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Nu Disco / Soul


Patrick Cowley
Macro Recordings

Album CD
Out: 02-11-2009
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What we say

Lost for 30 years - The revolutionary album by one of dance music’s most influential producers finally sees the day of light! Containing an incredible array of synth-driven innovation, electonic mus
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Lost for 30 years - The revolutionary album by one of dance music’s most influential producers finally sees the day of light! Containing an incredible array of synth-driven innovation, electonic music’s history books will be rewritten. “Catholic’s” range from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk still sounds as fresh as it is unique. Patrick Cowley (1950-1982) remains one of Disco’s most influential artists and a key producer of the genre.   With seminal hits like “Do You Wanna Funk", “Menergy” and “Megatron Man", his work for Disco superstar Sylvester and of course his million-selling remix of Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love", he created the soundtrack for a whole generation. Artists like Depeche Mode, The Pet Shop Boys and New Order cite him as a major influence. With a whole new global Disco afficionado scene, now playing his records every weekend accross the world’s clubs, this release is about to hit the streets right on time. It’s nothing less then a “once in a lifetime” sensation that Macro announces the release of a full unreleased Cowley album, written and performed in collaboration with Indoor Life vocalist Jorge Socarras. No re-issue, no material scrapped by the artists - but a work Cowley took 5 years to perfect! The original release got delayed for 3 decades due to Cowley’s tragic death due to AIDS in 1982. Recorded between 1976 and 1979, “Catholic” is a genre-bending concept album with a range from minimalistic proto-techno to synth-driven post-punk - pre-dating LCD Soundsystem and The Rapture by almost 30 years. It was in fact so way ahead of anything known at the time that it wouldn’t sound retro if it was recorded just now. It shows a much broader range than any Cowley or Socarras material available and gives a totally new perspective to one of the most inspiring eras in music history. The album will hit the stores for Patrick Cowley’s birthday on October 19th, 2009.  

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DJ Comments (5)

Groove Magazin

“Was die Macro-Macher da in einem New Yorker Keller für ihre
Prototypes-Reihe ausgegraben haben, ist der Stoff, aus dem die feuchten
Träume aller Disco-Plattenhamster gemacht sind: ein verschollenes Album
von Patrick Cowley, gemeinhin als Erfinder des Hi-NRG-Sounds bekannt
und eins der ersten Aids-Opfer, sowie Jorge Socarras, der es mit seiner
Band Indoor Life in den achtziger Jahren zu Szeneberühmtheit brachte.
Was das Album abgesehen von dem Geschichtsstunde-Aspekt, Musik dreißig
Jahre nach ihrer Entstehung erstmals hören zu können, zusätzlich
interessant macht: Die Produktion lag noch vor Cowleys Erfolg in den
späten siebziger Jahren. Sein Ruhm als „I Feel Love“-Megamixer und
Produzent für Sylvesters große Hits kam ihm sozusagen in die Quere. Was
Cowley mit seinen Synthesizern und Socarras am Mikrofon
zusammenschraubte, klang für sein Label Megatone zu gewagt. Die
hochtourige und äußerst aufgeräumte Ästhetik von Cowleys
„Menergy“-Sound ist auf Catholic denkbar weit weg. Das in San Francisco
produzierte Album klingt eher wie eine Vorwegnahme all dessen, was ein
paar Jahre später in New York unter dem Begriff Postpunk virulent
werden sollte: schleppender und scheppernder New Wave, schiefe,
knorrige Stücke, die manchmal wie ein die fehlende Verbindung zwischen
Disco und Suicide wirken. Damit ist Catholic eine kleine Sensation –
und zwar nicht nur für Plattenhamster. ”


“I listened to the whole Catholic album while driving yesterday. I really
enjoyed the whole thing.

Peter Kruder

“The cycles music goes through are rarely more evident than here.
You could have released this under a different name, claimed that its
new and everybody would have wet their pants about the inspired
freshness of this recording. A great historic release. Looking forward
to hear the whole album.


Morgan Geist

“Wow. How weird and wonderful. It sucks that Cowley left us...just think of how much music he might have made! ”

DJ Bobby Viteritti

“Hurdy Gurdy Man - A fantastic song. A short story of me and Patrick:
I remember trying to break Patrick into new wave. He was afraid of it,
that is when we did the remix of Funkytown which I asked him to help me
with. Also "Call Me" by Blondie and White Wedding was out. He came to my club "Trocadero Transfer", and listened up in
the balcony and watched the dancefloor as I weaved in and out of Disco
with it. He then realized it was a great direction and very much needed
sound at the time. A lot of things happened after that with Patrick's
life and music. I also had the honor of mixing Patricks Album on Fusion
Patrick is the sound of San Francisco!
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