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Mr. Statik
Shadow Choker
Rotary Cocktail

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 16-02-2009
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What we say

Fine chords driven heavy tripping house cuts incl. remixes by Kreon (Cecille) & Dapayk (Mos Ferry Prod.).
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Fine chords driven heavy tripping house cuts incl. remixes by Kreon (Cecille) & Dapayk (Mos Ferry Prod.).

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DJ Comments (47)

Dan Drastic

really like kreons and dapayks mix

Monty Luke

looking fwd to banging these traxxx!


excellent remix by kreon as allways. great drive and the break will definitely work on the dancefloor. dapayk remix sounds also funky, but not really my sound. thanx.

2000 And One

nice old skool vibing kreaon remix:)

2000 And One

nice old skool vibing kreaon remix:)

feiner deep house!


Really nice EP, the tracks for me are Original and Dapayk remix.

Ryan Crosson

kreon remix is nice.

Ryan Elliot

Loving the Kreon rmx.!

Franck Roger

kreon mix is my shit.. will support this mix !


kind of nice...

Someone Else

both the remixes are really nice!

Chris Lattner

solid ep! winner for me is kreons remix. thank you


Very cool releas; vocal snippets are cool on the original and its fun and bouncy, although its the Kreon mix that get me.. nice driving drumms and bassline but still got that bumpy quality I like.. yeah this is a release that I will definately be using to mash the dancefloor..


nice kreon groove and a wicked dapayk treat


der kreon rmx ist klasse. wird gespielt.


original and kreon remix are nice

Mark Henning

kreon remix is nice :)

Radio - Piratecatradio.com / Chris Orr

This is kinda nasty minimal, and nice for spooking people in the dark, me likey!!!

Todd Burns


Russ Gabriel

kreon shadow gagger mix is it ;)

Todd Bodine

the original I like most. Nice funk!

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

Mr. Statik - "Shadow Choker" is a cool EP, but for me its all about the Kreon Shadow Dagger mix which fizzes with vibrant percussive flair & and moves a long with a back draft of eerie echos and hypnotic percussion. A handy track to have.

Dirt Crew

The Kreon Remix Rocks ! very solid House Music !

Markus Homm

like it!! original mix for me.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

these are hot tracks! from the wonky, driving energy of the original cut to the lovely bouncy & fun swagger of the KREON shadow gagger mix to the crazy drugged out stance of the DAPAYK remix - i love this release - great cuts!

Florian Meindl

dapayk and kreon shadow gagger rmxes are cool

Kabale Und Liebe

cool kreon remix! support

Marco Resmann

like the kreon and the dapayk mix.

Dave Ellesmere

one of the many great new producers coming out of athens, greece .. ggood remixes from dapayk and kreon ..

Martin Eyerer

finde ich gut! Spiele den Original mix.

Ung & Bastos

we play dapayk remix !!


Track for the dancefloors! All mixes are good and fit different times in the set!

Matt John

dapayk rmx is my favorite

Markus Kavka

jawoll, der dapayk-remix ist es für mich! fetzt!

danke und bestes,


lovely mix from Kreon once again. proper solid and groovy as hell.

Troy Pierce

original and dapayk remix are both cool

Electric Indigo

love the sounds and breaks in the dapayk remix. nice one! original with its big bass is also cool.




Kreon remix is nice.

Stacey Pullen

deep housey grooves that keep me going. i likes

Magazine - Posivision

Shadow choker : dead-alive

Kreon Shadow Gagger Mix : rhythmical...sorry hackwork.

Dapayk Remix : Hypnotic minimal taste.

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

kreon´s remix is the winner here.

like it all...reminds me of early relief records with a contempory approach.. fave one is the kreon remix

Lee Smith (Kliks, Idj, Resident Advisor)

Kreon's Shadow mix rocks. Will play and review for iDJ.

Funk D'Void

Kreon's groove is awesome, and Dapayk provides the madness...nice!

Hot Chip

Dapayk remix is very nice
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