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After numerous highly acclaimed EP releases, Amsterdam based label Delsin is proud to present the debut album of the mysterious masked producer Redshape. One of techno's most enigmatic figures, Berlin
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After numerous highly acclaimed EP releases, Amsterdam based label Delsin is proud to present the debut album of the mysterious masked producer Redshape. One of techno's most enigmatic figures, Berlin based Redshape produces timeless analogue techno with a Detroit edge. Rarely interviewed and with his identity kept a well guarded secret, Redshape's reclusive persona contributes heavily to the aura of romance and drama that surrounds his recorded output.Repetition is something Redshape works hard to prevent, so his live shows - which brought him to nearly every known European club - morph and develop every time to never play the same show a second time. As a DJ, Redshape is still very inspired by the good old school of mixing and trying to make tracks speak to tracks, making music out of music. To accompany the release of the album, Redshape will release a special edition 10” ‘Paradox Dubs’ on his own Present label. Opener 'Seduce Me' introduces a common theme throughout the record, with live percussion providing a dense foundation upon which sustained pads and distorted melodic electronic tone construct a deep and contemplative mid paced techno exploration. 'Garage GT' builds on a central pounding kick, introducing industrious and cavernous beats and accents in a cold mechanical meditation. 'Bound (Part 1 & 2)' unnerves with shrill synth and tight funk drumming reminiscent of both classic sci-fi themes and the chilling progressive textures of Giallo era European horror. 'Man Out of Time' is an epic journey of soaring orchestration and crushing beats. Deep and disorienting, there is an arabesque pragmatism to the central melodic line, evoking images of a stranger lost in a foreign land. 'Globe' is a floor ready creation, resonating as plunging bass and ominous ascendant hat rolls climb to a climax of deep chord melody and reverberant clap. 'Rorschach's Game' punches rhythm into a dense carpet of hissed noise, with melodic shapes unveiling from the murky depths. 'Dead Space Mix (edit)' combines interplanetary pads and shuffled percussion with subtly shifting electronic beats in an transcendental techno treat, while closer 'Dark & Sticky' combines live funk drums and pounded bass into a viscous and heavy compound, unimpaired by looming tape hiss and fuzz. As complex and mysterious as it's creator, 'The Dance Paradox' is a profound work of skill and vision that will be referenced through 2009 and beyond. Great work, whoever you are..

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DJ Comments (12)

Richard Brophy (DJ Magazine)

"superb album, brilliantly put together and realised, diverse yet still with all the welcome hallmarks of redshape's sound. the best techno album I've heard this year or in the past few years. full support."

Ellen Allien

"redshape thanks god. epic - beautiful dirty sounds - drifting to the moon -very good album... congratulation  ELLEN ALLIEN"

Ben Klock

"Great Album! Vinyl please."

DJ Deep



"i still remember when i got the first Redshape 12inch from Marsel great album which is rare nowadays! kristian"

Gilb-r (Versatile)

"fantastic album!! i will need more listening to feedback...but that will be a pleasure to dive in such great music! bravo"



Steve Bug

"great album, can't really say which track i like the best, all is good here. like it and will play a lot... after this one there is no reason to hide behind a mask anymore! ; ) status improved! hehe"

Laurent Garnier

"this is AN ULTIMATE MUST HAVE techno album. This neeeeds to be heard from everyone how realy needs to understand the real sense of the word TECHNO MUSIC. Brilliant ........... this will be definitely for me one of the best techno album of the year ......"

Angel Molina (Sonar Music)

"sublime, can´t say more..."


"what a strange paradox it is. it comes together well done on bound parts 1 and 2, dead space mix, and dark and sticky. i wiil adding this to my sets. anthony shake shakir "

Rene Passet (Dj Broadcast / Oor / Kindamuzik.net)

"One of the better techno albums from 2009. Pitch dark with a touch of red in the distance."
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