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Meet me in the Toilet
Circus Company

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 15-06-2009
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What we say

Our home artists are back on the label after a successfull album released on Get Phisycal Music last summer. For this new output on Circus Company the two .hat brothers’ delivers a unik two tracker
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Our home artists are back on the label after a successfull album released on Get Phisycal Music last summer. For this new output on Circus Company the two .hat brothers’ delivers a unik two tracker based on that .recette’ they got the secret from… First of all .Encore’, the A side, is a dj friendly oriented track that will reminds you one of the early Nôze output on Circus Company called Pofamika which was released in 2005. The track is basicly composed by a strong bass line that keeps rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ and rollin’ over a solid beat and a few significative .nôzy’ pads. All these elements are surrounded by a beautifull girl voice which quietly tells you what to do to relax. sexy french voice !!! You wish you could see her charming face between the grooves of the record… On B side, here is the message : .Meet me in the Toilet’ ! What’s Inside… Well sounds like a quite nice groovy party. Here comes the Nôze with their horn .horny’ sexion and chior duet.

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DJ Comments (33)

Oleg Poliakov

i ll meet you in the toilet ... for sure !


super release ! noze at their best ! party on :)

i love noze
x ali

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Both sides are really strong. I will play both


funky stuff, support

Boris Werner

festival season has started, goddammn... love the meet me in the toilet track... :)

Anthony Collins

meet me in the toilet is so gooooooooood


great and original like all the circus. will play encore! thanks! :)

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

"Encore" track is very good. Good vibes with a little Frenh story.
I'll play it !!!



Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

"meet me in the kitchen" could only be done by these two. superb track that goes to places where house never goes to. and, because of noze, we wonder why it doesn't.


So nice,
both tracks are so cool
full support
Noze always get this funny touch that makes them so special

Benno Blome

i just love these french female vocals! and toilet-meetings that are as funny as this release are great too!


GREAT EP!!!!!! love it since a while , especially "meet me in the toilet"!!! outstanding!

Brothers Vibe

NOZE just keeps making it happen! Nice one :) "Encore" my fav here...

DJ Deep

Funny jams...

Stacey Pullen

meet me in the toilet is the shizzy! nice vocal riffs!

Will Saul

You never know what to expect with Noze....in a good way. Truly different. Loved the bass line and drum groove on Meet Me In The Toilet - still not sure how I feel about the monsterous hook but it's growing on me with every listen and I WILL road test it. Encore is dope.

Magazine - DJ Broadcast

Noze doing it again! Encore is the one for me!


can i give also 10 points?

Hot Chip

Just what I would expect from the boys, more fantastic music!


very fresh Ep. circus company rocks!

Riva Starr

THe guys on top form... loving both tunes... 5 stars for the title on the second tune :)

Magazine - Posivision

Encore : so cool,expansive groove.

Radio - Paul Hamill // BBC Radio Ulster

incredible vocal, this is SO catchy. perfect for my radio show and of course the club. this is the freshest record i've heard in some time.


Love Encore.. will be in heavy rotation. Serious jam.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

both very good enjoyable tracks to listen to!

Sebo K

very nice! "encore" for me!

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Will make available to reviewers.

Mike Monday

wonderfully weird

Todd Burns


Oleg Poliakov


Oleg Poliakov

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