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Tech House

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Hamburg's beloved Liebe*Detail label has ushered some of today's most sought after names into the spotlights of the worlds best dancefloors... One such artist who is currently rising up the ranks is y
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Hamburg's beloved Liebe*Detail label has ushered some of today's most sought after names into the spotlights of the worlds best dancefloors... One such artist who is currently rising up the ranks is young Matthias Meyer. A strong member of the Liebe*Detail family and a regular on the German underground scene, his first two releases with the label explored extravagant and dramatic realms to great success. Now, following his recent hit 'Tout Va Bien,' highly praised across the board for its warming, building sentiments, Matthias joins forces in the studio with compadre Patlac, another promising new producer also from his home town of Lüneburg. Free flowing and full of endless atmosphere, 'Skipper' begins with warmth and rolling atmosphere, tracking over itself with texture and colour. A complex undergrowth of static hisses and rich organic percussion build towards long and teasing breaks in the bass energy. The pair's use of deep house stabs and long, drifting ethnic string phrases lifts the track high into the rafters, creating the perfect late night trip into another place... Fluid and full of dynamics, musicality and love, 'Skipper' is already proving its worth. Mannheim's Cecille Record's boss Nick Curly has passionately raised the bar for the label's deep-house-come-minimal sound, and now proves his remixing skills here with solid functionality. Chunky, room filling drums roll over and over whilst the key stabs from Salt City are satisfyingly thrown to the floor. Its a another pushing percussive workout that concentrates on the beats and leaves the Dj plenty of room to inject their own style into the sound. Taking things down a less intense, but by no mean less addictive route, the pair have have created a tight percussive workout that takes its inspiration from deep house but develops its sound palette from fresher, more techy climes. Phasing chord stabs rise amongst looping latin inspired drums and insistent bass surges. Its a functional, energetic tool-track that complements the epic nature of the A-Side.

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DJ Comments (21)


Do Liebe Detail know how to put out a bad record. Yet another great release. Digging all three tunes.

Boris Werner

i like skipper, very good vibe!


there is always one track at least on a liebe & detail-release, that is reason enough to put it in my case. this time its the nick curly rmx.

DJ Deep

Got that! Like B1 and B2 will play good club tracks


what a release ! all the mixes are great. ”

Funk D'Void

Matthias has done it again, SKIPPER is a club masterpiece.....10/10

Giles Smith

Definitely my favourite Liebe Detail release for a while. "Skipper" is a tracky, rolling groove with some nice touches, especially the high melody line that tugs the heart strings....Nick Curly's remix of "Salt City" is cool too with its straight Housey vibe.


Skipper is outstanding and the Nick Curly Remix, too! Full support!

James Flavour

nick curly mix is a burner!

Jamie Jones

I like the b side here also the a side, good stuff. Will be playing


hit. a seiten track ist großartig. aber auch der b-seiten track mit dem klasse nick curly rmx bekommt volle punktzahl von mir. ganz groß für mich. danke.

Laurent Garnier

superb A side this will work very well

Marco Resmann

wicked ep! will play all mixes!

Martin Landsky

der nick curly mix ist super, das original von salt city auch...

Milton Jackson

Great EP, can't wait to play this weekend. Will be charting

Miss Jools

What a treat!..There simply is no stopping Liebe Detail Spezial's consistency.. Another absolute gem here..Pure, unadulterated, deep housed up percussive grooves...Simply a musically journey for the ears! ..Love all mixes and will support! great stuff..

Patrick Bateman

Fuck me this is good! Matthias Meyer for the win! All 3 tracks are blowing, full support and chartings from me on this beauty!!

Sebo K

nick's mix is killer! october charts no. 5


all mixes!! thx s

Spencer Parker

October Charts No.1

Tiger Stripes

Skipper and the Curly remix of Salt City is excellent!!!
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