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Deep House


Mr. Fluff
Skateboard E.P
Love International

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 03-09-2010
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What we say

Following the amazing response for MR FLUFF’S outstanding ‘PLAYPEN E.P’(LOVIN007), which is supported charted by the likes of Estroe and RaySoo, LOVIN014 comes in the form of a deep/ tech house
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Following the amazing response for MR FLUFF’S outstanding ‘PLAYPEN E.P’(LOVIN007), which is supported charted by the likes of Estroe and RaySoo, LOVIN014 comes in the form of a deep/ tech house follow up by this wonderful artist from Kuala Lumpur. 1)    Backside Heelflipp – neu deep house track  with a melancholic bass riff grooving along with some top jazz atmospherics.  Emotive house music for the mind, body and soul. 2)    El Toro – deep/ tech house gem drivng in a mid tempo rhythm. Sounds as good in a club and n the living room. 3)    No Need To Explain – slow disco grooving deephouse that meanders around a beautiful melody line and into pure aural dancefloor blissfulness. 4)    Goodbye (Recovery Mix) – downtempo loungetronica. Jazz inspired stab echoes and long sustained sax scapes put us in a  sensual and meditative state.  

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DJ Comments (84)


best track - El Toro for me

Fred P

NIce One...


Great EP. Luv all the tracks

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

Fantastic EP !! Nice groovin tunes !!! Will Play !!

Someone Else

perfect! next time i bang a hot chick, i'm gonna have this ep playing while i do it. and it's gonna be super sexy. i have a boner right now just thinking about it.

Robbie Akbal

Cool Ep with laid back grooves.. Nice lounge-ish tracks for warm ups... will play for sure!

Jay Tripwire

they all have a time and a place in my sets,will play and support for sure,baddass deep cutting edge bizzness here.

Franck Roger

cool and nice ep but not into it sorry !

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

pretty coool

Paulo Olarte

this is great!!!
fluffy mr. fluff ;)

Markus Homm

like it, will play!


wicked ep!! all the tracks are great!

Simon Beeston

Backside and El Toro, nice early night stuff.

Sven Jozwiak

el toro for me,,relaxed stuff inside..;)


i like all these trax, great deep shit ;) ... el toro is my fav, thanx!

Mutlu (Bar25)

Nice EP.


great work! best

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

really good vibe ! deep sexy !i like it aloooot ! all trx good for me ..full support

Pitchfork / Beatportal / Spin - Philipp Sherburne

Nice -- chill, classic.

Sebastian Wilck

el toro sounds good to me. will try it. thanks!

Giuseppe Cennamo

thanks for the nice deep music, i can feel the love ;-) support

Patrick Bateman

nice deep house release! Good work!

Oliver Klein

No need yo explain is a nice summer tune. very melodic and smiley. i like.

Markus Schatz

super release...will play it!

Richie Hawtin

downloaded for r hawtin

Margaret Dygas

iz nais, sounds warm ;) thank you

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Benna Schneider

love EL TORO

DJ Sneak

El Toro is a nice track, will play it out to test.

DJ Sneak

El Toro is a nice track, will play it out to test.


DA REAL SHIT! Backside Heelflipp is Mine! so positive and warm! MASSIVEPLAY!

Bloody Mary

great ep

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

Nice deep / lounge tunes! support

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Very Nice Release with beautifull tracks !!!
I really love them, and I will play them on my next Radio Shows.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)

airplay in altroverso


Goodbye is cool. Not something i'd play, but great to listen to.

Electric Indigo

not quite my style, but i like the bass in el toro

Angel Molina

not for me this time. Thanks anyway,

Chris Lattner

great ep for chilling moments or warm up. thx


full support for smooth sounds like this!


Hard to decide, all in all a great EP, guess 'El Toro' is my hot fav. Thx !

Marko Nastic

tnxQ no need yo explain is for me!

Jürgen Kirsch


Brothers Vibe

Sweeeeeeeettt! Nice man, nice :o)

Joris Voorn

Som great melodic depe house tracks!

DJ: Terry


Carlo Lio

not for me


nice deep stuff

Guy J

Backside Heelflipp for me , great one , thnx good luck


nice but nothing for me.

Andy Cato

beautiful deep music here


backside heelflipp is quite nice. play. and no need yo explain is interesting. good one.

De:Bug - Thaddeus Herrmann

backside is my fav


very nice

Patrick Zigon

great ep - full support!

Mikael Stavöstrand

Nice stuff .. (except for the "Sax") .. will play .. :)

Alan Fitzpatrick

love the deepnes..

Sandy Sitlani

Backside Heelflipp is nice. thx


Nice downtempo stuff from Mr Fluff!

Magazine - Posivision

Track 1 & 2 are awesome, nice groovy staff!
will use it tonight @Op Art Lisbon Portugal.


Justin Field

Goodbye Mr fluff ...

Mitja Prinz

its ok


I fell in love with El Toro! WONDERFUL TRACK!!!! THANKS

Laurent Garnier

lovely deepness

Matt K

good sound but nothing for me thanx

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Thanks, will make this available to LWE staff for review.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

super record - all jams soundin' real nice, especially BACKSIDE HEELFLIPP - well done, full support!

Andre Buljat

nice and deep ep.


very nice sci fi disco!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

Track 1 und 2 sind richtig guit


great stuff. nice early night tracks :)

Claude VonStroke

Hausmann C

super vibes ! no need to explain!

Jim Rivers

really strong ep...all tracks are ace

Blog - soundrevolt.com


Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

Beautiful deeper shades of house music!!! Very well produced and with great taste for melodies.
FULL support on radio show (perfect for that) and will try El Toro and No Need at openings.

Paul Loraine

Great thanks for this, Love International is definitely one label that delivers the goods time and time again

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

top notch release!

Alex Flitsch

No Need Yo Explain is great!

Matthew Hoag

Interesting ep, will be supported!!!

Dan Drastic

a bit cheesy but i like it

Maik Loewen

Nice summer feeling! Thanks! :)


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Pierre Chevallier

very nice music

good ep
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