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False Industries 10th is from a dear friend and a unique musician: Matt Baldwin from San Francisco, its an EP that fuses psychedelic music with classic cosmickraut sounds that brings to mind guitarist
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False Industries 10th is from a dear friend and a unique musician: Matt Baldwin from San Francisco, its an EP that fuses psychedelic music with classic cosmickraut sounds that brings to mind guitarist like: Manuel Gottsching (Ashra) and Michael Rother (Neu!Harmonia). I got to meet Matt when he was playing a show with my band in Tel Aviv. We became friends, after some discussions, we both decided to re issue, "Imaginary Psychology". It was released before on Matt's CDR label in limited edition, and did not get proper mastering. Matt Baldwin's early releases were more in the vein of "American Primitive" folk, playing mainly on acoustic guitar. His first album, "Paths of Ignition", was released on American Dust, and was critically acclaimed. Although a labeled as folk album, one could hear, that Matt's is not one dimensional artist, and that Matt seeks a path which is non conventional (starting an album with an acoustic version of a NEU! Tune for example). His 2nd album "Nights in the triangle", which was also released on American Dust label, showed that Baldwin's music is evolving his compositions and sound deeply into another domain. This album is electric and the subtle past affiliations with electronic music and Kraut rock are now bluntly in the center of his creation. Original release consists of 3 tunes; Where Matt is playing on electric guitar and wide array of effects. Although he is fascinated with 70s German guitarist, Matt Baldwin keeps his own unique voice, and we here at False Industries, love his sonic and musical palette. Opening tune "Lindsay and her duplicates" is a 15 minutes psychedelic trip of looped guitar. Deeply into space, from the starting with lovely overdubs, that sounds like a rough version of a NEU! Tune. Matts starts to add lovely synth lines and spaced out melodies, one can't believe, this whole composition, was recorded in one time. "Imaginary Psychology" starts in a very gentle way. Its a bit of a folk tune with lovely loops and overdubs, but Slowly Matt is adding his trademark whooshes and killer synth sounds, making this tune very psychedelic, very cosmic yet very fresh. "Borkian dervish_thomas de hartmann & gi gurdjieff", is short and calm guitar affair. Where Baldwin shows a lot of heart of good sense for melodies. To add more value we wanted to add remixes to this release, it was very obvious to choose Yair Yona and Maps and Diagrams. In a sense both artists have strong connection musically with Matts music. Yair Yona made a name for himself with two releases on the label "Strange Attractions". Like Matt Yair was always trying to evolve his music and compositions. Both started with basic framework of Folk music, but engineered it to fit their own personal ambition. Maps and Diagrams, was the second artist I choose since for me Tim's and Matt's works are similar, since both are using different tools and frameworks. But both are making music, which have the same feel. Both create music that borrows references from the same past, yet their music is very fresh and very personal and very much located in our time. Saying its got a sort of nostalgic sentiment, yet its not nostalgic per say. Yair Yona is an Israeli musician; he plays bass in our band Farthest South, he is also a guitar player with releases on strange attractions. Both his albums were super welcomed in our home stereo. He took "Borkian dervish_thomas de hartmann & gi gurdjieff", and added to the original backing guitars and mellow padseffects to make his remix feel like a daydream in a park. Maps and Diagrams is one of our regulars here at False Industries, he takes "Borkian dervish_thomas de hartmann & gi gurdjieff" and turn it into a freakish texture affair.



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DJ Comments (58)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

No this is really great material... supreme Musicianship and a strong understanding of the way to construct music.,......... Def. for mature audiences.....

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Angel Molina

too much psychedelic for me, but nice as well.
Maps & Diagrams remix my pick on here.


wonderfull moods! really like this.


Great stuff. Imaginary Psychology takes me on a nice journey


very nice release! thanks

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

Just great! 5 Stars.

Andy Bach

great psychedelic one, like.


beautiful !

Robbie Akbal

very nice record for chill in...nice direction

Jonny Cruz

Lindsay and Her Duplicates

nice lil tool for the mind fuck hours :)

Claudio Coccoluto


Marko Nastic


Vincent Lemieux

Wow. Great surprise. Love this record a lot. Cool from the begining till the ned. thanks for the promo.

Luca Doobie

lindsay.. and maps+diagrams remix are my fave, both great moods, thanks! ;) L

Magazine - Posivision

sense of peace!!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Sorry, not for me..!!

Alex Celler

excellent stuff!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

Lindsay and Her Duplicates for me

Jeremy P.Caulfield

Hi . Thank you very much for your music ! It is now being downloaded .  I will listen to it and hopefully play it and / or chart it. If you need feedback directly and immediately you can reach me at. promo1@jpcaulfield.com . I will be more than happy to quickly offer feedback and support ! 


Jeremy Caulfield 




Nice chillin vibes here!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

kann ich nichts damit anfangen

Berk Offset

the way fx have to be used, nice!

Matthias Leisegang

not me sounds

Radio - Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes)


John Tejada

very nice. thanks!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

considering for review

DJ Dub

kraut kraut!! :)

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

very interesting, will probably play it forr intro sets

Radio - Radio Fritz (Bruno Dietel)

downloading for Radio Fritz/BLN.FM

DJ Sneak

not for me

Alland Byallo

Another beautiful release. Bigups to the Bay!

Ronald Christoph

The outstanding "Lindsay and Her Duplicates" and "Yair Yona Remix" are in good companion with three very nice songs...

Jesse Rose

nice one!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist in altroverso radio


again quality music here., great tone :)

Matthew Dekay

Love Maps and Diagrams Remix!!! amazing ....

Phil Kieran

this sounds fucking amazing !!

Radio - Ibiza Global Radio (Jose)

sorry, not my style


downloading for a proper listening, thanks!

Rob Slac

chill music

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Not for me.

Anton Zap



maps and diagrams remix for me, thanx!


Thanks for the music, downloading for Luciano

Radio - theclubbing.com (BEL) - Laurent Hulstaert

not for me, sorry

Mike Spirit (DJ, Kanzatip Festival, Moscow)

love it! good chill vibes

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

like the textures and moody atmosphere of the Maps And Diagrams remix!


super super nice !

Patrick Zigon

great atmospheres!

Valentino Kanzyani

Very interesting release.. Will enjoy it for sure..
My fav is Borkian Dervish, Thomas de Hartmann & Gi Gurdjieff
Maps and Diagrams Remix
Thanks for sending..

Clint Stewart

Fuckin great stuff!

Slam Mode


DJ Aroma

thank you for great music

Electric Indigo

love the maps and diagrams remix. i'm a bit irritated by the overall guitar sound, though. it sounds very compressed for my taste.

Justin Field

Lovely we need more !

Mikael Stavöstrand

nice tunes :)
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