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Tech House


After School Special EP
Upon You

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 12-04-2010
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    The Boy Who Drank Too Much
    Original Mix
    Tech House
    125 BPM
    no wav
    My Dad Lives In A Downtown Motel
    Original Mix
    Tech House
    126 BPM
    no wav
    Common Sense
    David Labeij Remix
    Tech House
    126 BPM
    no wav
    Bagels Are Fresh
    Original Mix
    Tech House
    124 BPM
    no wav

What we say

Onno already proved to us just what he was capable of brewing together in his Amsterdam sound kitchen on the last Home Sweet Home compilation with the track “Common Sense". And because it was
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Onno already proved to us just what he was capable of brewing together in his Amsterdam sound kitchen on the last Home Sweet Home compilation with the track “Common Sense". And because it was so great there’s a remix of “Common Sense” from David Labeij on this release. Groove magazine has compared him to Frankfurt’s Funkyness, his magic cauldron is filled with a perfect concoction of rolling bass lines, sneaky vocal snippets simmering in a sauce of percussive beats. “The boy who drank too much” makes no exception, everything is exact and to the point and with one goal in mind,-to groove. “My Dad Lives In A Downtown Motel” shows us that he knows where to place an instrumental disco roll so that it ends up on every DJ’s menu. For those that still haven’t had their fill of Onno’s digital delicacies, “Bagels are fresh” is sure to cure your appetite, at least for now!

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DJ Comments (52)

Mihai Popoviciu

i'm feeling the david labeij remix, nice one!

David Keno

support for the boy who drank to much. cool.

Mathias Schaffhäuser

sorry, nix für mich, zu viel altbekanntes drinne.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Very good House & Techouse Release.
I really love it. All tracks seem to be very effective for the dance floor.
I'll play & chart them.

DJ Emerson

after the great compilation track another sure shot from the amsterdam connection. my favourite is my dad lives in a downtown motel & the remix

Anthony Collins

david remix is cool

Todd Bodine

nice ep. "The Boy Who Drank Too Much" I like most. I will play.

Secret Cinema

david's remix is pretty cool...

Tim Green

Onno is an awesome producer!! I have been playing all of these tracks for a long time now. Bagels are fresh and my dad lives in a downtown motel are seriously good on the dancefloor!! always go down a treat ;) will keep on playing these also!

Simon Beeston

Awesome release! Will be playing all tracks. Thanks.

Someone Else

'my dad' and 'bagels' are fresh , yo.

Matt Star

David Labeij remix is nice


nice release! labeij remix is my favorite.


WoW i like all tracks, cant decied yet which one i will play!! i might try all of them :-)


nice production but its one of those things that sounds like everything else coming out..

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Big support on the David Labeij remix

Martin Eyerer

my da lives in a downtown Motel is cool!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow


YEAH! Definitely very strong UY release....bagels sound fresh!

Basti - Tiefschwarz

common sense for me

Don Ramon

veeery nice ep, like them all, also the remix from an anyway great original common sense, thanx!


Not really for me. thanks.

Axel Bartsch

phat release! the boy who drank too much sounds familiar to me, of cause its my fav in the orig mix. you cant go wrong with david these days. love his work and this remix too.


great ep, like My Dad Lives In A Downtown Motel and the david labeij remix!


liking dad lives in downtown motel track..freaked out boogie samples are nice..
anyway..great music and hope all works out for your dad..


my dady lives is nice. davids remix is a bomb and the fresh bagels tastes good. next good release on upon you!

Joris Voorn

I like the bagels!

Dave Ellesmere

phat percussive labeij rmx and my dad lives in a downtown motel ... on rotation ....

Eddy Richards

thanks, i like 1st track

Rayo – (Arma17 Kazantip)

Common Sense
David Labeij Remix!!!!!!!!!!!!!
House music!
arma 17 100% Approved!

Angel Molina

not for me, thanks.

JC Freaks

My Dad Lives In A......& Common Sense remixes a really good.


i like the wealease!

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

as always good upon you sound. love: the boy who drank too much ;)

Jens Bond

i play all of these tracks till weeks...they are rockinthe floors!!!


Common sense... nice track!


wicked remix by david. loving the groove. full support!

Gianpiero Fiorin (PIAS UK)

great ep, all tracks are playable. Will try out!!!


liked all tracks !! full support .

Mikael Stavöstrand

pretty cool beats

DJ Deep

cool tracks

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

The boy stelle ich vor

Markus Schatz

like the david labeij remix.... will play

Brothers Vibe

All good - feelin' the David Labeij Remix alot...


Bagels are fresh is nice


nice one


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Jeremy P.Caulfield


Markus Homm

another slamming release on UpOn YOU. Cant wait to hear it out loud! thx

Bloody Mary

the rmx of david is so great ! thx

Chris Lattner

bagels are fresh is the track for me. thx

Mathias Mesteno

Stone-cold-killer-ep from my man Onno...Shureshot!
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