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Deep House

75% like this release – Do you?
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DJ Comments (35)

Peter Kruder

"Like Swing and Wave!"

Ellen Allien

"Pump...it, Pump it Rene/Sexy and coolest!"


“Deep deep deep me like ! all tracks are pure aceness.”

Guy Gerber

“Love the whole release. Futuristic, deep house!”

Lee Jones

“It certainly does pump!”

Nick Hoeppner

“Very good ep. Wave is wonderful. Thanks!”

Len Faki

“Pump is the one for me, warm heavy deep bass track!”

Brothers Vibe

"Wave works for me, nice one...!"

"Swing sounds really good."


"Ace EP all round but it's Swing for me and then Wave a close second. Beautiful stuff from the leftfield."


"Swing is great, I love the beats and chords, beautiful! Pump is great too and yeah well Wave as well! Mr. Breitbarth seems to be into Q-tip I guess :-) Killer!"


“Pump & Swing are my favs. Will surely play Pump!”


"Great fucking EP! Pump is wicked.. love the groove.. same with Wave & Swing.. will def play all 3!!! thanks!!!"


"Love Pump!"

Hernan Cattaneo

"All nice!"


"Wave has a nice appeal..swing is also nice for my radio show..nice work!"

Rocky (X-Press 2)

"Pump is Switch like. I prefer Wave, I like the second half the most."

Laurent Garnier

"Great House EP! Love the whole thing!"

Brett Johnson

“Rene has been making some really deep , smokey house jointz lately and this recent release does'nt disapoint. Really feeling"Swing"..... Willplay.”

Matthias Vogt - (Motorcitysoul)

"Swing"... down my alley!"

2000 And One

“I like the flow of swing a lot, deep, dark n funky.”

Russ Gabriel

“"Tribe Called Quest"...why didn't i think of that? Great idea and great tune. Wave is the one for me. Swing is also on my playlist.”

Charles Webster

“Nice chords on ‘Wave’…”

John Selway

“Wave for floating, Swing for dancing. Great tracks.”


“Pump, pump pump!!”

“This EP really works for me! Nice work!”

Martin Eyerer

“Deep shit!! Swing for me.”

Samuel L Session

“Yes, this is really up my street! Raw yet soulful. And i love that jazzy hip hop sinister feeling they all carry.”

Arnaud Le Texier

“Pump is the one love it!”


“Feeling the jazzy chords on Wave. Nice!”


“Great deep stuff!! Wave the pick.”

Milton Jackson

"Wave is lovely!"

Chris Carrier

"Full support on Swing."

DJ Hell

“Sounds really deep!! i will check it out for sure !!!”

Dominik Eulberg

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