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Tech House


Shlomi Aber
Diosa Ep
Be As One Imprint

Maxi Single & EP
Out: 12-11-2007
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What we say

After the success of “Gel Abril - Very Wrong” Be As One is now at its fifth release which is set to bring things forward once again, this time with an EP from the imprint owner Shlomi Aber. Still
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After the success of “Gel Abril - Very Wrong” Be As One is now at its fifth release which is set to bring things forward once again, this time with an EP from the imprint owner Shlomi Aber. Still high on the worldwide charts with his latest hit on Ovum “Freakside", Aber is back with what he proudly call “my best work to date", which he saved especially for his own Be As One as the official “Freakside” follow-up. We are proud to present the biggest track of the next winter. Side A is home to “Diosa” which is a freaky minimalish track with a hypnotic Techno groove and a quirky enrollment. A peak time monster with no compromises in terms of quality as we are all used with anything coming out from Shlomi’s studio. A real hit in the making. On the B side sits “Sekur". Take one of Shlomi’s infamous rolling and yet bouncy grooves and mix it together with the right uplifting and funky synth sound, make everything fit together as a master can and the result will be an assured asshaking on every dancefloor!

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DJ Comments (47)

Tiefschwarz – (Ali) –

“I really like both tracks – he did it again!”

Danny Tenaglia



Really diggin the Be As One sound right now, been a fan of the label from the start. Keep up the good work.

Ame - (Frank)

Yeah. Will play Sekur.

Laurent Garnier

Like both tracks, will definitely play them out.

Josh Wink

Diosa was one of my biggest track lately , full support !

Pete Tong

Great ep , love and playing both sides , futering it on my radio 1 show.

Danny Howells

In the bag as they say! Will drop this tonight.

Pig & Dan

Great feel on both the tracks with a certain old school touch to the bass flows. Will play these out tomorrow in Germany and see the crowd vibe.

Funk D’Void

Been one of my biggest tracks over the past few months…

Hernan Cattaneo

Good release again from Shlomi.


Again a great ace! The Ivanovic of techno tools!

Marc Romboy

Diosa is fantastic, definitely play this out! Like this groovy shit! The other one is a bit too Freakside to me.

Claude Von Stroke

Freaky shit yo. Will support this. Love the staggered programming.


Excellent promo!

Nic Fanciulli

Love both sides , played it at the space ibiza closing , big release.

Ewan Pearson

Both immaculately produced club bombs, and yes, Diosa is huge!

Oliver Huntemann

Both tracks are very good. I love the deepness of the release. Will play both tracks.

Satoshi Tomiie

Wicked release! Full support.

Dave Seaman

Playing this non stop , big tracks.

Stephan Bodzin

Excellent release again from Aber.

Gregor Tresher

Very nice tracks! Will definitely play them out!


Loving Shlomi and loving the label… Great work from both fronts!

Mark Knight

This is huge , this one been big for me.

Sebo K

I’m into both sides. Full support!

Konrad Black

Twisted bomb! I love it!

Layo & Bushwacker (Layo Paskin)

Super hot!


Sekur is hot!

Thomas Schumacher

Grand! Both Excellent!

Jesse Rose

Another good release from shlomi.

Mistress Barbara

Love both tracks, will play.


We’ll play and support Sekur. Nice breakdown!

Paul Woolford

Both are very useful dj tools for me, but currently 'Diosa' wins... thanks very much!


shlomi aber has really defined my year... the spring was all about "crop duster", the summer didnt have a open air without "freakside" and "diosa" looks to be setting the standards for autumn... one more to complete a pizza quattro stagioni??? ;)


Blimey! Heavy stuff this eh? Yep, both tracks are absolute monsters but Sekur pips it by a gnats whisker. Quality stuff.

Pete Heller

Like Sekur a lot! Cool sounds.

Davis Squillace

Really like sekur , great reactions the floor.

Tom Wax – (You FM)

Two groovy minimal tools that put a smile on my face.

Mistress De Funk (Radio 1)

Both great, Diosa is pretty weird but in a good way, love the noises, really nice driving baseline, Really like this, Sekur got darkr edge, like both.

DJ Vibe

Sekur is my pick.

Will Saul

Another pair of stunners from Shlomi. Full support from me!!

Ivan Smagghe

Diosa is excellent! Top track!

Hector Romero

Love the grooves on both tracks! Full support!


Will deffo be playing Diosa over the weekend. Great!


Fine grooves from Shlomi Aber’s own imprint. "Diosa" develops over a smooth housey groove to a slowly more intense getting thunderstorm from old synth bleebs but still don't stay at typical minimal structures and techno effects, as it always comes back to the smooth groove. "Sekur" is also in its melody a bit more housy, and lives from his understatement and his reserved melody. bleed *****


And so to the prolifi c Shlomi Aber – the Israelite who doesn’t do psy-trance, but rather nice deep house and techno. Today’s offering is a cornucopia of bleeps, clicks, clacks and glitches, all thrown together, fed through the machine and pressed into a nice tidy patty. ‘Diosa’ wraps and rattles itself around your ears with like a rhythmically and melodically correct police siren, while ‘Sekur’ bristles with a synth lick that can only be described as rowdy and brimming with rodomontade.

m8 mag

After the giant 'Very Wrong', Shlomi Aber's Be As One imprint is back with what is described by Shlomi Aber as his best work to date. With his album just released, Shlomi is certainly in the spotlight at the moment and I honestly couldn't argue
with the man about his statement regarding these tracks. 'Diosa' is on a minimal tip which uses a simple but extremely funky bass line combined with excellentfreaky sounding techno synth stabs. 'Sekur' ups the tempo with more of a progressive
bass line but keeps the Shlomi Aber funk. Outstanding. M8/M8 (Derek Taylor)
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