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Deep House


Mr Raoul K
Le Karantkatrieme Peul Remixes
Baobab Secret

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 10-10-2011
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    Le Karantkatrieme Peul
    Prisme remix
    Deep House
    139 BPM
    no wav
    Le Karantkatrieme Peul
    Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix
    Deep House
    120 BPM
    no wav
    Le Karantkatrieme Peul
    Mr Raoul K unreleased version
    Deep House
    120 BPM
    no wav

What we say

Mr Raoul K and Baobab Secret take the next step and put out new remixes of 'Le Karantkatrieme Peul'. Prisme are a Belgian duo (Nicolas Pepinster and Yves Theys) who started to produce their own ma
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Mr Raoul K and Baobab Secret take the next step and put out new remixes of 'Le Karantkatrieme Peul'. Prisme are a Belgian duo (Nicolas Pepinster and Yves Theys) who started to produce their own material in 2010. They liked the title track so much that they remixed it and sent the result to Mr Raoul K who instantly fell in love with the melodic and laid back approach they took on it. This lush piece makes a perfect entry into a long night out, promising that every piece will fall into place. The other production crew featured on this release are the Iklawa Brothers (Mzwandile Nxasana and Sandile Magwaza) who run their own label in Durban, South Africa. They are big fans of Mr Raoul K's work and have been dropping his tunes in their sets on a regular basis. Their remix is a dark, afrobeat driven tune that takes the listener on a long trip into a gloomy world full of surprising musical twists, dramatic changes of mood and impressing string sounds. The last remix is done by Mr Raoul K himself. He shows a new side of his musical skills. Resulting in an epic track that seems to dance on tiptoes around a giant beast. One small step. Hesitate. Check carefully what happens. Do not disturb. Just watch in astonishment how it slowly awakes and stretches out to its full glory. A track that is full of hope, but reminds us to keep our feet to the ground to provide a solid stand.

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DJ Comments (82)

Mano Le Tough

Really like this! beautiful stuff. thanks!!!

Franck Roger

sorry not into it


downloaded for M.A.N.D.Y.
thank u!

Angel Molina

Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix sounds good, yes.

Todd Burns

Thanks! We will let you know if an RA writer pitches a review.

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

LOve the Prisme Remix... really Fire Island style // Bora Bora......really love the Steel Drums// Vibes...

Santiago Salazar

Really dig the unreleased version. Thanks

Mueller & Mitch


Radio - The Freaks Radio Show (Greece)

Mr Raoul is a great producer. Prisme & Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix are both great

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

Africa meets the repetetive world of club music. Mr Raoul K is unique. Never fronting, always deep slow goover!


full support!


nice stuff! cool for some mornng.

Alland Byallo

I love it! Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix is amazing. Right up my alley. Thank you!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

This is actually way beyond club-music. Unreleased version is awesome as hell and the prism remix sounds like it could have been released on Innervisions. I guess that could count as a compliment...

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)

sorry not for me

Nikola Baytala

perfect summer closing tune

Monty Luke

cant wait to hear this one.....

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow


mystic stuff

Roman Flügel

The 'Moondog' of Techno. Brilliant!


crazy production and backwards rhythms. cool!

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Superb release with nice remix & unreleased version : love them.
Will play & FULL SUPPORT !!!

Patrick Bateman

not feeling it..

Magazine - FAZE (Rafael Da Cruz)

Prisme remix is superb!

Mr. Statik

this is a really classy rmx pack, the vibe on the Nations rmx is just sublime!


prisme remix sounds nice will check

Benna Schneider

wow, nice one!
will play surely

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

great release !

TES // Groove Magazine

good! review considered.

Guy J

not for me , thnx good luck

Justin Field

epic prisme mix for me

Michael Rütten

huge fan of mr raoul ks music here ! the remixes are very well done as well, very good release, support !


will test the prisme remix, thanx!

Mr. G

sorry not for ma....


Really like this music.. : O Thanks!!

Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin


chilly ep..


awesome mood! thanks very much!!! and nice job!

Paulo Olarte

interesting stuff, unreleased version and prisme remix are the ones for me...


id love to see this live! the unrleased is my fave, but these are great.

Matt Star

Le Karantkatrieme Peul - Prisme remix is nice

Craig Richards

this is excellent......


brilliant....nuff said !!!! thx !!!!!!

Simon Beeston

Prisme remix is all good!


lovely lovely!

Luca Doobie

organic and refreshing style, prisme my fave ;) L

Seth Troxler

wow, huge track here, hard to saw what mix i like best.

Robbie Akbal

Very cool hypnotic stuff... will play on my beach set!

Crazy (Flex.at)

Wow, thats really good music...

Paul Hazendonk

Not my sound


Great Remixes!!!The nations mix is killer!Thanks a lot:)

Maik Loewen

Interesting nice groves and atmospheres! Thanks!!!

Alex Flitsch

the iklwa...remix builds up a great tension...great music!

Martin Landsky

iklwa remix is great...i like the dark sinister mood....


really special stuff for special moments but already good mixes !

Alexander Maier

great production, but sorry not my style


love love love mr k..fantastic!!

Sven Jozwiak

Prisme remix is for me...nice stuff ...ty

Clint Stewart

Amazing release. Love all the tracks. Each one has a totally different feel. Love it.


Super fan of Mr. Raoul K since long time ago. This remix package pay tribute to his awesome talent. Good job


heard better ep\s from Raoul but this is also not bad...


beautiful drums on these tracks..not sure that i'd play but lovely music

Claude VonStroke

After i hear this on a proper sound system I will let you know if i am supporting this record.

Speedy J

Thanks, will test.

Magazine - Posivision

Perfect 10!! send me WAV quality for review.
get lost in the beautiful sound of Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix!!

Chris Duckenfield

Like falling downstairs holding a glockenspiel !
Prisme remix for me


Ah, what a relief, something different and original! I like the MR. Raoul unreleased version, thanks!

DJ Sneak

not for me, great stuff.

Steve Lawler


Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

Iklwa brother xtetiqsoul iklwa nations remix !

Andre Kronert

nice music

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

Prisme remix is for me!

Andy Cato

downloading for andy cato
will update feedback if supported

Arnaud Le Texier

Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix is great

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

cool ep

James Braun

the unreleased version might not be the most playable but there's definately something about it

Emil (Tartelet Records)

Always good

Patrick Zigon

nice ep!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich vor

DJ: Terry


Milly De Mori

not so into this one, thanks

Tolga Fidan

like the Iklwa Brother XtetiQsoul Iklwa-Nations Remix
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