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Deep House

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What we say

Smallville's Compilation series "And Suddenly It's Morning"  glittery ends up with the fourth 12inch split-release. On the A-Side, STL brings back the magical moment to the dancefloor-
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Smallville's Compilation series "And Suddenly It's Morning"  glittery ends up with the fourth 12inch split-release. On the A-Side, STL brings back the magical moment to the dancefloor- contemporary sounddesign meets funkyness at its best. Smallville owner Julius Steinhoff presents his first solo track "Something Like Wonderful", deeply-driving real house music. Watch out for the full Longplay CD Compilation featuring Move D & Benjamin Brunn, Lowtec, Christopher Rau, Sven Tasnadi, Lawrence and many more! And suddenly it's morning...  

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DJ Comments (88)

Anthony Collins

loving both tracks here superb ep


dig both tracks..
Stl is really really special..
very nice thanks!
Fabio della Torre (bosconi)

Magazine - Lodown // Forty

Something for the (very) early hours...

Oleg Poliakov

100 % beautifull and soulful house ! i love both tracks .. Smallville is one of my fav label .. Full support.

Blog - mnmlssg.blogspot.com

STL back on smallville has to be a good thing. looking forward to this release.

Radio - Triangle Fm // Laurent N.

Another good release on Smallville. Love "Something Like Wonderful" track, is the one for me.

Mathias Schaffhäuser

1 sehr hübsch, sehr ausgefallen mit den recht sturen drums + den teils sehr zarten flächen im kontrast.

2 auch schön, nicht ganz so originell wie STL...

Simon Riggs - Phonica

Smallville with some more excellent deep house - this time i prefer the julius Steinhoff track on the flip.....with its melancholic piano and 90s deep house beats..good!


both tracks very spacey and deep . but im more into STL`s track


i love both these artists! always delivering decent heavy stuff..

Patrick Bateman

2 great tracks from Smallville :) Thank you


Something Like Wonderful is the one for me...the title implies what this wonderful track is all about !

Benna Schneider

STL delievers a moster - I LOVE IT!
Also the track from JULIUS is amazing - more spheric and surely being played in my warm up sets or in the morning!
Smallvlle I love you!

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

cool cool/ Nice label


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

Blog - Randomcircuits.com

STL delivers more deep, hypnotic wizadry on 'Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway'. And Julius Steinhoff brings a throbbing deep house jam to the party. What more could you ask for :)

Mark Henning


3 Channels

both tracks are great ! good deep soulfull music thank you !!!

Radio - Raza.fm // Schaffhausen


Franklin De Costa

solid smallville again. will play.

Chris Duckenfield

Another eeriely impressive slab of deepness from STL, flipside pretty solid too

Michael Melchner

Yes! 5*

John Tejada

i've been a big STL fan for a while now. this is really nice. also the b side is very cool. another very nice smallville release. thanks very much.

Radio - WRFL 88.1 FM Lexington, Kentucky // Senom

expressive + beautiful. love the overall sound of track 1 and love the beats of no2. superb! as is to expected from a smallville release!

Brothers Vibe

Both trax are on point! Will play for certain...

Audision - Tobias Schmid

great new 12" - STL is fantastic - deep - i like and play it already in nearly every set!!!


OH MY!!! fucking great.Both tracks are killers, dont know which is my favourite, will play both to death. Killer artwork too. Thanks!

Laurent Garnier

both tracks are realy lovely
will play this for sure

De:Bug - Sascha Kösch

review will come later...

Todd Bodine

"Something Like Wonderful" is the one for me. What a nice flow. I love it.

JC Freaks

Great, Filthy sound, Support!

DJ Deep

STL's track is dope as always!
Julius Steinhoff's track is very nice too

Livio & Roby

Very good one!!! we like both STL and Julius ;)

Dan Drastic

beautiful music....

Tolga Fidan

tight..but my heart says STL.


In love this release as all the last Smallville!!!! full suport on the 2 tracks, my favorite is the STL.

Kris Wadsworth

to be frank, this is one of the few entities i honestly support without fail due to consistent quality and genuine material. no hype, no BS. just straight forward music with class and true depth of talent.

Mixmag UK - Ed Karney

Really nice deep business


super bad ass release..always feeling smallville actually.

Whatpeopleplay's Peter Armster

super really love stl´s sound. julius track is very very beautiful too. essential stuff.

Jan Krueger

Again a massive record from Smallville. I will play both tracks. Thank you!!!

Magazin - Proud // Till Kolter

I prefer the Steinhoff Side

Blog - littlewhiteearbuds.com

Will make available to LWE reviewers.


Both tracks are deep, sexy and a strong kik to play in most settings. I dig.

Ryan Crosson

both tracks nice

Patrick Chardronnet

very good both track`s ! stl style-is good style

Markus Kavka

´something like wonderful´- da ist der titel programm. herrlich deep und atmosphärisch. fängt einen.


Something Like Wonderful is....... wunderbar. ;)
yeah, beautiful deep stuff of the kind i can quite happily listen to all night.


i like the track from julius. will play this.

Richie Hawtin

download for R Hawtin

Suzi Wong

I like the first one. very deep and moody!

Radio - Roof FM // Bjoern Schaeffner

STL is taking us on a super spaced-out journey, while Steinhoff's track truly lives up to its name: Something quite like wonderful!

Marco Resmann

pretty nice tracks. perfect to introduce or finish a night. the stl track is my favourite here.

Radio E-Volution / Tim Jones

Something like wonderful is for me! Thanks!

Kai Alce

Something Like Wonderful makes u feel like ur somewhere that is Something Like Wonderful. Great Track!

Rene Breitbarth

something like wonderful is nice


driving deep house. e-x-c-e-l-l-e-n-t EP ! will play in my softer sets

i play it

Alland Byallo

Both cuts are pure love. I LOVE Julius' cut here the most, but both will get mad play!

Alland Byallo | Nightlight Music. Liebe*Detail. Missive

Ryan Elliot

Loving the STL, thanks!!

Jeff Samuel

another great track from STL. eerie and moody but still danceable.

Jens Bond

i like something like wonderful...;) thanks!

TES // Groove Magazine

Beide Tracks wunderschön... bei Smalville ist man das aber nicht anders gewohnt...

Julius Steinhoff ist sogar eine Spur weiter vorn.

Dave Aju

nice release...enjoying both tracks!


wonderful release! the heritage of prescription underground lives furthermore in these grooves!

Ivan Smagghe

now this is deep house. Stl trak is beautiful

Gruber & Nürnberg

"Something like wonderful" is a really wonderful track! Full Support!

Paulo Olarte

great split ep again!
julius feines ding :)


tini loves smallville


Super EP!!!!!
STL is doing it again, really nice atmospheric mood as usual.
On the other side Julius is delivering a super good House track, that fit´s my taste perfectly.
Full Support from CPH......

Martin Landsky

one of my favourite labels is back with aother great release...clouds is such beautiful....


STL is the one for me, nice dreaming vibe.

Electric Indigo

another great track by stl - how can one be so cool and so warm at the same time ;-) love it!

Markus Fix

really great.....

Daniel Dreier

good for the warm up

Troy Pierce

stl is nice and dirty... awesome track.

Jennifer Cardini

i love smallville

Maurizio Schmitz

Both are good deep tracksfor my set! thanks!

Ludwig Coenen

Strong tracks! "Neurotransmitting Clouds On The Secret Freeway" is not just an amazing trackname, it's very beautiful music too, highly recommended!

Margaret Dygas

i love this label, very good release :) thank you


Beautifull EP on a beautifull label !!! Full support.


LOVE both of them.

Ray Okpara

i like it;)

Radio S1 UnserDing - Thorsten Mathieu

werde ich beide am Wontag vor Weihnachten erst vorstellen, da passen sie optimal in die Planung

Sebo K

superb ep! both sides are great!

Anton Zap

my full support. thank you.


I like this, just not 100% into it. Atjazz


Perfect !! Support !!
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