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Deep House


The Story About You

Album CD
Out: 31-10-2011
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What we say

Only once in a while you would enter the real magic of House Music. How rare are those club nights, festivals, releases or tracks you get totally mesmerised, you feel like something changed. You want
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Only once in a while you would enter the real magic of House Music. How rare are those club nights, festivals, releases or tracks you get totally mesmerised, you feel like something changed. You want to take home that one party, the sound or a special moment to keep it forever. With Moomin’s “The Story About You” we discover exactly this kind of experience. It is an album of uniqueness and transcendence, like a meteorite touching the ground of your own private garden. Sebastian Genz aka Moomin never intended to reinvent House Music as his productions come from the heart and are related to the lovely people’s dancefloor. That’s what gorgeous parties and releases of the White Label around Oskar Offermann and the Smallville imprint taught him: Real House Music is only possible within a soulful surrounding. Motivated and heartful so-called promoters but more friends and labelmates meet a sweet and open crowd to create their own little universe. With that inspiration Moo  min is able to built an enchanting sound and wonderful tracks, stories for lovely people, “The Story About You". What we love about instrumental House Music is that reduction of groove and loop to the essential. A hypnotic theme that could last forever, giving a night its colour and deepness. The secret is not only his skills on quite an enormeous selection of vintage analogue machines, wether it is the holy Roland instruments Tr 606, 808, 909, the Roland Alpha Juno, an SP 1200 or a Korg Poly 61. The addiction of the musician for producing itself keeps Sebastian Genz playing the machines every day and night. After Moomin’s releases on Berlin based labels White and Aim, it was just a tiny step to have a first 12inch on Smallville (cat.no. 26), as the friendship and exchange between those imprints has quite a history. The Smallpeople aka Just von Ahlefeld and Julius Steinhoff and labelmate Lawrence immediately fell in love with those tracks. The idea of an debut album was  born- touching, moving and deep l  



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DJ Comments (131)

Anthony Collins

brillant album !!

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

Super hot house affair!!!!!!!

Alland Byallo

One of my favorite new artists. Really nice album full of deep gems here. Proper!

Dario Zenker

lovely album.
love the samples.group home forever.

Till Von Sein

the story about you...majestic sample! oh snap! and dope sample selection all the way..thx for sending ..


such a big fan of Moomin! i'm traveling at the moment but going to grab this, check it out properly and will feedback asap.


download for dop

Jesse Rose

downloading for jesse rose

Franco Cinelli

Really Cool Album!, my pref track is Untitled :), thanks!

Benna Schneider

great album, will listen on my next journey!

Franklin De Costa

oh surprise promo. and a good one. love the hypnotic "you" and the overall mood of the lp. guess it will stay a while in my case.

Axel Bartsch

sounds very promising so far, rainy ny night pictures come to my head, taxi driver. me like!

Hot Chip

fantastic tracks, wonderful atmospheric production and deep deep house vibes. one of my favourite producers and labels, very cool release!

Matthias Meyer

wow. one of the best smallvile records for me! dont have a favourite yet, all good. will play it tomorrow


Sooo Sooo Good!


really nice organic sounding house with a tinge of jazzy elegance, and a retro sort of feeling to it really really nice :)

Florian Meindl

nice listening album

Chris Lattner

great album...i like all tracks...thx

Someone Else

i wanna & you are nice

Robbie Akbal

Magic album.. great in all the ways... Doobiest has great warm vibe...birds all around.. will listen and playa lot his album!

Mistress Barbara

wont work in my sets

Radio - Byte.FM (Jumoke Olusanmi, Silent Fireworks)

Thank you!

Mueller & Mitch

yes, that must be good! will listen now


Very cute little album!


Really hard to comment a album with promo player but i really love the homogenic sound and the global ambiance, it makes me more curious about it! So, yeah, another ace "high level"deepness on smallville. Congrats Moomin.

The Mountain People

perfect for longer autumn evenings


one of the best albums i've heard this year + the art work is super nice :) , thanks !

Radio - Nighflight Fritz/RBB - Nadine Kreuzahler

beautiful, smooth, deep. I like!


love this. 97 seems to be making its way into a lot of song titles these days. good job moomin!

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Sorry not for me.

Livio & Roby

Nice Deep Sounds, Support!


This is really soothing for the soul

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

a highly enjoyable listen - really like the overall delicate and warm feel to the release - the mid paced grooves of You is my favorite here...


was für ein tolles album!

Audision - Tobias Schmid

deeeeeeep yes! nice one...I love "the story about you" and "untiteld" best at the moment...thanks!


all day


love this - more please!

Joao Girao (Bloop Records)

Moomin + Smallville = Beautiful !! Will play and chart! Thanks!

Adam Port

Woohhaaa!!!!!!! Love it! 5 of 5 for this album!!!! THX. a

Blog - teshno.com (Kristan)

house music never sounded so... alive. nice vibes indeed

Ernesto Ferreyra

love every single track of the album, incredible vibes.

will chart and play


Mr. Statik

This is a trully great piece of work, on a classy as always label, will sink deep into it!

Ruede Hagelstein

beautyful music..thanks


Great ! Thx !

Christopher Çolak (Halfstereo, Istanbul)

wow something big, a fantastic debut. I am fully supporting and gonna feature! Any more help_?

Radio - pulseradio.net // Australia

Interesting. Will download to check out and push for coverage on Pulse

Sebo K

nice one ! full support.

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make this available to LWE staff for potential review.

Franck Roger

sorry not into it this time

Simon Beeston

Nice deepness and a few bits for the club. I'm into it!

Sergey a.m. (Propaganda Moscow)

super album!

Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece)

Absolutely amazing ep. Deep house music with feeling. Quality sound.

Guy J

Great trax , loving most "You" and "Doobiest" thnx , best of luck

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

Love it...


very nice, thanks !

Claude VonStroke

DL for VonStroke

Mutlu (Bar25)

What a lovely album.

Gruber & Nürnberg

Awesome deep house Album with such a warm and soulfully feeling!!! Love this album and will play and listen it very often! One of the best albums, I heard last time! thanks... full support... best Chris

Marko Nastic

Really Cool, Neither One is the one but also the rest is fantastic! support


downloaded for Italoboyz. thx (-;

Paulo Olarte

nice tracks...

Ellen Allien

souds nice..have to listen again...

Reade Truth

deep and beautiful tracks, i love it

Todd Bodine

BIG ALBUM!!!! I really love each track. Very nice work.

Arnaud Le Texier

Really, really good album! Love it & will play it + chart ;-)) Thanks

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice album
tx a lot

Todd Burns

Thanks! We will let you know if an RA writer pitches a review.

Catz 'n Dogz

beautifull album !! I love it already !! thank you /greg

Mandy Jordan

I´m glad about this great album....super nice music. Thank you very much! :)


i've really enjoyed all Moomin releases but he's saved the best for his LP - fantastic.. thanks a lot

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

Nice album

Magazine - FAZE (Rafael Da Cruz)

Fantastic deep vibe! What a soul....

Matt Star

wow what a nice album, all tracks are more or less great, thx for sending

John Tejada

sounds like a very nice deep variety of styles. story about you and raw like 97 are my favs so far. nice!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Great & beautiful album.
Great Stuff by Moomin.
Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!


Lovely Album!!!Double like:)))Thanks a lot!

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist and support in altroverso radio

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

playlist and support in altroverso radio

MS Elbe

wow, what a beautiful album....


Nice work,
I like tracks here like Neither one and I wanna
really like how the sound and the atmosphere!
thanks for that


some really good music in here


beautiful album!!!

Jan Krueger

Really love the whole album. From the beginning to the end! Very well done Mo!!!!

Rene Breitbarth

good music

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

cannot wait to check this out... the last single was brilliant. downloading to listen in depth.


sounds great but will need a good listening session first :)

Steve Lawler


Maik Loewen

great album by moomin! i'm totally into his sound! masterpiece!!! THANKS :)

Marco Resmann

I really like this. Pretty nice dreamy and dubby stuff. Cheers!

Alex Flitsch

amazing album. excelllent livingroom house music!

Jay Bliss

Loving every bit of this album! Thank you!


really deep piece of music! can't decide which track is my fave! all of them are really my cup of tea!! :) full support!

Radio - Muelgrimradio (Markus Scholz)

Right away from the start a classy release. Fits perfect into our daily Radio Rotation at Muelgrime Radio.

Daniel Steinberg

super album!

Richie Hawtin

Download for Richie Hawtin

Mikael Stavöstrand

this is great :)

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

beautiful album!

Patrick Zigon

awesome album - love it!!!

Davide Squillace

dl for Davide.. thks !


Schönes Album...spiel ich!



Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

bomb ! superb album! full support ! Moomin is really hoot !


lovely stuff. thank you!

Oliver Klein

not for me


great housemusic for the special moments love it !


love this album. thanks.

Paul Loraine

Straight into the playlist for 80% of this album!

Love it

Robert Dietz

another great artist album. thanks will check it out...


Love a bit of Moomin and a bit of Smallville, so nice to get a dose in abundance. This is sweet, melancholic and beautiful, difficult to pick a favourite. Great work guys!

Ben Watt

love the story about you. thanks.


lovely album release featuring some awesome tracks....great vibes and grooves....huge release from a superb label...thx


Beautiful album, can't wait to listen to it in full. The story about you is absolutely great!


really great album, will check all trax in a while, but for now you is my favorite track, thanx!


GREAT music


Great Album from Moomin . Hard to pick a favorit. Love all tracks .

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich vor

Tim Green

too many amazing songs here to pick one. Will be listening to this a lot! Great great music!


this could become a repeated soundtrack for the coming wintermonths!

Jeff Samuel

really nice deep stuff

Matthew Styles

Good Stuff, will support!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Moomin on Smallville makes a whole lotta sense. This will surely be one the albums of the season probably even the year.

Stacey Pullen

cool stuff

Magazine - Posivision

have delicacy!!
send me promo cd for review.

Martin Landsky

great album....

Sebastian Wilck

The Story About You is awesome. Nice Album!

DJ Sneak

not for me

Juan Atkins

Nice n spacey.

Ryan Crosson

solid release

Jennifer Cardini

very nice ... i love i wanna and valentine ...

Radio - Milos Fedor (Radio FM Bratislava)

nice deep album

Joris Voorn

Some nice jewels in this album!
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