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Deep House


Silent State

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 11-05-2009
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Stefan Laubner runs one of the most exciting and inspirational Labels touching the deep minimalistic underground since quite a while: SOMETHING. The music of STL has always been played besides tracks
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Stefan Laubner runs one of the most exciting and inspirational Labels touching the deep minimalistic underground since quite a while: SOMETHING. The music of STL has always been played besides tracks of Theo Parrish, Sascha Dive or the new Toolhouse movement, Jus-Ed or within the vibes of Cadenza. Why do his tracks fit for such a wide range of DJs? The answer is simple- Stefan Laubner’s music is completely unique, free of selfishness and trendsearch, deep and touching- and it hits the floor. After Releases on Perlon, Styrax and his own Something imprint, we are proud to announce another collection of brillant STL works on Hamburg’s lovely Smallville label. The number 12 goes out to all the deepsters who still kick the dancefloor with the A-side. For those who like it fast forward and bumpy- two techy low tracks on the bside will catch you up!

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DJ Comments (12)


Charts #1. THIS IS A CLASSIC! One of the best tracks I heard in years. been playing this for a while already and will play it forever!!! What a present for the Smallville-Birthday!


Charts #2

Gerd Janson

Amazing record by one of the most idiosyncratic dudes out there. I am jealous! STL we praise you!

Groove Mag (GER)

Stefan Laubner ist auf diesen Seiten Stammgast. Ein eigensinniger Kopf, der auf seinem Label Something gern als Doppelmaxis getarnte Alben veröffentlicht, Geräuschkulissen ebenso sehr mag, wie er Hausstaub und Schmutz zwischen den Rillen pflegt, und dabei oft genug ins Schwarze oder gleich ins Herz trifft. Für Hamburgs Instanz Smallville absolviert er einen seiner seltenen Gastauftritte. Und was für einer das ist! Die Werte von "Six In A Row" oder "From A Distance" sind zwar unbestreitbar, aber der Titeltrack überthront beides an Brillanz und lässt die B-Seite wie eine nette Zugabe wirken. "Silent State" mesmerisiert und schlägt die Brücke zwischen Kopf und Bein. Ich bin verliebt.

Mathias Kaden

i really like it!!!good music....!

Move D

Pure love!

Pantha Du Prince

Brilliantly subliminal swinging must-have classic!


“April Charts #1”

Sascha Dive

Charts # 1 amazing record, especially the long side!!

Sebo K

excellent! i love it! Charts #1

Stefan Goldmann

In love with STL - will play the "digital State" side a lot

(Steve Mizek) Littlewhiteearbuds

As the owner and sole driving force behind the label Something, the enigmatic Stephan Laubner manages to freely indulge his prolific nature without sacrificing quality. In 2008 alone he notched up six well rated releases, three of which could be considered albums, only one arriving on another label (”Lost In Brown Eyes” for his friends at Perlon), and he’s already released a new 2×12″ in 2009. Laubner’s efforts also seem immune to easy characterizations. They stretch from massaged field-recordings to wistful deep house, caustic techno to more chipper tech-house treats, and that’s ignoring the many loops etched into most STL releases. What’s surprising, then, about STL’s debut for Smallville Records is not that it turns the page in the self reliant producer’s catalog, but rather its potential to loom large over what came before it.

“Silent Season” finds Laubner introducing dub techno’s vast palette of reverbs and delay to his repertoire and varies greatly from track to track. The most fascinating is the title cut, a sub-aquatic meander whose elegant craftsmanship unfolds across 12 minutes without feeling even a second too long. Ambling forward as an enthusiastic guide, the tuneful bass line steers listeners towards several synth lines mingling at different depths, ripples following wherever they go. Each melody flows at its own pace yet feels interconnected to its companions, even the sharpest, most fleeting progression and sustained snare hits. Laubner’s command of synthesizers is so great he’s captured an entire eco-system in flux in the form of a functional techno track. To call it breath-taking is almost not enough.

You’d be forgiven if it takes a few spins before feeling ready to flip the record, but side B is equally rewarding. “Six In A Row” is a substantially grittier affair that channels its energy into the grumbling central riff. Squirming along a bed of tape hiss and street noise, reverb magnifies its jagged edges until they gnash together, their resonance creating eye-opening new pitches. And while “Six In A Row” could easily find its way into many techno sets, it’s not too far a stretch to include the rarefied lo-fi aesthetics of black metal among its extended family. While more conventional than its siblings, “From A Distance” is impressive in its own right. As the insouciant yin to “Six In A Row”’s overcast yang, the tune’s placid underpinnings are as celebrated as the dubbed out washes bouncing gamely off the walls. Hushed Rhodes tip-toes between two chords, holding together the unpredictable reverberations like a serene glue. It’s lucid beauty rivals some Maurizio tracks, so don’t be surprised when “From A Distance,” like the rest of the EP, is stuck in DJs’ rotations. If STL hasn’t yet been canonized on the strength of his bountiful back catalog, “Silent Season” seems poised to be his ticket to the front of the line. (Steve Mizek)
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