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Mirko Loko
Seventynine Remixes
Cadenza Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 23-02-2010
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What we say

Just in time to warm the winter months up north (and soundtrack some seriously dreamy summer nights down south) comes a very special remix package for Mirko Loko's album Seventynine, featuring three c
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Just in time to warm the winter months up north (and soundtrack some seriously dreamy summer nights down south) comes a very special remix package for Mirko Loko's album Seventynine, featuring three certified legends of house and techno: Carl Craig, Ricardo Villalobos and Cadenza's own master of ceremonies, Luciano. And when we say "very special," we mean it: these are big tunes with a deceptively subtle touch, and their sleight-of-hand moves are going to turn all types of dance floors upside down. On the A-side, Planet E's Carl Craig tackles "Love Harmonic" and turns in what might just be his most expansive remix since Junior Boys' "Like a Child." Stretching to nearly 12 minutes and following a long, gradual buildup of rolling congas, you might not immediately realize quite how mammoth this tune is. It's only once you're in the thick of things, with those trademark C2 sawtooth drones slicing through a glistening haze of strings, that you feel its full impact: this isn't just a journey, it's a trip around the world in a hot-air balloon. On the B-side, Ricardo Villalobos takes us to a place only he knows how to reach with "Takhtok 'Hilery's Chant' remix (edit)," placing the chanting children's choir of the original at center stage, and framing them with a velvety curtain of fuzzy synthesizers and shirred, crumpled beats. The groove assembles itself around whispering shakers and a crisp handclap, with tiny percussive scraps left floating in the air; everything feels at once close up and faraway. Time doesn't so much stop as congeal into a swirling, bubbling gel; the liquid pulse is inside you and all around you. This is Ricardo at his amniotic best.

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DJ Comments (14)

DJ Koze

“I like!"


“best mix from mr craig since a while...really trippy and the ricardo mix is great too!”

Carl Craig

“Some crazy monster highjinx”

DJ Hell

“Great !!!”

Anja Schneider

“Fantastic remixes ! love them all- Thxxxxx ”


“Great package , difficult to choose one. full support ”

Marco Carola

“really good EP !”

Mathias Kaden

“Great!!!! all 3 remixes are a kind of lessons in sounddesign....strong remix ep!!! ”

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

“Carl Craig's remix is stunning, also big support on Ricardo's remix ”

Radio Slave

“What a package...Stunning remixes from Carl, Luciano and Ricardo... Will be playing them all this weekend... love from Hawaii ! ”

Sascha Dive

“villalobos remix is the best!”

The Martinez Brothers

“Love Harmonic will definetly play!!”

Will Saul

“The Villalobos remix is breathtaking....Carl Craig's mix is equally sublime. Full support on this EP from me.”

Todd Burns

"...Craig is up first, and his take is typically epic, finding every bit of drama he can muster from the original and stretching to the breaking point. It's perhaps more understated than some of Craig's more bombastic reversionings due to the mix, which puts tribal percussion front and center. But the swirling synths that circle endlessly throughout its length are clearly there to pluck the heartstrings one by one. Villalobos, on the other hand, goes epic in a different way, finding pleasure—as he often does—in the suspension of time. If you're not a fan of the Berlin-based DJ/producer, this remix will likely have plenty of ammunition for your hatred: Chanting children, heavenly choir in the background, plenty of modular synth wonkiness..." Words/ Sam Louis
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