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Schneider / Galluzzi / Schirmacher
Albertino & Nora P
Cadenza Records

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 11-02-2008
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What we say

Once again, Cadenza keeps the blood flowing fresh with the addition of a new artist to its roster—or in this case, three of them: Guido Schneider, André Galluzzi and Florian Schirmacher, teaming up
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Once again, Cadenza keeps the blood flowing fresh with the addition of a new artist to its roster—or in this case, three of them: Guido Schneider, André Galluzzi and Florian Schirmacher, teaming up for a two-way three way of sorts, and resulting in two absolute stormers, just in time for the stormy season. The A-side presents “Albertino", the firstever collaboration between Guido Schneider and André Galluzzi. Schneider, of course, is well known for his tricky, hyperkinetic records and remixes onlabels like Poker Flat, Tuning Spork, Moon Harbour, Trapez, and Highgrade; Galluzzi has until now remained more or less a man behind the scenes (and the decks), cofounding the Taksi label with Paul Brtschitsch and releasing the mix CDs André Galluzzi… Im Garten, Berghain 01 and Freakshow Cocoon Ibiza Summer Mix. On “Albertino", the two cook up a lithe little stepper with funk to spare. A spiraling one-bar bassline keeps things grounded as glancing chords go wafting towards the rafters, but the real movement is in the wings: saucy percussive outbursts, petulant flange, steampipes venting white noise, and delay lines teased out like a climber’s rope. The attention to detail is nothing short of genius, but this is a track for movers, not thinkers: seven and a half minutes of nononsense, back-to-basics jitterbugging. On the B-side, Schneider teams up with Florian Schirmacher. These two are well known from their days as Glowing Glisses, releasing three EPs and an album for Poker Flat and Dessous between 2002 and 2003; this time out, they’ve taken their propensity for finelytuned minimal grooves and turned it into something decidedly freaky. Booming toms and liquid Afro-Latin hand drums give this tune a seriously low center of gravity—if your hips don’t move to this, you’re probably dead. Tight percussive loops illuminate the high end like so many lighters held aloft, lighting the passageway through a dark, undulating melody.

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DJ Comments (21)

Kirjan Sandy

My favourite Cadenza release for a while - manages to be both abstract and direct at the same time

loco dice (Cadenza)

playing it all the time

Markus Kafka (MTV)

1 ist auf jeden fall einer meiner tracks des jahres. mindestens so gut wie legendäre ´bordell´-maxi

Mathias Kaden (Vakant)

i know the "albertino" track for a long time....and its really great to play this track!! the groove from both sides .....perfect....the idea of this songs is perfect.....everything perfect;-))) note 1

Karotte (Cocoon)

der näxte hit auf cadenza. da geht einiges. 2 klasse nummern!!!

Italoboyz (Mothership)

super nice, Albertino it's really cool!!

De:Bug (GER)

"Albertino, der Track von Gudio Schneider und Andre Galluzzi ist so verdammt catchy, dass einem schwindelig wird. Die Bassline marschiert simpel aber unwiderstehlich voran, während über ihr eine im Off swingende Sequenz tänzelt und allerlei Soundschnipsel durch Delays, Reverbs und andere Effekte gejagt werden. Wie sagt man so schön: Infectious! Für "Nora P" hat sich Guido Schneider mit seinem ehemaligen Glowing-Glisses-Partner Florian Schirmacher zusammengetan. Und das One Sheet lügt nicht, wenn es behauptet, dass "Nora P" der Track ist, in dem man sich verlieren kann. Ein Percussion-Meer aus fließenden Tom-Grooves, Shakern und HiHats, das immer wieder von einer brutzelnden Synthie-Melodie durchbrochen wird. Nice. http://www.cadenzarecords.com sven.vt••••

Dj Misk / Altroverso

I love both tracks playlist and full support!

Dj Miss Jools (Mobilee)

Really successful record of the weekend,Guido's mix did damage on the dancefloor full support!

D'julz (Pokerflat)

another cadenza biggie ," albertino" is the one for me here

Giles Smith (DJ Mag /UK)

definitely a more functional approach from Cadenza.Not inspirational as they are at times, nevertheless solid grooves on both sides.

Jimpster (Freerange)

Wow! Played Albertino at both gigs this weekend and it rocked both times. That bass line is great and the whole track has just the right amount of stuff going on. Really rolls along beautifully. People were asking what the track was both times which is a good sign.

Josh Wink (Ovum)

Great producers on a wonderful label. Both sides are great! Going to have to play both then! Thanks

Matthias Tanzmann (Moon Habour

what an amazing release, i play both sides.. guido for president! ;)

Mike Shannon (Cynosure)

In my crate! In my chart! I love it!

Mr C (The End UK)

A: This is fun, a real party starter. On heavy rotation. B: I also like this 1. Well tripped out & usable main set or after hours. On rotation.

Onur Özer (Vakant)

10/10 , Playlist!

Philip Sherburne

both tracks are brilliant; i'm particularly feeling "nora" for its darkness, weird sense of sloth and overall uncomfortable feel. another success for cadenza...

Tobi Neumann (Cocoon)

Albertino is a hit hit hit!!! I play since a longer time. Crowd reaction is always incredible And wiched to mix this track together with some vocal acapellas.

p.s.: Guido Schneider rocks!!!

Tom Clark (Highgrade)

Twas soll man dazu noch sagen. einfach nur geil. im moment meine nummer 1.

Woody (Fumakilla)

played many times, supageil;)
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