorite is sick note.

barem (minus, foundsound)

Another amazing piece of work by Mark here. The groove is so perfect as usual that it's almost impossible not to play these tracks either early in the night or at the afterhours.. After playing a track like 'vriggle' you can go in any direction you want... the crowd is already hynotized!

ben parris (foundsound)

these new tracks are both a bit deeper and, to my ears, more unique than much of mark's past material - he seems to have stepped it up with this new EP! "sick note" is a slinky, easy groover with wicked sound design, and "vriggle" is a perfect early morning brain-wringer (which of course means i'll be playing it tons :)

De:Bug (GER)

Mark Henning - Sick Note Ep(Cynosure Recordings / 026) Auch für Henning ist diese Platte hier unerwartet deep und funky. Detailreichtum war ja schon immer seiner Stärke in all dem Minimalismus, aber hier klingt alles so präzise und die Details stechen so heraus, die Vocalschnippsel sind so perfekt integriert und der Groove bleibt bei aller Unheimlichkeit so warm, dass man wirklich begeistert mitswingt und nicht selten jazzige Nuancen hört, selbst wenn keine da sind und die Tracks - bei aller Reduktion - einfach nur als Hits hören kann. Brilliante Popmusik für Minimalheadz. http://www.techno.ca/cynosure bleed •••••

Ernesto Ferreyra (Musique Risqee)

This is a very versatile ep whit to tracks that can be played in many different moments of a night or a day or the day after the day here vriggle is my favorite one whit the perfect amount of swing, hypnotism and a bass line that keeps your body moving and wondering where's the bar for another round.... already playing this track in every given occasion very nice ep....

glimpse (kompakt)

Awesome tracks as usual from Mark. Really groovy with his trademard imaculate production. A very consistant producer.. Love it !!!!

Mathias Kaden (Vakant)

I played both sides a lot!!great work again from mark for me is cynosure one of the best labels 2007 note 1!

Nacho Marco (loud east, freera

Good production, really good sound. I like "Vriggle". Will play it.

Philip Sherburne (XLR8R)

I already wrote Mike to tell him, this is a fantastic record: tight, percussive, sexy, just enough hints of melody to make it stand out but not enough to weigh it down. feeling it!!

Tassilo (Panpot,Mobilee)

what a sick record. we always love marks stuff and this one is smashing again. great tracks!
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