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Detroit Techno


Pablo Bolivar
Gold Series Vol.1
Dpress Industries

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 09-02-2008
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What we say

Dpress Industries launches the “Gold Series” by Pablo Bolivar. After the success of the previous “Black Series” by Tony Blunt, the label has decided to keep playing by the dubby techno rules.
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Dpress Industries launches the “Gold Series” by Pablo Bolivar. After the success of the previous “Black Series” by Tony Blunt, the label has decided to keep playing by the dubby techno rules. Pablo Bolivar is a well known and respected producer with an extensive discography that includes productions and remixes for labels like Regular, Galaktika, Blurred Vision, Bay Street, Justified Cause…now he’s the man that will take us for a deep ride through his best and more personal sound. “Into the Televerse” is a 10 minute deep tech-house joy, full of melodic elements and a moody groove, the catchy bass-line will keep everyone’s minds busy while some subtle elements join the ride. “In My Hand” is a 3 minute beautiful soundscape that will find its place close to Brian Eno’s ambient explorations and the Static Caravan IDM. Modern Love’s enfant terrible Andy Stott gives his very personal touch to “Into The Televerse". We do not have enough words to describe how marvellous this version sounds; top classy dubby techno, this is a true ocean of ambient and dub music, a luxurious dream of landscapes and never-ending rain, the deep groove in mind but with the heart in the hand. Andy’s done it!! This is a masterpiece!!

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DJ Comments (7)

Russ Gabriel (Ferox Records)

"2 Great tracks. Deep and perfect for early on the dancefloor. Good production. Another solid release from Dpress. Will play one of these on the next RT-Transmissions show for sure."

Each (Baystreet Recordings)

"Into the Televerse" is greaaaat! I have always been a fan of Pablo's work!!!! very touching atmosphere!!! will be playing that non stop! nice relaxing layers in the track "Into my Hand".. mysterious i should even say! a great master at work!!!"

Kosmas Epsilon (AudioTheraphy)

"Original mix of "Into the Televerse" is in my bag already! lush deep vibes, with a warm feel, awesome for opening. "In my Hand" is useful as a tool also."

Billy Dalessandro (Siteholder)

"I usually like Pablo's material. nice and smooth"

Leandro Gamez aka Cio (Software Records)

"..big release, Pablo Bolivar's "Into the Televerse" has a big sound and estructure, this is a very serious track..."

Boomkat (Uk Store)

"Andy Stott looms large over this excellent twelve from the Dpress posse, his remix of "Into The Televerse" absolutely nailing that heady kind of spacious dub techno that's so easy to get wrong. Reverberating chords set the template, washing into the mix with the faintest sliver of hiss for accompaniment, the kickdrum pads along at a measured pace, keeping things relatively sedate until Stott's signature velveteen bassline comes in and completely takes over. Its exactly the kind of widescreen, endlessly involving techno that nobody seems to make quite like this producer..."

Phonica (Uk Store)

"Pablo Bolivar goes down the deep techno route with an excellent new release on Dpress Industries... "Into The Televerse" is a dreamy piece of ambient, slowly building techno music. Things get even better on the flip with Modern Love's Andy Stott on remix duties! He's transformed the title track into an ultra deep dub-techno soundscape that is simply great to lose yourself into it. Anyone into Modern Love, Deepchord, Echospace, etc absolutely needs this."
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