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Sunny Side Up EP
Apparel Music

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 31-05-2011
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What we say

In all the Thea rooms, the meeting centers for alcoholics Russians and the blogs of the sapareted nations of the Wikirebels were wondering where Anton and Maxim trully ended up. Perhaps non all were
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In all the Thea rooms, the meeting centers for alcoholics Russians and the blogs of the sapareted nations of the Wikirebels were wondering where Anton and Maxim trully ended up. Perhaps non all were aware of wap happened in moscow after the big heat of the summerr 2010. Use to to the polar cold alsow the computers ad all the eectronic comunications took a moment to reflect, closing, ina ntural obligation and right to silent. But this does not apply to SCS!). The guys have to work with dedication and long care, clear, relaxed. Do things well means knowing how to wait, as tasting a fine wine, smooth. In this the cold couple births their new mood in two beautiful tracks and perceives new exchanges of high level with John tejada and pablo Bolivar. Two thin encouters of arte and culture, where Pablo silken and John point- blank reveal a tick record, impeccable. John bounces our breath trough harmonic turns and chorns that trasnform the original track in a new roaring engine and well-calibrated, with an unforgettable ending. Pablo enters the tunnel of sound to cover/wrap in a soft and comfortable limbo, more visionary than ever. Deep that becomes contemporary is ready. Only 500 copies distributed on the planet.



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DJ Comments (178)

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

Pablo and John's remixes are very strong..... always curious to hear what Tejada's drum work is going to be on a remix.... he still adds excitement to the Minimal sound... one of the few artists that still do.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

I'm really fall in love of your label mister Kisk.
Another excellent Release with famous producers.

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

ace mixes



Someone Else

i like pablo's remix


Keep the output coming out your stuff is awesome, great remixes


beautiful tracks

2000 And One

love the Tejada remix

Joris Voorn

Nice EP from the russians! Also great mix by John.

Joris Voorn

Nice EP from the russians! Also great mix by John.

Taras van de Voorde

Very nice release, sunny side up for me, both versions

Patrick Bateman

Wow, super nice release. Liking all of the tracks here, and will use them in my warm-up sets for sure!

Gunnar Stiller

nice!! sunny side up original is the one for me...


tejada rmx is nice, thanks !


SSU is spectacular, and Tejada's mix does it justice. all 4 tracks are great.

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)


Radio - Ibiza Sonica/ Carlos Mateo Villarreal

Oh my God!!! wonderfull package...!!!
All tracks are very very good..
Full support in my sets..

DJ Sneak

nice music, will re listen

Bloody Mary

tejada remix for me, great!!

Cosmic Cowboys

Scsi-9 + bolivar rmx! nice nice nice!

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich vor

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Florian Meindl

nice tune

Magazine - Posivision

Sounds cool, create an aura of mystery!!

Ryan Crosson

Solid tracks all around.

Radio Fritz Nightflight / Andre Langenfeld

sunny original gefällt

Giuseppe Cennamo

nice release from Appareal! i loke all the tracks thanks

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

great release!!!

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

Great Release.Full Support !!

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

great great originals and rmxs are great ! super release

Varoslav (Supplemental Facts)

great great originals and rmxs are great ! super release




Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Radio FM4 - Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

solid vibes

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)

John Tejada rocks, as usual ...

Sweety track for Summariata

Support from P1 Reverse

Mihai Popoviciu

summariata is very nice!

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

actually like both originals and both remixes !


solid new production but the mixes turn this release into gold....big stuff !!

Gregor Tresher

great original mixes!

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Nice & deep...

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen

bisschen zu früh für Frühlingsgefühle :)

Steve Lawler

will download and pass on

Radio - 98eins.de (Marcus S.-Müller)

summariata (pablo rmx) & john tejadas sunny side rmx are the ones!

Radio - 1Live - Klaus Fiehe

brillant package - every single track. LOve the lush Tejada Mix most.

Tobey (Shitkatapult | Killekill)

nice one! really like scsi-9

Claude VonStroke

downloading for claude vonstroke

Sven Väth

downloaded for Sven - may he likes it

Groove / Prinz / Piranha / Carhartt - Michel Leuffen

nice work by the russians. the remixes are ok... but the originals are stronger

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Not bad. A lot different to the other releases on Apparel.

Brothers Vibe

Solid EP - Tks!


Good release, good luck and thanks...

Mikael Stavöstrand

John's mix is sick! .. all good stuff.. thanks .)

Ramon Tapia

John 's mix is dope !

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

nice remixes

Paulo Olarte

we love scsi-9 :)

Jim Rivers

tejada remix all the way!


:-) lovely!!!!

Fiakun Team

Like the whole ep, but John Tejada's Remix is the best for our sets!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!! Fiakun

Fiakun Team

Like the whole ep, but John Tejada's Remix is the best for our sets!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!! Fiakun


nice comeback. support xx

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

bolivar remix is a good warm upper.


A Dream that release... All tracks are really beautiful and these 3 acts are like 3 of my favorite producers.. and good friends too. A dream.

Gregor Tresher

Both mixes of Sunny Side Up sound great to me.


lovely summer time release!


Pablo Bolivar Remix very nice !


Nice remix from John tejada ,) thx..

Andy Bach

nice, love john tejada remix. good work! quality deep tech.

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Summariata is definitely my fav here...

Ralf Kollmann

Great release! thank you


I like Summaratia original the most, so I'll be playing that one, thanks!


i heard its nice

Nadja Lind

Pablo and John Remixes are ace - beautiful! thanx


nice remix from pablo bolivar!

Maik Loewen

Very nice tracks here! Support!!!

Oliver Klein

cool stuff.

Radio - NOICE! - Harry Ruffner

Nice John tejada Remix indeed...

Robbie Akbal

Pure magic! Sunny Side up original and Pablo Bolivar rmx for me! Support on this one all the way...

Angel Molina

both remixes for me, nice deep ones!


nothing for me.

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

Summariata has a great vibe! Groovy! LOVE IT!

Animal Trainer

wonderful package of lovely music! the john tejada remix is brillant as usual but also the originals and the pablo bolivar remix are some really nice pieces of music. thank you


Fantastic EP, I like all the tracks but John Tejada remix is the killer!

Nicolas Duvoisin

Summariata is great!

Only for DJs Magazine

will review in Only For Dj's magazine

Radio - Paris One (Kedem Ferre)

Excelent EP, Love Sunny side up (Original Mix)
Fred Paris One


Really good stuff here!!! Love all tracks. Thx



Electric Indigo

sweet and and full of atmosphere :-) like both the original and john tejada's remix of sunny side up, nice dubby feel in pablo bolivar's remix

Paul Loraine

Apparel can do no wrong in my eye's SCSI-9 Summariata is pure class, what a stunning piece of music... Thanks from Barcelona

Marcel Janovsky

ultranice package! typcial SCSI flavour - beautiful! Great trippy house-remix by Tejada and super mini-dubber by my boat-mate Pablo.

if you could send me wav that would be nice. want to play all 4 tracks, danke!

TES // Groove Magazine

easy like sunday morning. beautiful summer tracks...

Da Funk

john tejada remix is for me! dope!


"Summariata" is a beauty! thx ;)

Axel Bartsch

still hooked on scsi´s komaton remix, and then this lovely release guys, chapeau!
don´t know if i will have a slot to play this in a club but i will definitly make a megamix for me and some radio show/podcast.

Alland Byallo

Really nice stuff goin' on here.

Magazine - OurHouse // Dean Facer

lovely...... tolle Musik !!!!


i like scsi-9 ... summariata original for me, thanx!


Awesome originals and awesome remixes, love the bass in summarata and the flow of both sunnyside ups...

Kabale Und Liebe

i like the originals tnx

Richie Hawtin

download for r hawtin

Toby Dreher

Super EP !!! Thanks :)

Milly De Mori

pablo bolivar remix is really cool, support radio+clubsets

Magazine - eq-mag.co.uk / Telford

john's mix is great, thanks!


remixes are great! thx!

Guy J

Top release , full support , loving originals and mixs , thnx good luck

DJ Lin

I like the deep Pablo Bolivar Remix. Very nice!

Dave Clarke

Tejada Mix is very good indeed, will play on radio

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

Very good groovy release, I like Sunnyside original and the alaways great Jon Tejada.

Simon Beeston

Nice release. Both versions of Sunny Side are sweeeet!


all are great here...johns rmx is my fav though


Amazing originals. SCSI-9 know how to produce emotional and lightfooded tracks without grasping into the vocal toilet (what pretty much everybody else does). BIG LIKE.

Cosmic Cowboys

Very good release like always! Thank's

Clint Stewart

John Tejada remix and Summariata Original for me. Deep and sexy!


good stuff



JC Freaks

Like both originals. Good job. Thanks

Hausmann C

like the tejada rmx sunny side up.

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)

nice release, will play the remixes thx

Benna Schneider

nice melodic tunes - perfect for a open air warm up

Nathan Coles

sunny side up thanks :o)


Awesome deep package..my pick is the Bolivar mix..but all tracks are so good here...

Mr. G

good package

Jacob Husley

great release Tejada and Bolivar mixes are lush

Radio - Altroverso (DJ Misk)


Patrick Bateman

lovely release!


Like this EP....Thanks!


Nice! will pass download to Audiofly

Radio - Docepulgadas (Spain)


Matt Star

john tejada remix for me


remixes are the cool for me, especially Tejada's


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Alexander Maier

john tajadas mix is the one for me. full support!

Alan Fitzpatrick

john;s mix is ace!

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review to follow

Marcos In Dub


Marcos In Dub


Marcus Vector

good to see john tejada on this release, sunny music with good taste, yummy

Nic Fanciulli


Björn Störig

I like the Original from Sunny Side Up. Thanks!

Laurent Garnier


Patrick Zigon

awesome release - love all tracks!


Thanks for the music, I appreciate but will take time to listen to it and send you a feedback asap. L

Magazine - Posivision

Great package for party animal!

Fra Nitsa (Primavera)

great record! really like originals and remixes. full support


SCSI-9 as good as always but Tejada and Bolivar turn the tracks into real floor movers...thx !!!

Mikael Stavöstrand

John Tejada!!!
Pablo Bolivar mix is really good to .. well all track are top notch!


Beautiful remix by John Tejada but the Pablo Bolivar mix is great as well.

Robin Drimalski

Great Release !!!

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

I really like that Apparel seems to be moving away from the same-old-so-called-deephouse-with-percussions. Pablo Bolivar remix is really nice and mellow. Tejada also did a great job and showed a different side of his sound. Still, I hope that dubby house isn't the next thing for Apparel. Let there be variety!

Secret Cinema

John Tejada's remix is very open and nice to play...cheers!



great release thanks


support! Pablo Bolivar remix

2ManArmy (Dekadent Schallplatten)

john tejada did it !but the original tracks are as good as the remixes. good release.

DJ Sneak

not for me

Mr. Statik

Nice and deep cuts, proper for the summer, thanx!

Loco Dice

Always great deep sound by Pablo Bolivar !

Loco Dice

Always great deep sound by Pablo Bolivar !

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

stelle ich vor

Mutlu (Bar25)

Both versions of Sunny Side Up are ace!


John Tejada for me!

Andre Kronert

Im a big, big fan of SCSI9 since a long, long time. Now i know again why!!

Sebastian Wilck

i like both of the original versions. will play!

Matthew Adams

Kicking it! Once again this is a release which is makes it really hard to lay a finger on a favourite as all tracks are charming in their own way!

Steve Lawler

will download and pass on

Luca Doobie

beautifull release, superclassy tracks! :) L

Radio - TwenFm 88.4 FM // Berlin

Nice one.Will play and support.Thanks.

DJ Phly

sunny side up original for me - good stuff! also the bolivar remix sounds sweet. cheers


favorite club ep in some time now. really really great.


favorite club ep in some time now. really really great.


cool release!

Sebastian Herre

Pablo Bolivar Remix kicks it!

Radio - Ibiza Sonica/ Carlos Mateo Villarreal

Great Maxi!!!!
Full support.

Radio - Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

nice ones ! Pablo Bolivar remix is my fave here

Radio - Steve Ward, KissFM, AU

all the tracks here are great.

love both remixes the most

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen

super! Original haut weg wie Sonnenbrand!



Daniel Mehlhart

kiiller remixes

Markus Homm

great pablo bolivar remix!! love it
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