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Deep House

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salvatore freda - bruschetta Of course already no stranger to liebe*detail, our man from Lausanne drops another potential monster with his tastefully titled 'Bruschetta'. Climbing upwards from a ho
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salvatore freda - bruschetta Of course already no stranger to liebe*detail, our man from Lausanne drops another potential monster with his tastefully titled 'Bruschetta'. Climbing upwards from a hot percussive groove, as if ascending an elevator towards an outrageous disco haven, the track opens out into a wild extravaganza of synth and strings as processed divas strut on stage and beauteous bar tenders serve up all manner of tasty delights. Welcome to the unbelievable whirlwind of house music that is Salvatore Freda! The real deal.   langenberg - jalousie A growing star on the current underground house circuit, Langenberg produces delightful house grooves for the likes of Dessous, and together with Manuel Tur orchestrates the new Mild Pitch platform, releasing as Ribn. This joyous cut takes an ecstatic, harmonious snapshot of top quality cutting edge house music; simply and rewardingly creating a unique, precious vibe and extending it over 7 minutes. Classically pitched and sprinkled with rich vocal-cuts and tender melody, its a free flowing jam that shines brightly even in the crisp winter mornings in Hamburg!

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DJ Comments (55)

Magazine - Tsugi Mag

Really good freda track

Anja Schneider

wow ....love BOTH,.... yes!

Anthony Collins

langenberg track is great


mr freda delivers another perfect club tune!

Joris Voorn

Jalousie for me!


jalousie hoch

Magazine - Dance Club Portugal // Jose Bello

one of my favourite labels does it again. no contest, both tracks are great for different moments of the night. love the punch in "bruschetta" and the groove in "jalousie". go liebe!

Nick Curly

Langenberg for me. Full support on this!

Sven Tasnadi

jalousie is my favorite...mega!! greets,Sven

Dave Ellesmere

langenberg track is phat !

2000 And One

Great ep!


pretty cool

DJ Sneak

classic house sound!

Ramon Tapia

Both track are pretty cool but if i have to choose its gonnabe the Salvatore Freda track ! :) support !


Langenberg track is a bomb. big one.

Martin Eyerer

both sides for me please!


this release really smells like summer =-)

Martin Landsky

jalousie is awesome...great deep atmosphere and these oh so sweet vocals...


langenberg on form as usual!


jaja ganz dufte

Radio - BayrischerRundfunk/BR - Philipp Laier

Liebe*Detail macht ja alles richtig

1 - Nice! Ein Hauch von Deepness und trotzdem ordentlich Groove. Da hört man, dass Freda früher auf Trapez war.

2 - Geil! Hightlight! Werde ich DEFINITIV spielen!

Gruber & Nürnberg

WOW!!! What an awesome release!! Both tracks are amazing! Bruschetta is a bomb on the floor and in the moment one of my favourite tracks! Jalousie is such a nice deep house track - love to play it also in the early hours! Perfect Release!!! Full Support....best Chris


downloaded for shinedoe

Magazine (Ibiza Voice) Jean Louis

cool ep


booth tracks are bombs. in my march charts.

De:Bug - Thaddeus Herrmann

killer langenberg track!


will check it!

Marco Resmann

The Langenberg track is my pick here. Will play for sure!

Patrick Zigon

oh yesss!! great spring tunes!!

Jens Bond

for me the jalousie track...thanks!!!

Robin Drimalski

Bruschetta ist nicht ganz so meins aber die Jalousie find ich super, wird heute abend gleich auf dem Watergate Waterfloor gespielt, auch wenn da ja garkeine Jalousien gibt...
besten Dank!

Break 3000

Yeah ! Jalousie is wicked and deep ! will play !

Alex Flitsch

strong release, really like both sides!

Lele Sacchi (Boogiedrama)

I like the langenberg tune, will play on the radio for sure and try out in clubs.

Gamal Kabar

I cant pick a winner here, I really cant, both tracks are excellently produced perfect for different times of the the night/day pre party after party, main event, love em, If I had to choose at gun point i'd say Bruschetta '-)


Brothers Vibe

Both trax work... Nice EP...


Langenberg for me. Again. And again. And again ;)
nice one

Maik Loewen

Both mixes are great but prefer the Langenberg tune! Very nice :)

Maik Loewen

Both mixes are great but prefer the Langenberg tune! Very nice :)


great langenberg


Download for M.A.N.D.Y.

DJ Phly

max to the max - full support!

Oskar Offermann

langenberg once again in my sets! love his works!

Jesse Rose

Download for Jesse Rose

Dirt Crew

nice one! support!!

Kabale Und Liebe

cool ep! like both tracks.

Maurizio Schmitz

Bruschetta sounds like Jamiroquai Sample, nice for a Houseclub-Peaktime, but Jalousie is my favourite!

Konrad Black

Loving "Jalousie"


jalousie is ok


Langenberg track is beautifull. Will play it out for sure. Thanks!

Oleg Poliakov

Sure shot from Mr Frea ! i love it ! will play and chart (cf April chart) and beautiful deep from Langenbertg ! Solid EP

Nikola Baytala

fat pumping house track will play in ibiza 2010!!

Magazin - Trax (FR) - Damien Almira

great house


Jalousie is nice, thanks

Ray Okpara

nbice one...
my fav: jalousie!!!
will play 4 shure
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